Games on Roblox – Know The Most Liked, Played Popular & Unpopular Video Games


    Discover the most popular and unpopular video games on Roblox. Get to know the games loved and played by millions. Games on Roblox, Games on Roblox.

    Since its release in 2006, Roblox has skyrocketed in popularity. The gaming platform had more than 40 million regular users in 2022. Developers deserve praise for making resources available to their player base, but the games themselves are the work of the community developers.

    All games are unique, which is the best part. You can go from playing hide-and-seek to slaying dragons in just one minute. These video games demonstrate originality, creativity, and a certain level of addiction.

    If you’re wondering what are the most popular, liked, played, and unpopular Roblox games or, in short, we say all about Roblox games, check out our article.

    We will start the article by knowing the market size of Roblox games.

    Market Size of Roblox Games

    • Roblox has over 40 million games. About two-thirds of Roblox players (67%) are under 16.
    • In October 2021, the metaverse hype drove market activity, propelling Roblox Corporation to the top of the list of the largest gaming companies in the world by November 2021. By then, Roblox Corporation had achieved a market cap of 74.55 billion U.S. dollars.
    • Users have downloaded nearly 383 million Roblox games from the App Store and Google Play. The United States has also taken the lead in downloads, with 104.6 million, accounting for 27.3% of the total.
    • Roblox’s revenue reached $2.2 billion in 2022, reflecting a 16% year-over-year increase.
    • Over 56 million people use Roblox every day.

    1. Adopt Me!

    Adopt Me

    Adopt Me! Roblox game is the same as what it sounds like. Players raise virtual baby animals in this virtual pet adoption simulator.

    As every millennial’s favourite game from their childhood Tamagotchi, Adopt Me! allows you to hatch, raise, and develop a relationship with a newly discovered digital pet. Design a home from the ground up for you and your pet, and trade pets with other players in the game to acquire a rare one. Kids love Adopt Me! because it offers a lot of fun and is family-friendly.

    The game is so popular that it’s now the most visited Roblox game ever.

    Total Visits: 32.67 billion

    2. Brookhaven

    Brookhaven, a role-playing game, was released in the year 2021.

    It has been around for two years, but suddenly it has become the most popular game on Roblox. You can compare GTA to Brookhave. You can build a persona and interact socially with other citizens of the Brookhaven metropolis in this expansive virtual environment.

    Get creative with your character’s backstory, accent, or anything else to make the experience more immersive for yourself and your fellow players.

    Total Visits: 29.22 billion

    3. Tower of Hell

    Tower of Hell may be considered one of the most challenging games on Roblox. A type of parkour game that uses the term “obstacle course” as its acronym is called an Obby. You are racing against the clock to reach the peak of a tricky jump tower. As you progress upward, you will encounter increasing difficulty and no checkpoints. If you tumble, you’ll have to pick up where you landed.

    Total Visits: 20.04billion

    4. Blox Fruits

    Look no further than Blox Fruits if you want to play a fun and well-received fighting game on Roblox. Jump into Blox Fruits and seek out various weapons and fruits that grant you access to incredible abilities. From there, you’ll continue on an endless quest, levelling up your character and facing increasingly difficult foes. To find more free stuff on your trip, visit the Blox Fruits codes page.

    Blox Fruits has become one of the most feature-rich games on Roblox with regular updates. If you haven’t already, see why everyone is raving about it and give it a shot.

    Total Visits: 15.43billion

    5. MeepCity

    MeepCity is a Town & City game, just like Welcome to Bloxburg. However, its servers can host up to 200 players simultaneously, more than 30 in other Roblox games.

    MeepCity offers a greatest-hits package of Roblox games, where you can design and personalize your pet, construct your dream house from scratch, and earn in-game currency to spend on in-game cosmetics.

    Total Visits: 15.18billion

    6. Piggy

    Piggy, a game on Roblox, has become incredibly popular. The developers have expanded Disparate Terror Piggy to include 24 maps, some of which feature multiple endings, making it one of the best Roblox games ever created. 

    In Piggy, you can have an endless amount of fun. You can run around the map, chasing people down or trying to escape with your life as Piggy (or one of their friends) or a survivor in one of the game’s many game modes. A thrilling but lighthearted score plays in the background the whole time.

    Piggy offers a running game through different environments and includes a puzzle component, similar to Resident Evil. As you explore, be on the lookout for things like coloured keys, safes with combinations, tools, and so on as a survivor.

