Top 10 Speechify Alternatives


    If you're looking for top artificial intelligence text-to-speech free apps like Speechify, this guide will provide information on the top alternatives to Speechify.

    Speechify, founded in 2020, is an innovative and powerful text-to-speech (TTS) software application that revolutionized how we read and comprehend textual material. Speechify developers designed the app with simplicity and accessibility, providing users of all ages and abilities with a great reading experience. Students, professionals, and avid readers have found it to be an invaluable resource as it effortlessly transforms text into a natural-sounding voice. Speechify also helps create audiobooks within the app itself. It offers over 20 languages and 30 artificial intelligence (AI) engineered voices, including French, German, Spanish, Portuguese, Russian, and others.

    Speechify’s text-to-speech capabilities are excellent, but it has some drawbacks, such as a word limit 150,000. It is also not 100% accurate. Also, the premium plan costs $11.58 monthly, which may be too high for some users. In this case, looking for alternatives or competitors to Speechify is a great idea.

    We have compiled a list of free alternatives to Speechify after carefully considering their costs, features, reviews, and total user base.

    Murf, NaturalReader, Amazon Polly, Fliki & PlayHT are the best speechify alternatives. Read this blog to know the apps similar to speechify

    List Of Top 10 Free Alternatives to Speechify

    1. Murf
    2. Amazon Polly
    3. Fliki
    4. NaturalReader
    5. PlayHT
    6. Verbatik
    7. SpeechVid
    8. WellSaidLabs
    9. Synthesys
    10. Typecast

    If you’re looking for top artificial intelligence text-to-speech free apps like Speechify, this guide will provide information on the top alternatives to Speechify.

    We compiled a list of the best alternatives to Speechify that you can use to make voiceovers, host a podcast, make an audiobook, or generate a video from text.

    1. Murf

    Murf, a text-to-speech app, enhances the quality of your content by using sophisticated artificial-intelligence voices that sound very human. You can use the program for personal or business purposes. In addition to the free plan, Murf offers three paid plans available for annual or monthly subscriptions. Murf allows anyone, from students to corporations, to use it to turn their written words into natural-sounding speech and incorporate it into their videos as a voiceover. With the help of its extensive studio, you can create your unique media.

    Users can select from over 120 AI voices that speak Turkish, Russian, Hindi, Chinese, German, and other languages. Murf’s personalization options include pitch, pause, emphasis, and pronunciation, adding life to your stories and other content. 

    Is Murf Better Than Speechify?

    Both apps offer good text-to-speech tools, but they slightly differ in the features they provide. Murf covers all your voiceover needs with services such as voice cloning, creating voice over videos, and providing a voice changer.

    2. NaturalReader

    NaturalReader, a well-known text-to-speech tool, provides various options for transforming written material into a human voice. Users can use various documents for processing because the app can read various text formats. NaturalReader offers a variety of high-quality voices, which is one of its best features. A wide range of voices is available for users to choose from, each having its distinct accent, tone, and gender. NaturalReader allows users to further tailor their reading experience by adjusting the tone and pace of the voices. Many contexts find NaturalReader useful, including but not limited to content creation, universal design, and education. Professionals can use it for content narration, voiceover creation for presentations, and proofreading, while students can use it for reading support and language development.

    Is NaturalReader Better Than Speechify?

    NaturalReader offers a good free option for text-to-speech conversion, but it has its quirks and limited premium features. Using Speechify instead is the best option.

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    3. Amazon Polly

    Amazon Web Services (AWS) provides Amazon Polly, a text-to-speech service hosted in the cloud, with various features for programmers and businesses. Polly, part of the AWS portfolio, uses Amazon’s artificial intelligence and machine learning capabilities to provide high-quality, lifelike voice synthesis.

    Polly can handle requests written in different text formats, including plain text, SSML (Speech Synthesis Markup Language), and JSON. Developers have granular control over the speech output, allowing them to adapt it to various scenarios.

    Is Amazon Polly Better Than Speechify?

    Speechify has more extra capabilities than Amazon Polly. You will get more done in less time with Speechify’s increased maximum reading speed. 

    4. Fliki

    Fliki converts text to speech and video using artificial intelligence. It generates high-quality audio that comes closest to sounding human using artificial intelligence and machine learning.

    You can choose from more than 800 voices and try them out before committing to one. Fliki offers a low-cost alternative to other options for making audio and video content, and it supports more than 75 widely-used languages and 100+ dialects.

    Fliki allows you to do just about anything: you can record voiceovers, host podcasts, make audiobooks, or even generate videos from text.

    Is Fliki Better Than Speechify?

    Speechify has many alternatives, but Fliki is the best option due to its over 1900 voices, user-friendly interface, and ability to convert text to video.

    5. PlayHT

    You can use to create professional-sounding TTS files. Users can quickly generate speech from typed text by simply selecting the desired language, voice style, and speaking speed using the straightforward interface. Thanks to its 907 AI voices and support for 142 languages, is great for both private and business use. Additionally, it enables users to make individualized pronunciation adjustments and adjust voice inflections. also offers podcast hosting, allowing users to distribute their shows on popular services like iTunes, Spotify, and Google Podcasts. Additionally, users can easily convert their written blog posts into downloadable audio files using the WordPress plugin.

