Top Rising NFT Artists To Follow In 2024


    How much do NFT creators make, honestly? Let’s find out the best Rising NFT artists to follow in 2024.

    In 2024, a new generation of artists came into the world. As digital art grows, these artists are pushing the limits of what is possible. In the NFT space, a dynamic mix of art, technology, and business, artists are becoming more well-known. In addition to shaping the future of digital art, they are also changing cultural stories and the way markets work.

    Rising NFT artists are revolutionizing the art world, pushing boundaries and venturing into uncharted territory in digital art and collecting. 

    Join us as we explore the exciting world of rising NFT artists in 2024. Discover the visionary individuals who are revolutionizing the world of digital art and pushing the boundaries of creativity.

    List Of The Best Rising NFT Artists of 2024

    1. Ed Balloon: A Multi-Talented Player in the NFT World

    Ed Balloon is an exceptional artist who seamlessly blends digital art, music, animation, and community leadership in his remarkable NFT projects. The Run Ed collection by Balloon in 2022 showcased an exceptional fusion of generative sound and motion. This collection seamlessly blended various animation styles with captivating music, creating a remarkable experience. 

    Ed Balloon’s unwavering commitment to uplifting fellow artists sets him apart. A significant portion of Ed’s secondary sales contribute to The Ed Balloon Generational Wealth Fund. Ed established this fund as an artist of color to support other marginalized artists by purchasing their NFTs, providing them with valuable exposure and new opportunities.

    2. Jack Butcher: The Visual Storyteller

    Jack Butcher, the talented British Rising NFT artist born in 1986, creates captivating geometric art that explores profound subjects such as ego development, psychology, and philosophy. Vibrant primary colors and cutting-edge generative techniques characterize his style. 

    He made a smooth shift to NFT art in 2022, following the establishment of his remarkable creative agency, Visualize Value, in 2017. This move came after his successful pursuit of graphic design studies at the University of Brighton.

    The Checks VV NFT collection has gained a reputation for Butcher’s remarkable talent in seamlessly blending complexity and elegance. Checks Elements, the latest collection by the artist, delves into the world of commercial design by exploring the timeless four elements recently put up for auction at Christie’s.

    Jack’s work has received rave reviews from critics and has become highly sought after by collectors. This man’s future work is poised to be revolutionary and inspiring. On Twitter, he is known as @jackbutcher.

    3. Sasha Stiles: The Poet and AI Researcher

    Stiles is a true pioneer, seamlessly merging poetry and computer science. Her innovative work in generative literature is groundbreaking, showcasing this field’s immense potential. This captivating fusion demands the emergence of a new era in storytelling, where every piece becomes a dialogue between the artist’s vision and the algorithm’s interpretation.

    Renowned for her captivating text-based NFTs, Sasha Stiles is a true master of the NFT artistry. Stiles delves into the fascinating realm of poetry in her thought-provoking piece “PROOF OF POETRY,” exploring the intriguing intersection between AI and human emotion.

    In June 2023, a captivating 12-part poetry cycle titled “PROOF OF POETRY” was brought to life. This collection has achieved remarkable success, demonstrating the undeniable impact this Rising NFT artist is making with each new release.

    4. Daniel Isles (Dirty Robot): The Neo-Precisionist

    Daniel Isles, also known as Dirty Robot, dominated the PFP (Profile Picture) market in 2022 with his groundbreaking Renga project. His talent and creativity set him apart from the competition as an independent comic artist and illustrator. With his captivating and unique artwork, Isles has set a groundbreaking benchmark for larger-than-life avatars.

    This artist’s mesmerizing NFT artworks blend elements of street art, science fiction, cyberpunk, and anime, creating a captivating fusion of styles. Due to Renga’s incredible success, he quickly became a prominent figure in the NFT industry, with his unique pieces selling like crazy throughout the year.

    5. Grant Yun: Blending Fine Art and NFTs

    Grant Yun, a Milwaukee native, is making waves in digital art. This individual’s boundless passion for art is now channeled into the exciting world of Web3, following an impressive decade of honing their skills in digital illustration.

    What about his taste? He calls it “Neo-Precisionism,” which has a cool contemporary ring. Blending religious and philosophical concepts from the early 20th century with futuristic elements, this digital art movement shapes our surreal and dystopian world.

