Top 10 NFT Game Development Companies


    Discover the elite league of NFT game development companies! Elevate your gaming aspirations with cutting-edge solutions for NFT game development and immersive gaming platform creation. Explore the forefront of NFT gaming with our exceptional services and unleash the true potential of your gaming venture.

    NFT games have become a popular buzzword among players and budding companies. Over the last few years, NFTs have attained a stature that has completely revolutionized the gaming industry. Unlike traditional games, NFT games offer gaming enthusiasts and businesses fantastic earning opportunities. Following this, several entrepreneurs look forward to developing a top-class NFT gaming platform to earn huge profits. 

    If you wish to enter the realm of unlimited possibilities and provide your prospects with an immersive gaming experience, then you need to contact a reliable NFT game development company. Finding a suitable company that is experienced enough to take over a big project like this is extremely strenuous. Not to worry; our tech experts have done the job for you. 

    Here, we present you with the top 10 NFT game development companies that have helped various enterprises to achieve their business goals. But before that, let’s look at some facts surrounding NFT gaming platform development.

    • The NFT gaming market size is estimated to reach $8856.95 million by 2028 and at a CAGR of 17.93%.
    • Some of the popular NFT games are Axie Infinity, Gods Unchained, Splinterlands, the Sandbox, and more.
    • Mostly, millennials are likely to buy game NFTs as compared to Gen X, baby boomers, and Gen Z.
    • If we talk about genders, then around 15% of male and 4% of female respondents have confirmed collecting NFTs.
    • Moreover, esports fans also admire the NFT gaming platform, where around 20% of them are deeply fascinated while 35%of them are roughly interested.

    Top 10 NFT Game Development Companies

    1. Suffescom Solutions Inc.
    2. RisingMax Inc
    3. Wipro 
    4. IBM
    5. Oracle 
    6. HCL Tech
    7. Cisco 
    8. Infosys
    9. Accenture
    10. Ninehertz

    Top 10 NFT Game Development Companies Worldwide

    Suffescom Solutions Inc.

    Play To Earn NFT Game Development

    Suffescom is a top NFT game development company that provides unparalleled NFT game development services to its global clients. Founded in 2013, the company has over a decade of experience in the IT field, and it’s been more than 6 years that they have been working on emerging technologies. Their phenomenal NFT game development services include full-cycle NFT game development, 2D/3D Art & Design, integration services, concept creation, NFT metaverse game development, crypto breeding, etc.

    Suffescom has been recognized as No. 1 blockchain development company in the US by GoodFirms in 2021. The company has 750+ employees worldwide and, till now, has delivered 50+ blockchain projects. They focus on providing custom solutions to their clientele base that offer measurable results to the businesses empowering their brand value. They have an expert team onboard that includes seasoned developers, business analysts, researchers, a custom support team, designers, data science engineers, and so on. 

    RisingMax Inc

    Best NFT Game Development Company

    As a game development company knowing the ins and outs of blockchain-based gaming, RisingMax is home to a team of highly experienced specialists. With 13+ years of multifaceted experience and an active market presence, this NFT game company can quickly help you build a game that offers a fascinating player experience. They specialize in gaming segments that includes mobile, PC, PS4, PS5, and Xbox games

    The company excels in delivering advanced NFT gaming solutions using cutting-edge technologies like Blockchain, AI, AR, VR, etc. The dedicated professionals of this organization are extremely proficient in utilizing leading-edge development tools like Unity, Cocos-2D, Unreal, etc., to evolve your unique gaming ideas into next-gen NFT game applications. 


    An Indian company called Wipro offers full-cycle NFT game development services with additional customization options. One of the top concerns of blockchain-based gaming is creating long-lasting value for gamers, and the company is skilled at doing this. Wipro thoroughly understands company requirements and fulfills them through development and reliable adaptations. 

    With the company’s extremely adjustable capabilities, numerous business aspirants are guaranteed high-end development outcomes. These characteristics put the development company at the top of its field. The organization employs professionals with extensive technical expertise and a grasp of users’ fundamental needs. In accordance with the needs of gamers, they also offer flexible services.


