Visit these 10 Sites to Buy New Crypto Presale


    CoinMarketCap, CryptoSlate, ICO Drops, CryptoSlate and Launchpad are the presale crypto websites where you can potentially find information about crypto presales, but please exercise caution and do your own research:

    Think of a crypto presale as an exclusive sneak peek at a new cryptocurrency. It’s like being invited to a special sale event before it’s open to everyone. This is how the people running the cryptocurrency project collect some initial funds before they make it available to the general public.

    During a presale, you can grab these unique coins at a discounted rate compared to what they’ll cost when they hit the regular crypto exchanges. It’s a bit like getting a special deal because you’re one of the early supporters.

    The main goal of a crypto presale is to raise money to develop the project further. It’s like a startup raising funds to turn their idea into reality. Additionally, it helps create a community of early supporters who believe in the project’s potential. They’re like the first fans of a new band, cheering them on and helping them grow.

    To make it easy for the crypto enthusiasts to get their hands on the Crypto sale, many sites have stepped up on the board. And here, having done the good work, we have managed to find top 10 sites to buy new crypto presale. 

    Why You Need To Find A Site To Buy New Crypto Presale

    • You will  get in early on promising crypto projects.
    • Early access to these crypto sales helps you buy tokens at a lower cost during presales.
    • These are the trusted platforms that help you avoid fraudulent schemes.
    • You can connect with other like minded peoples, you can connect with fellow investors and enthusiasts for information and assistance.

    CoinMarketCap, CryptoSlate, ICO Drops, CryptoSlate and Launchpad are the presale crypto websites where you can potentially find information about crypto presales, but please exercise caution and do your own research:

    Top 10 Sites to Buy New Crypto Presale

    1. Big Eyes
    2. Wall Street Memes
    3. Launchpad XYZ
    4. Pepe Coin
    5. yPredict
    6. Tamadoge
    7. Chimpzee

    S. NoWebsiteDescriptionPros
    1CoinMarketCapProvides information about upcoming cryptocurrency projects and presales.Comprehensive data source for crypto projects. – Easy to navigate and find presale information.
    2CoinGeckoOffers data on upcoming token sales, ICOs, and presales.User-friendly interface with extensive project data. – Includes community ratings and reviews.
    3ICO DropsDedicated to providing information about upcoming ICOs and token sales, including presales.Provides detailed token sale information and countdowns. – Offers a “Hype Score” for projects.
    4CryptoSlateCovers cryptocurrency news, including information about upcoming token sales and ICOs.Offers news and insights alongside token sale details. – Includes project analysis articles.
    5RedditSubreddits like r/CryptoMoonShots and r/CryptoCurrency often have discussions and announcements about presales. Exercise caution with information found on Reddit.Access to a community of crypto enthusiasts. – Real-time discussions and project announcements.
    6TelegramMany cryptocurrency projects have official Telegram groups where they announce presales and provide information to potential investors.Direct communication with project teams. – Real-time updates and Q&A sessions.
    7TwitterFollow cryptocurrency influencers, projects, and developers on Twitter for updates about upcoming presales and token sales.Quick access to project announcements and news. – Diverse range of information sources.
    8Crypto ForumsWebsites like Bitcointalk and Altcoinstalks have sections dedicated to announcements of new cryptocurrency projects and token sales.Access to project announcements and discussions. – Historical forum data for research.
    9Crypto News WebsitesPlatforms like CoinDesk, Bitcoin Magazine, and CryptoSlate often cover news about upcoming token sales and presales.– Reliable and professional sources of information. – In-depth analysis and insights.
    10Launchpad PlatformsSome cryptocurrency launchpad platforms, like Binance Launchpad, offer opportunities to participate in presales of supported projects. Check their official websites for details.Official support and endorsement from reputable exchanges. – Access to high-quality projects.

    Top 10 Sites to Buy New Crypto Presale

    If you are new to the world of crypto presale, don’t worry. We have found the perfect starters for you to get yourself familiar with this crypto presale arena. Our top3 are perfect for not only seasoned crypto enthusiasts, but also for the newbies. So, let’s get you started! 

    Big Eyes

    BigEyes is a hotshot in the cryptocurrency presale game right now. It is one of the top crypto presale coin to enjoy. This coin ain’t your regular canine-themed meme coin that’s all the rage in crypto circles. Nah, it’s got something special going on – an adorable and charming vibe that’s its main currency.

    So, BigEyes is all about Ethereum blockchain, which lets folks create and share NFT stuff using their BIG tokens. But here’s the kicker – they’ve got a big-hearted plan too. They’re putting five percent of their total stash toward environmental causes, especially ones that protect ocean sanctuaries. That’s a standout move, my friends. It means BigEyes ain’t just about making a quick buck; they want to do some good in the world. 

