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    The potential applications of augmented reality (AR) are virtually limitless, particularly within the gaming and entertainment sectors. Most augmented reality (AR) and virtual reality (VR) games developed lately have primarily valued a single player’s participation.

    The popularity of multiplayer augmented reality games, where digital characters engage with real-world locations, is increasing. Incorporating social interaction into innovative augmented reality games elevates the genre.

    The utilization of this approach may enhance the users’ sense of connection. An increasing number of individuals are acknowledging the significance of this technology and its potential applications in the future. 

    In this article, we will discuss the top multiplayer AR games. Let’s get started.

    What is Multiplayer AR/VR?

    Multiplayer augmented or virtual reality gaming involves two or more players participating in a shared virtual or augmented environment. The players engage in interactive experiences within the virtual or augmented environment. 

    Although most virtual reality (VR) games have been designed for single-player use, a growing subcategory is dedicated to multiplayer experiences that span various platforms and technologies. Web augmented reality (WebAR) is compatible with various devices, including smartphones, desktop monitors, and mobile devices such as the Oculus Rift and HTC Vive.

    The implementation of WebXR proves to be advantageous in this particular scenario. The WebXR initiative, formerly WebVR, is an open-source platform that facilitates the creation of virtual reality (VR) encounters accessible via a web browser. The Meta Quest 2 has a default browser compatible with WebXR content. Firefox and Chrome are also compatible with WebXR content on this device. 

    Multiplayer games utilizing augmented and virtual reality technologies can manifest in various formats. Yet, their primary objective is to allow players to engage with one another in a simulated environment. Multiplayer games incorporating augmented and virtual reality technology are categorized into three main types: competitive sports simulations, cooperative shooters, or cooperative puzzle games. 

    Companies from various sectors leverage multiplayer augmented reality and virtual reality experiences to foster team-building exercises among their workforce or to develop games that users can relish with their acquaintances.

    Top 10 Multiplayer AR Games

    1. Harry Potter: Wizard’s Unite

    Niantic, the organization responsible for developing Pokemon Go, offers a comparable gaming experience for individuals who prefer the Harry Potter franchise. Harry Potter: Wizards Unite’s underlying technology is similar to Pokemon Go’s. However, it incorporates a fictional narrative.

    The Harry Potter: Wizards Unite narrative is more concentrated than Pokemon Go’s. The ultimate goal is to prevent a catastrophic event and hold accountable those individuals who are deemed responsible. To restore the damage caused, it is necessary to conduct a thorough investigation to locate any remaining traces of magical energy.

    Numerous portals are concealed globally, facilitating transportation to various identifiable sites showcased in the series.

    As you engage in gameplay, you will acquire proficiency and potency for your wand through the incentives bestowed upon you. Engaging in virtual interactions with special characters from the Harry Potter franchise is also possible.

    2. NICEverse

    NICE, a prominent software corporation, has enlisted Aircards to develop the NICEverse, a cutting-edge WebXR gaming platform. The private server at NICE is accessible to over 7,500 employees, allowing them to engage in various Mixed Reality games online. The game offered a variety of six distinct minigames, including platforming, asteroid dodging, timed puzzles, and scavenger hunts. 

    Users can engage in solo gameplay or participate in a multiplayer experience with a maximum of three additional individuals within a shared lobby. The qualifying mode contributes to the player’s ultimate global leaderboard score. Additionally, there exists a practice mode. The victors of a NICEverse contest, which coincided with the platform’s debut, were granted a four-person excursion to Disneyland.

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    3. Neyon Clash

    Neyon Clash is a real-time multiplayer game that operates in tangible environments. To engage in Neyon Clash, it is necessary to have a smartphone connected to the internet and at least two players. The gameplay occurs in unenclosed spaces such as public parks, gardens, and outdoor courtyards. The goal is to accumulate the maximum points within a specified time frame. 

    Several strategies are available to the player to accumulate points, including targeting and eliminating opponents, gathering various items, claiming territory within the game map, or seizing control of flags. Teammates are displayed on the map for all players, while adversaries remain concealed. The players’ positions are determined by their precise GPS coordinates. 

    By marking an opponent player, you can shoot in the precise direction they are facing, much like a conventional targeting system. 

    4. Summit Scramble

    Aircards is the developer of Summit Scramble, the pioneering WebXR game that allows multiple players to participate online. The present revision showcases the potential of 8th Wall’s recently developed Reality Engine. This augmented reality climbing game enables users and their peers to engage in a competitive environment, showcasing their climbing abilities globally. The game can be played locally on a single device or in a remote setting with multiple players.

    5. ARrrrrgh

    ARrrrrgh is an augmented reality game designed for children with a simple and enjoyable hide-and-seek concept. This game demonstrates the novel implementation of Apple’s ARKit technology. The location of the treasure chest is concealed beneath the flooring, and it is the responsibility of the opposing player to locate it. 