    Total Visits: 11.54billion

    7. Murder Mystery 2

    Roblox games like Murder Mystery 2 have been around forever, it seems. After its initial release in 2014, the game received roughly 5 billion visits and maintained a player base of close to 100,000.

    The basic premise involves a “Innocents” group and a “Murderer” targeting them. The killer aims to eliminate as many innocents as possible before anyone, including the Sheriff, discovers their true identity. The Sheriff is the only person armed.

    Total Visits: 10.37billion

    8. Royale High

    Roblox classifies Royale High as an adventure game, but it’s a fantasy role-playing game. You can customize your character’s appearance by earning virtual currency and spending it on various cosmetic upgrades. The game world beyond the confines of the academy expands in size and depth.

    The game frequently receives seasonal updates and events. You can create your private server in Royale High for the low price of 100 Robux (roughly $1.27 or £1.12).

    Total Visits: 8.73billion

    9. Welcome To Bloxburg

    Bloxburg is a relaxing role-playing game on Roblox that has gained much popularity. The city of Bloxburg is the setting for this game, where players can act out various roles and hang out with friends.

    Compared to the platform’s heavier games, it refreshingly maintains a lighthearted tone, but there’s a catch: playing it requires 25 Robux. However, players may find the game worth the investment due to its attractive features.

    Total Visits: 7.31billion

    10. Pet Simulator X

    You will take care of a menagerie of cute animals in Pet Simulator X as you travel the world searching for treasure and more pets. Players can hatch rare pets to display or trade with other players. 

    Total Visits: 7.08billion

    Most Unpopular Game in Roblox

    1. Journey To The Sun

    Journey to the Sun reality games twists the parkour-obstacle-clearing concept of a typical Roblox obby. You will discover what happened to these lands that are now frozen in time as you parkour your way into the Grand Nexus. Gather items along the way and use them as armour or plot devices in your fight against the forces of darkness. You won’t find this unforgettable tale in any other obby.

    2. Ballista

    Roblox introduced a new game mode called Roblox Ballista in 2021. A single-server multiplayer action game can accommodate a maximum of 48 players. Friends or enemies engage in epic Blox battles with players.

    3. Adventure Story

    Vetexgames developed the 2017 adventure game Roblox Adventure Story, and players can play it solo. Charming and interesting cartoon versions of real people make up the characters of Adventure Story. Players must explore the globe to search for artifacts of great value. They must also develop formidable skills to help their allies triumph over evil.

    4. Experience Gravity

    Amanda’s space at Experience Gravity is fantastic. This tranquil game delivers on its promise by simulating the weightlessness of outer space. Gather a group of friends, discuss any topic you like, and travel to various low-gravity planets to seize the opportunity to become the planet’s moon. Even though there is little to do here, hanging out is great if you don’t want to play anything too taxing with your pals.

    When Is the New Season of Fortnite?

    Fortnite has featured seasonal content in quests and a Battle Pass for years. 

    Fortnite premiered Chapter 4, Season 3, titled “Wilds” on June 9, 2023, at 9 a.m. ET. In the new season of Fortnite, you can ride dinosaurs, explore lush foliage, and encounter Optimus Prime. Players eagerly anticipate the addition of mounting raptors as one of the most exciting features in the new season of Fortnite. Another option is to use grinder vines. An added layer of stealthy camouflage is provided by muddy terrain.

    You can experiment with new weapons like the Thermal DMR, Flapjack Rifle, Kinetic Boomerang, Cybertron Cannon, and Wildwisp Jar.

    Fortnite: Season 3, Chapter 4 will end on Friday, August 25, 2023.


    When Does the New Fortnite Season Come Out?

    Fortnite launched Season 3, Chapter 4 on June 9th, 2023, at 9 AM ET. At this time and date, it is Tuesday, June 8 at 11 PM PDT.

    When Will The Fortnite Chapter 4 Season 4 Release?

    Season 4 of Fortnite will begin on Friday, August 25, 2023, the same day Season 3 ends.

    Which Roblox game holds the highest number of users?

    As of April 2023, Adopt Me! has surpassed all other games on Roblox in total visits (in billions).

    What are the Top Social Games on Roblox?

    Survive the Killer
    Adopt Me
    Slap Battles
    Expedition Antarctica
    Island Royale

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