    Is Better Than Speechify? is a useful and flexible tool for content creators, businesses, and individuals who need natural voiceovers and text-to-speech capabilities for their projects.

    6. Verbatik

    Verbatik offers a library of voices with multiple accents for business presentations, virtual assistants, children’s audiobooks, and other purposes. Both independent content creators and established businesses find customizable speech synthesis, SSML support, and other features helpful. Users can improve accessibility in marketing and promotional materials, develop voice-based applications, and create instructional content for classroom use.

    Is Verbatik Better Than Speechify?

    Speechify sets itself apart from Verbatik with its adjustable features, unlike Verbatik’s modular design. Choose either Speechify or Verbatik based on your organization’s needs.

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    7. SpeechVid

    SpeechVid makes the process of converting text to speech simple and easy. All you need to do is copy and paste the text you want to modify into the text editor. This tool will immediately improve speech quality to make speech sound more natural. This tool offers more than 301 different voices. Before deciding on the voice that best fits your needs, you can listen to samples of all available voices. You can modify the voice by slowing it down or speeding it up, as well as by emphasizing particular words or phrases. These settings allow you to adjust the tone of the voiceover. You can remove and replace the computer-generated voiceover with a different voice if you prefer.

    Is Speechvid Better Than Speechify?

    SpeechVid can quickly and easily convert any text into high-quality male and female voices for speech. The software supports 45 languages, including English, French, and German, and it is compatible with popular editing programs like Adobe Premiere, iMovie, Camtasia, etc.

    8. WellSaidLabs

    Users can access a wide range of voices on this platform, each with its own distinct accent and vocal style, enabling them to create engaging and original audio content. Their AI technology ensures that the voices are expressive, lively, and capable of transmitting emotions, making them useful for a variety of applications including e-learning, films voiceovers, virtual assistants, and more.

    WellSaidLabs emphasizes and controls intonation, offering users a wide range of options to achieve their desired sound. WellSaidLabs offers a user-friendly cloud service for its TTS platform, which includes robust APIs and SDKs for seamless integration with a wide range of other apps and services.

    Is Wellsaidlabs Better Than Speechify?

    Speechify and its competitors perform all of the same functions. Writers may prefer WellSaid Labs because it is tailored to their needs.

    9. Synthesys

    Synthesys, developed by NOOVEAU MEDIA LTD, is a top-tier text-to-speech (TTS) tool that creates voices indistinguishable from human speech using cutting-edge artificial intelligence (AI) technology. 

    Synthesys offers more than 300 voices in 140 languages, including over 50 ultra-realistic voices that can evoke emotions, and it has a modern, user-friendly interface as a bonus. Users can customize the voice settings by adjusting the tempo, pitch, emphasis, and pauses.

    They can efficiently organize their work and create conversational voiceovers with features like unlimited text input, multi-voice capabilities, and in-line editing. 

    Synthesys further differentiates itself and increases user interaction by allowing websites to embed voiceovers. The AI-powered text production assistant also acts as a conversational AI chatbot and uses real-time data from Google search to assist copywriters. Content creators generate hyper-relevant, accurate, and up-to-date content.

    Synthesys serves as a text-to-speech (TTS) tool and grants users unrestricted access to a library of stock photos and works of art. This enables users to create infinite variants, convert sketches to images, enhance faces, upscale images to 2K and 4K resolution, remove or replace backgrounds, perform in-painting, and remove AI objects.

    Is Synthesys Better Than Speechify?

    Synthesys excels as an excellent alternative to Speechify, thanks to its artificial intelligence (AI)-powered, ultra-realistic voices and adaptable, user-friendly customization options.

    10. Typecast

    With Typecast, you can generate voices, edit videos, and create types of content like audiobooks, instructional videos, sales videos, documentaries, and training videos, among many others. The platform has two primary features: Typecast Audio and Typecast Video.

    Typecast Audio’s text-to-speech synthesis offers over 300 voices, but this is just the beginning. Users can type or upload a script, tweak the tone and delivery, and select a template designed for various scenarios.

    Typecast Video uses artificial intelligence speech synthesis to combine videos and create fictitious people and environments. Users can create their voiceover videos by entering transcripts. Customizing the virtual voice actors’ expressions is also available to users.

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    Is Typecast Better Than Speechify?

    Neosapience’s technology powers, enabling users to create various sounds in real-time instead of recording their voices. enables users to produce professional-grade podcasts and audiobooks quickly and easily.


    Does Speechify require a premium account?

    Yes! However, the free version offers few customization options and has a fixed reading speed.

    What Are The Top Features Of Speechify Premium?

    The premium version of Speechify includes many additional features not available in the free version. These features include 30+ high-quality, natural reading voices, listening at speeds up to 4.5x (900 WPM), support for 20+ languages, advanced skipping and importing capabilities, and more.

    What Is as Good as Speechify?

    Speechify has alternatives such as Murf AI, NaturalReader, SpeechVid, WellsaidLabs, and more.

    Can Students Get Speechify for Free?

    Students can use the free version of Speechify indefinitely. However, the free version restricts the number of languages and voices.

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