    Wall Street Memes

    Wall Street Memes (WSM) is like the cool kid in the crypto playground right now. They’re having this presale party where you can get in early, and the price keeps going up as more people join. The team behind it has nailed NFT sales before, and they’ve got a massive crew of over a million fans.

    Even though the big news outlets haven’t caught on yet, WSM has already made some noise on crypto websites and YouTube. They’re using an ERC-20 token with a total supply of 2 billion, and half of those tokens are up for grabs in the presale. The rest will be used to reward the community and keep things flowing smoothly.

    Here’s the cool part: You can stake your WSM tokens and make some extra crypto while you hold onto them. They’re talking about an annualized percentage yield (APY) of 65%, which sounds pretty sweet. WSM’s mission is to ride the wave of meme coins, like the ones that blew up in 2023. 

    Launchpad XYZ 

    Launchpad XYZ is doing something that no one else has done before in the crypto world.? It’s already getting a lot of attention from the crypto crowd because it’s got some solid basics and it’s super useful. 

    Their big deal is making web3, which is kind of like the next-gen internet, easier for regular folks to understand and use. They’re creating a sort of web3 doorway where you can check out all the cool stuff – like metaverse games, those funky DApps, crypto coins, apps that don’t need bosses, NFT shops, and even those staking things.

    Let’s say it as a one-stop shop for everything web3. So, if you’re not a super techy person, Launchpad XYZ is here to help you find what you need in this new internet universe. It’s like they’re handing out maps to the web3 wonderland!

    Pepe Coin

    Moving further, let’s talk about the Pepe Coin, the crypto world’s latest meme sensation. Back in early May, it was on fire, with a market cap of over a billion dollar market cap. But now, it’s settled down and is hanging out at less than some millions.

    Now, the early birds who hopped on the Pepe Coin train are probably feeling like crypto millionaires. It is showing that there’s serious profit potential in catching promising altcoins right at the start. 

    But, here’s the catch: when it comes to these other Pepe coin projects that are popping up, it’s a bit of a mixed bag. Some of them might not have a clear long-term game plan, so it’s wise to tread carefully when diving into the world of Pepe coin derivatives.


    yPredict is all about crypto smarts. You can get in on the action with $YPRED tokens in their presale, where they’ve already sold 80 million out of 100 million at just $0.10 each, raising over $3.8 million.

    But here’s the deal: the price goes up to $0.12 in the final round, so don’t snooze on it. After the presale, $YPRED lands on crypto exchanges. With $YPRED, you can unlock some cool stuff like getting the inside scoop on crypto trends, technical analysis tools with 25+ chart patterns, and even a “Learn 2 Earn” feature for educational content.

    They’re also cooking up a “Play-to-Earn” thing where you can guess what’s next in the crypto world. And here’s the sweet part: they share 10% of the money they make from new subscribers with folks who hold $YPRED tokens. 


    Let’s check this out. We’ve got Tamadoge, which is like a fresh new meme token that’s all about having fun and making some crypto on the side. Holders of Tamadoge tokens can jump into their arcade filled with games and have a shot at weekly rewards – it’s like a crypto playground!

    What’s really cool is that Tamadoge has been grabbing the spotlight lately. It’s been featured in some big-time publications like Benzinga and others. So, it’s not just some underground thing; it’s getting attention from the big leagues. If you’re into fun and crypto, Tamadoge might be your ticket to both!


    Meet Chimpzee, the cool new crypto thing that’s all about cashing in while helping Mother Earth. They’ve got these nifty tokens called CHMPZ, and here’s how you can stack ’em up:

    Shop-and-Earn: Shop at the Chimpzee store for eco-friendly stuff, and they’ll toss a slice of the pie to charity. Plus, you get some CHMP tokens as a sweet bonus.

    Trade-and-Earn: Hang out on the Chimpzee NFT market and do some trading. They’ll pass you a cut of those trading fees. The more you trade, the more CHMPZ lands in your wallet.

    Play-to-Earn: Fancy some gaming? Dive into their Zero Tolerance game, complete missions, and level up. Your reward? Yep, you guessed it – CHMPZ tokens.

    And here’s the kicker: right now, you can snag some CHMPZ during their presale, and it’s a steal of a deal. Plus, early bird investors get a massive 100% bonus. Oh, and when CHMPZ gets used for NFT passports, they burn some, which means fewer tokens around, and that could jack up the value.

    So, if you’re into making money while helping out the planet, Chimpzee’s your ticket. It’s a low $10 to get started, and when CHMPZ hits the big exchanges, you might just double your green.

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