    Grant’s work exudes a captivating blend of minimalist aesthetics and nostalgic charm. With a keen eye for detail, he effortlessly combines the timeless allure of the past with a contemporary twist. In a remarkable display of talent, on July 28, 2022, one of his masterpieces from the “Space” series, titled “The Alien,” fetched a staggering 136.9 ETH, amounting to an impressive $236,000 when converted!

    And that’s just the beginning: this talented individual is making waves on dance floors across the country as a breakdancer, pursuing a medical career, and flourishing as an artist. Since his fortuitous discovery of NFTs over two years ago, he has witnessed an astonishing rate of progress and wholeheartedly immersed himself in the vibrant scene.

    Keep an eye on Grant Yun as he prepares to make waves in the digital art world. Exciting things are on the horizon, and we can’t wait to see what he has in store!

    As his website mentions, feel free to connect with him on Twitter at @GrantYun2.

    6. Beeple (Mike Winkelmann)

    Beeple, also known as Mike Winkelmann, has gained widespread recognition for his renowned Everydays project. Since May 1, 2007, he has diligently produced a unique artwork daily. However, his journey into the world of NFTs didn’t begin until 2021.

     His artwork thrives in the digital realm, encompassing everything from political satire to dystopian landscapes. Everydays: the First 5000 Days is one of his most renowned masterpieces. This stunning artwork culminates the first five thousand pieces created for this ambitious project.

    Beeple’s sale of “Everydays: The First 5000 Days” for $69 million was a game-changer in the world of NFTs, thrusting him into the international limelight. 

    7. Tyler Hobbs.

    It’s no wonder that Hobbs, a talented visual artist from Austin, Texas, has a knack for algorithms and plotters. He is widely recognized as one of the trendiest & Rising NFT artists currently. His main focus revolves around the visual appeal created by computers and their software. The artworks he creates often showcase geometric shapes combined with elements of randomness. His creations possess a unique and captivating appeal.

    8. Trevorjonesart: Trevor Jones

    With the help of cutting-edge tools such as augmented reality (AR), near-field communication (NFC) tags, animation, and video production, Trevor Jones delves into innovative methods to engage the audience and transform their overall experience. His fascination with cryptocurrency has become intricately woven into the very fabric of his work.

    Trevor Jones is a talented artist from the UK, specializing in creating captivating NFTs that come to life through mesmerizing augmented reality painting video clips. Jones has always been intrigued by the boundless possibilities of technology in artistic expression. 2012, the artist explored the potential synergy between oil paintings and QR codes. Due to his savvy investments in Bitcoin in 2017, Jones has accomplished something truly remarkable: seamlessly blending cryptocurrency, augmented reality, and paintings.

    9. Markus Magnusson

    Drawn from personal experiences and keen observations, Markus Magnusson, a talented Swedish animator and illustrator, brings delightful and enchanting characters to life through the clever use of simple shapes and vibrant colors. His animations captivate with their ability to evoke profound emotions and weave intricate stories, with his masterful use of movement as a powerful means of expression.

    His work beautifully showcases the storytelling power of pixels and the playful essence of digital art. The NFT collections he has released under “Motion Markus” showcase his talent for creating unique and captivating animated characters.

    Aside from their clothing, accessories, and surroundings, every one of the five thousand characters in his immensely popular collection, “Invisible Friends,” remains unseen.

    Introduced in February 2022, the collection swiftly flew off the shelves, generating a staggering $20 million in sales.

    10. Emonee LaRussa

    In 2022, LaRussa was selected as one of the artists entrusted with the creation of NFTs for the prestigious Grammy Awards. This incredible opportunity catapulted her into even greater levels of recognition and acclaim.

    However, what truly set her apart were her philanthropic pursuits. JumpStart Designers, a nonprofit founded by LaRussa, successfully raised $50,000 through a crowdfunding campaign that she skillfully spearheaded. By allocating funds, they aim to empower underprivileged communities with access to computers and digital art programs. Emonee LaRussa is an artist worth watching closely. With her exceptional talent and unwavering commitment to creating a meaningful impact, she is quickly making a name for herself in the world of NFT art.

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