Most Popular Blockchain Defi & Web3 Apps


    Check our list of popular applications based on blockchain, Defi and Web3. All the apps mentioned in this blog are popular among users due to their features.

    Whether we talk about Blockchain, DeFi, or Web3, their applications go far beyond cryptocurrency and Bitcoin. Not only do they create transparency and fairness, but also business time and money. 

    We have compiled a list containing a wide range of practical applications for Blockchain, DeFi, and Web3. Let us know how they’re already changing how we do business.

    Every industry is now utilizing blockchain technology. Here is a list of some of the most widely used blockchain applications.

    Blockchain in Money Transfer

    Blockchain can save financial institutions of all sizes time and money, benefiting them. Blockchain technology can save significant amounts of money for the largest banks by reducing the need for intermediaries, speeding up ledger systems, and eliminating redundant paperwork. These institutions swiftly transfer funds by implementing blockchain technology.


    Governments and financial institutions find Chainalysis useful as it enables them to track cryptocurrency transactions and investigate blockchain-related actions. The company improves blockchain trust by detecting fraudulent trading, laundering, and compliance violations and evaluating NFT security risks.

    Other Blockchain Apps That Support Money Transfer

    • Circle
    • Algorand

    Blockchain Smart Contracts

    Smart contracts enforce their terms in real-time on a blockchain, cutting out the middleman and adding a layer of accountability for all parties that weren’t present in the past.


    DFINITY’s Internet Computer, an open-source blockchain network, enables developers to develop decentralized applications and Web 3 services on-chain. The Internet Computer enables low-latency consensus and scales smart contracts, making it a useful tool for integrating with Bitcoin networks, developing decentralized social media apps, storing and exchanging NFTs, and providing access to community resources.

    Other Blockchain Smart Contracts Apps

    • BurstIQ
    • Propy INC

    Blockchain And IoT

    Infusing blockchain IoT utilizes the transparency and virtual incorruptibility of the technology to provide an additional layer of security for preventing data breaches. 


    HYPR protects Internet of Things devices from cyberattacks with its decentralized credential solutions. The company’s platform uses the FIDO Universal Authentication Framework to validate IoT devices in a native and decentralized manner. The company eliminates the need for passwords and replaces them with biometric and password-free solutions to improve the security and compliance of IoT devices.

    Other Blockchain Apps With Blockchain And IoT

    • Xage Security
    • Helium

    Blockchain in Healthcare

    Blockchain in healthcare solutions can cut costs, increase transparency, and streamline operations. A cutting-edge system for collecting and sharing private information can ensure that a bloated industry reduces excessive costs.


    Chronicled uses blockchain technology to streamline business settlements and product verification in the life science industry. The company’s MediLedger network tracks DSCSA compliance for distributed pharmaceutical products and stores records of contracts between manufacturers and wholesalers.

    Other Blockchain Apps With Blockchain in Healthcare

    • Nebula Genomics
    • Patientory
    • WholeCare

    Blockchain and NFTs

    Blockchain technology has made non-fungible tokens (NFTs) the most talked-about use among cryptocurrencies. The blockchain verifies that only the original creator has the right to commercially exploit digital works such as music, artwork, GIFs, and videos. With blockchain technology, Users can fully own some of the most valuable digital assets.

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    Dapper Labs

    Dapper Labs is one of the first companies to experience rapid growth due to the NFT craze. The NBA collaborated to create an NFT marketplace called “NBA Top Shot,” where fans can purchase digital media from their favorite players and teams. You can purchase memorabilia such as a GIF of Anthony Davis blocking a shot or a highlight reel dunk by LeBron James.

    Other Blockchain Apps With Blockchain and NFTs

    • OpenSea
    • Candy
    • RECUR

    Web3 apps are available for every possible scenario, from browsers to games to social media. Here, we discuss some of the most popular web3 apps.