    A US-based company, IBM is renowned for creating incredible NFT gaming applications. It works tirelessly on the newest market trends to assist businesses in successfully differentiating themselves from the competition. With the help of IBM’s expert staff, your company can easily handle in-game assets by utilizing blockchain technology to its fullest potential. 

    As one of the top NFT game developers, IBM continuously excels in the end-user experience. To create secure and well-known NFT gaming solutions, IBM offers a futuristic game design and tokenizes gaming assets. IBM stands out from the competition because of its distinct token development services and high-intent user experience.


    Founded in 1977, Oracle is an award-winning NFT game development company that holds a proven track record of assisting startups, SMEs, and big enterprises with cutting-edge development solutions. With expertise in multiple blockchain networks, the company deploys engaging and visually attractive NFT gaming platforms with exciting and innovative features. 

    With over 160k employees, the company has developed a plethora of NFT game platforms and worked with multiple clients all around the world. From action, fantasy, simulation, and board to RPG games, the company excels at creating best-in-class NFT games. 

    HCL Tech

    HCL Tech is another NFT game development company specializing in offering next-gen, futuristic gaming experiences. The company has vast experience in blockchain technology and develops platforms that feature no-code solutions, support NFTs and FTs, easy customization, smart validation handling, and easy integration. 

    The company has an expert force of 220k diverse and passionate people across 60 countries who excel at offering smart and cutting-edge development solutions. With more than 30 years of experience in the industry, the company has worked with over 10k clients globally. The company can build visually attractive NFT gaming platforms with high-quality graphics, hyper realistic game models, and virtual environments. 


    Founded in 1984, Cisco is one of the leading NFT game development companies offering prominent development services to startups, SMEs, and industry leaders. The company has a team of 41k+ developers and designers with expertise in cutting-edge tech stacks, frameworks, and tools.  

    The company excels at developing feature-rich, robust, and scalable NFT platforms as per clients’ needs and requirements. With prowess in blockchain technology, the company can create NFT gaming platforms on preferred blockchain networks. The company caters to diverse industries such as healthcare, education, retail, automotive, government, etc. 


    Founded in 1981, Infosys is another NFT game development company known for creating high-end and captivating NFT gaming platforms. The company has a team of 26.8k+ developers and designers who develops aesthetically appealing and user-friendly NFT games as per clients’ demand and requirements. ‘

    With its expertise in blockchain, the company is also moving forward to metaverse technology, creating metaverse NFT platforms for clients globally. Their token creation services, metaverse NFT platforms, and user-friendly interfaces are what makes them apart from others. 


    Like the others, Accenture is an NFT gaming platform development company with the mission of building a responsible ecosystem. The company has been around since 1998 and created a name for itself in the tech space. Besides having a strong grip in delivering tech driven digital solutions, Accenture’s name is now known in the blockchain and NFT space too. 

    One of the prominent examples of Accenture’s advanced solutions is the partnership with SmartMedia Labs. The company created a PoC where branded NFTs of a resort could be dropped on the map and captured for a different travel experience. 

    Accenture has also moved forward in the metaverse gaming space powered by NFTs to create the advanced and responsible tech space it wishes to achieve. The company has worked with 91 of the Global Fortune 100 companies. Having created a global dominance, the company’s services is owed to its 738K employees worldwide. 


    Ninehertz is a leading tech company offering multiple innovative solutions. One of the many services of the company includes NFT game development. Ninehertz has been moving into the metaverse, blockchain and NFT industry to create competitive solutions.

    Founded in 2008, the company has so far delivered over 100 NFT games which includes multiple genres such as NFT card games, NFT racing games, NFT adventure games and more. The company’s ent-to-end solutions include 3D model development, character designs, 3D background art, NFT game development, testing and deployment. The company has over 350 full stack developers and serves over 50 countries. 


    In this fast-paced world, where digitization has overtaken everything, NFT games can’t be left behind. Although new in the race, NFT gaming platform development is truly in demand right now, and many businesses want to grab this opportunity and surge their sales and revenue 10x times.

    In this listicle, we have mentioned about the top 10 NFT game development companies worldwide that have proven their expertise over the years. Analyze every company thoroughly and choose the one that completely satisfies your business requirements.

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