List of 10 Roblox Dangerous Games


    We have compiled a list of the top 10 exciting Roblox games that may have some danger involved. This way, you can explore a range of games guaranteed to give you an adrenaline rush. You’ll face exciting challenges and thrilling adventures in these intense virtual environments that will test your skills and keep you on the edge of your seat. There’s a wide range of heart-pounding experiences to choose from. If you’re up for it, dive right into the excitement!

    Survive the Killer, Obby Games and Fashion Famous is the most dangerous game to play on Roblox.

    In gaming, there are endless browsing choices, both on the web and disconnected. With a stunning 800,000 games accessible overall and an incredible 3 billion gamers universally, gaming is a famous distraction. Around 21% of American gamers are adolescents under 18. In any case, not all gaming content is appropriate for everybody, particularly for youthful personalities.

    One stage that draws consideration is Roblox, an internet gaming center known for its assorted and unsubstantiated game contributions. Remain tuned to find more about the potential dangers related to specific Roblox games and how to guarantee a protected gaming experience for youthful players.

    There are, as yet, improper games on Roblox in 2023. There have been various grumblings from guardians, and the gaming platform has begun eliminating loads of grimy games.

    There are numerous dangerous Roblox games on the stage that guardians should know about. 

    Survive the Killer: You Can Kill or Be Killed

    Survive the Killer

    Every player is given a deadly weapon to kill the malicious chronic executioner character in the game. If not, the player is fiercely killed. Then again, the player can decide to be the Thin Man killing different players. 

    The game has six modes: Exemplary, Executioner, Region 51 Attack, Unending Endurance, Place of Dead Mode, and Outrageous. This game is improper, given the expressed brutality and violent content. Players murder different sanctions with firearms or blades. Recollections of such scenes can give a kid restless evenings and bad dreams.

    Club Iris: Club Experience for Youngsters

    Club Iris is one of the most well-known games on Roblox. This game’s standing is generally because of the interest among youngsters who still need club insight. This game permits them to move and date in a club. Different elements in the game are lodgings and beds where players can perform improper moves on one another. 

    There have been reports of lewd gestures on the stage and giving lap moves. There are even players in the game with the word p$r&b imprinted on their shirts. Given their high populace of children, numerous onlookers question why Roblox has not brought down this game

    Obby Games: Super Big Parkour Obby

    Another name for this game is Impediment Courses since players need to track down how to get away. The game is worked with interrelated pages. Before a player can continue to the following page, they should get done with jobs on the ongoing page. 

    The game appears innocuous, given its advantage of assisting players with practicing their logical abilities. Nonetheless, the game slowly becomes improper when horrible sanctions are presented. A youngster can become terrified by devilish toys tracked down on the last pages of the game.

    Bloxburg: Welcome to Bloxburg

    In this game, players make their virtual world in Bloxburg. They assemble homes and occupations, pursuing decisions from various circumstances. While it’s perfect for showing significant fundamental abilities, there’s a trick. It additionally shows kids what it resembles to work and deal with predicaments.

    Yet, pause; there’s something else. A few players don’t act pleasantly, which is not great so that children could see. Thus, although it’s a cool game to learn and decide, guardians should be aware of some things. It resembles building a pretend world, yet it has both great and not-very-great sides. Guardians ought to know about these things to ensure their children have a protected and good time while playing.

    Dance Club: Boys and Girls Dance Club

    In this game, characters have a fabulous time moving the entire evening, scoring to various tunes. Yet, there’s more going on than might be immediately obvious. Players aren’t simply moving; they’re imagining and doing things that are not great. This game isn’t reasonable for Roblox because it advances dating and has spots where characters can do things unsuitable for youngsters.

    To lay it out, while it might appear to be a moving game, there’s occurring underneath the surface. It could be a better choice for Roblox since it empowers dating and has regions where characters can participate in exercises that are not reasonable for youthful players. Guardians and guards should know about these worries to guarantee their kids a protected and proper gaming experience.

    Fashion Famous: Looks aren’t Everything

    This game allows fashioners to release their creative mind within a set time. They’re given a topic or style and should make a plan that matches it. Then, at that point, they parade their creation on the runway. The innovativeness isn’t just about outfits and cosmetics – players can change noses, eyes, and skin tone, and that’s only the tip of the iceberg.

    Nonetheless, there’s a disadvantage. A few clients share improper, grown-up-themed stuff that could be more reasonable for youngsters. In basic words, the game is a stage for planning and flaunting. However, there’s an issue with certain players sharing stuff only for some youngsters. Guardians figure the game shouldn’t cause children to accept looks make the biggest difference.


    In this game, you can design an imaginary burglary or stop the miscreants before they escape. The cool part is playing with companions and collaborating to arrange a major heist. The game could seem like an activity, yet it’s more similar to kids messing about, not excessively intense.

    You and your companions become like analysts or hoodlums, making cooperating invigorating. The game could have a touch of activity, yet it’s everything for no particular reason and not excessively intense. Like playing pretend in a jungle gym, you’re essential for an exhilarating experience with your buddies. Remember, everything no doubt revolves around cooperation and living it up, such as being in your activity film with companions!

    Murder Mystery 2

    When a new round begins, you become either an Innocent or a Murderer in the game. Your job is to be sneaky and smart to uncover who the Murderer is and let the Sheriff know. This game is better suited for older players who need to learn the different places on the maps and pay close attention to how others act to figure out who the bad person is.

    In this game, you get to be a good or bad guy. You must secretly find the bad guy and tell the Sheriff if you’re good. This game is best for older players who can remember the places in the game and watch how others act to catch the bad person. It’s like being a detective and figuring out the mystery with your friends. So, get ready to use your brain and have fun solving the puzzle!


    You get to join bunches of others visiting MeepCity, where you can talk, play games, gather coins, and make your place look cool. The game is vivid, refreshing, and a phenomenal way for you and your kid to begin investigating a web-based world together.

    At the point when you play MeepCity, you’re in good company – there are a huge number of others playing as well! You can talk with them, evaluate various games, procure coins to purchase things, and even make your home great. Everything is splendid and happy, making it an extraordinary method for beginning to find the web-based world with your kid. It’s like venturing into a major, bright jungle gym where you and your kid can have much fun together!

    Royale High

    Make new buddies and find energizing spots as you play in the school-themed domain of Royale High. While having a great time, you can likewise spruce up in various outfits. Get inventive and plan magnificent things for Royale High that you can share and exchange with others.

    In the game, you can meet and befriend new individuals. You’ll investigate loads of intriguing spots about the world of school. You can likewise put on something else to look cool or sharp as you partake in your time. It resembles having a different universe of readily available companions, undertakings, and imagination!

    Top 5 Scariest Games in Roblox

    1. Apeirophobia
    2. Cheese Escape
    3. Dead Silence
    4. Doors
    5. Geisha


    Parents genuinely must know about likely dangers while their children play Roblox. While many games are protected, some might open youths to dangerous substances or unsafe circumstances. By remaining involved and having open discussions, guardians can assist with guaranteeing their youngsters’ web-based encounters are pleasant and secure. 

    Checking game decisions, drawing certain lines, and discussing web-based well-being are fundamental to shielding kids in the computerized world. Keep in mind, with just the right amount of direction, Roblox can, in any case, be where children have a good time while remaining safe.

    Which is the most dangerous game on Roblox?

    Survive the Killer and Fashion Famous is the most dangerous game on Roblox for free.

    What is the number 1 scariest game on Roblox?


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