    Everledger is the decentralized digital global registry. It creates a single record per user and enables remote data storage and retrieval. Everledger provides robust anti-fraud measures as its main use case. The Everledger app is useful for keeping tabs on diamonds, gold, wine, and other precious possessions. 


    Storj offers users a decentralized storage solution that allows them to store their data safely while also providing fault tolerance and redundancy. Storj improves upon cloud storage innovatively by using blockchain technology, albeit across a decentralized network. Storj’s greatest strength is the ability to upload and download at will, regardless of time. Storj satisfies other criteria for web3 apps, such as having an open-source design and a freemium business model. The app’s interface is straightforward, guaranteeing Storj’s superior usability.

    Brave Browser

    Brave designed a new browser for mobile devices to block ads and improve privacy. Brave quickly rose in popularity, becoming a viable alternative to market leaders like Firefox and Chrome. Brave has become one of the most secure browsers due to the addition of its promising security features. The new open-source browser uses blockchain technology to keep users’ data secure. 


    People often refer to Decentraland as “the most hyped project in the metaverse” and “the future of web3.” Decentraland is a 3D online virtual world that offers a plethora of exciting opportunities. Decentraland is one of the best web3 apps because it offers a unique experience. In this online environment, users communicate, socialize, and even play games with one another. 


    DTube is a decentralized alternative to YouTube, just like Brave is a decentralized alternative to popular browsers. The decentralized video streaming platform does not control users’ feeds. The user has complete control over the content viewed and shared on DTube.

    • Secretum
    • Steemit
    • Sola
    • Livepeer
    • Ethlance
    • Sapien

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    Numerous DeFi apps are available, and each has its own set of advantages. The following are some of the most popular DeFi apps.


    Aave uses cryptocurrency as collateral and operates as an open-source marketplace for borrowers and lenders. People like Aave because of its intuitive design, broad cryptocurrency support, and low-interest rates. A smart contract failure can result in financial loss, and the platform fees can be quite high.


    Uniswap eliminates the need for intermediaries by being a peer-to-peer cryptocurrency exchange. The platform implements the AMM system to facilitate faster and more accurate price discovery and liquidity provision. Users like Uniswap for its user-friendliness, low fees, and openness. Front-running attacks may exploit vulnerabilities in the platform, and some users may find the AMM system unfamiliar.


    In 2022, the creators introduced an exciting new venture called Dash2Trade. The project aims to offer users a comprehensive crypto trading and analytics platform. Dash2Trade provides traders with an all-inclusive platform that includes everything they need, such as trading signals, social trading, analytics, coin listings, and learning materials. The platform allows users to participate in trading competitions to win rewards and make money.

    The Dash2Trade project aims to help users make informed investment decisions in an increasingly complex and volatile market. The platform is underpinned by the native D2T token, which brings liquidity to the project and provides users with a tangible reward.


    Compound operates as a decentralized platform for lending and borrowing cryptocurrency, enabling users to borrow cryptocurrency against their holdings and earn interest on their cryptocurrency holdings. The platform is popular because it offers advantageous interest rates, an extensive selection of cryptocurrencies, and a straightforward interface. A smart contract failure can result in financial loss, and the platform fees can be quite high.

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    DeFi Swap

    The DeFi Swap platform offers a variety of crypto-based services through a decentralized exchange. The platform’s crucial feature is trading one token for another without going through a central exchange.

    DeFi Swap automates the entire process and executes it in real time. You need to link your preferred wallet to DeFi Swap, choose the tokens you want to convert, and confirm the transaction.

    The exchange can handle this independently because it is based on a binding smart contract implemented on the Binance Smart Chain. Remember that DeFi Swap is not only a place where you can privately trade BSC tokens, but it also provides several opportunities to enhance the yield on your digital assets.

    • DeFi Swap
    • Lucky Block
    • MetaMask
    • Wallet
    • SushiSwap
    • Nexo
    • Trust Wallet
    • YouHodler

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