    ARrrrrgh is a versatile application that caters to a diverse audience, including individuals of all ages. It is also possible to derive enjoyment within the confines of one’s residential abode. The incorporation of additional game modes would augment the multiplayer AR game experience.

    6. Bulleit AR Frontier Garage

    Bulleit AR Frontier Garage is a multiplayer augmented reality scavenger hunt game developed through a collaboration between Aircards and Bulleit Frontier Whiskey, a distillery based in Kentucky. Scanning the QR code enables users to participate at the same table in the scavenger hunt. During gameplay at the distillery, users can navigate a virtual environment using their personalized avatars. This environment is designed to resemble a miniature garage and is presented in a tabletop format.

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    7. Pokemon Go

    Pokemon Go remains one of the most exceptional augmented reality games currently accessible. Pokemon Go enables users to embark on an exhilarating Pokemon adventure in the physical world. As a trainer, your primary duty is to locate the dispersed Pokemon throughout the city and retrieve them.

    The application utilizes the camera feature of the user’s mobile device to overlay a virtual Pokemon onto the real-world environment when the user is close to one. To capture a virtual Pokemon, one must launch a Pokeball toward it. In Pokemon Go, gyms serve as locations for resource acquisition and combat and are widely distributed globally.

    Pokemon Go is suitable for those seeking a multiplayer augmented reality gaming experience. This represents a remarkable display of contemporary Augmented Reality technology.

    8. Nightenfell

    Assemble your allies and make ready to safeguard the celestial body of Nightenfell against a barrage of comet impacts. Experience a groundbreaking augmented-reality game that allows up to three players to engage in a shared, mixed-reality environment. This innovative mobile game is the first to integrate stunning defense-shooter gameplay with real-world collaboration.

    9. AR Sports Basketball

    AR Sports Basketball is an iOS augmented reality game developed with Apple’s ARKit that enables users to enjoy their basketball game on the move. AR Sports Basketball offers three distinct game modes: Desk, Normal, and H.O.R.S.E.

    The initial two modes are solely modifiable hoop dimensions. Enabling the ‘Desk’ mode triggers the display of a small basket, which is ideal for situations where the user is playing close to a desk. The basket size in the ‘Normal’ mode is considerably greater than in the ‘Expert’ mode, rendering it suitable for outdoor or spacious environments.

    H.O.R.S.E. mode enables seven individuals to compete on a single device in a local competition. The game involves a turn-based shooting mechanism, where each player turns to shoot. The winner is determined based on the player with the highest shooting accuracy.

    10. Geocaching

    Geocaching is considered the pioneering title in the history of augmented reality games. This game involves navigating to different GPS coordinates to locate a hidden package.

    Each geocache presents a puzzle to be solved as fellow players hide them. Geocaching is distinct from other GPS-based games as it necessitates exploring the surrounding environment. The game employs a freemium revenue model, enabling players to access numerous caches without incurring monetary costs. In certain circumstances, a subscription may be necessary.

    Geocaching is a superior means of exploring the world compared to other games.

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    Bringing People Together Through Shared Experiences

    Cross-platform AR/VR, or AR/VR multiplayer, facilitates user interaction with their virtual environment across multiple devices. Utilize your smartphone to scan a Quick Response (QR) code and gain entry to an immersive Augmented Reality (AR) or Virtual Reality (VR) encounter through a WebXR browser. The potential use cases of this technology extend beyond the gaming industry, specifically in public venues such as museums and theaters.

    Multiplayer Augmented Reality/Virtual Reality (AR/VR) technology enables diverse perspectives to coexist within a shared virtual space. This is exceedingly advantageous in scenarios with a disparity in user experience levels, such as during the provision of tours or orientation of novices to an activity. This feature is advantageous for training since it eliminates the users’ dependence on each other while acquiring new skills. Finally, collaborative multiplayer augmented and virtual reality experiences can be a valuable resource for teams.

    Multiplayer augmented and virtual reality (AR/VR) technology offers a unique and captivating means for individuals to assemble, facilitating collective experiences among users and their acquaintances. 


    As technology advances, generating novel and captivating experiences that foster communal engagement in shared environments is becoming increasingly effortless. The nascent field of augmented and virtual reality multiplayer experiences holds significant promise for entertainment purposes.

    Multiplayer games incorporating augmented reality technology provide numerous advantages not present in single-player games. Multiplayer augmented reality can unite individuals in ways that conventional video games cannot achieve. This can be observed in various settings, such as family game nights, social gatherings with friends, or team-building activities within a corporate environment. The factors above indicate a potential surge in demand for multiplayer augmented and virtual reality experiences shortly. 

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