Top Synthesia IO Alternative (Free & Paid)


    Our list containing the best Synthesia IO alternatives (free and paid) can help you craft professional videos using artificial intelligence (AI) and human avatars.

    The use of artificial intelligence (AI) in marketing tools is growing, and the use of AI to create videos featuring realistic human avatars might also grow. Synthesia IO stands out as a top-tier artificial intelligence video creation tool among its peers.

    Shy marketers can access Synthesia IO, a cloud-based artificial intelligence (AI) video generator service. Hiring actors and voice talents can be costly, so using an AI video generation tool is a great way to save money.

    With this AI-powered video creator, you can use over 65 realistic human-like avatars to make professional videos for your business. Your company can also create an individual avatar. 

    Facts About Synthesia

    140+ realistic avatars: Synthesia provides an ethnically diverse stock AI avatars.

    130+ languages: Type text in the editor and easily create a video in 130+ languages.

    60+ video templates: Experts have made over 60 video templates available for quick and easy video creation.

    50K+ regular visitors: It is trusted by companies of all sizes across different industries.

    Synthesia IO Disadvantages

    • There is no lifetime free plan. Synthesia does not offer a free plan, unlike some rivals.
    • Synthesia’s avatars lack support for gestures, which may make them appear underdeveloped. 
    • Synthesia cannot make animated GIFs out of photos.
    • Some users have complained about the software’s limited music options, which can be particularly annoying if you’re trying to find a specific style or artist.

    While Synthesia IO is one of the best AI video generators using human avatars, it may lack some important features like cartoon avatar generation, celebrity avatars, or plain AI avatars from photos.

    We have compiled a list of popular alternatives to Synthesia, both paid and free, so that you can compare and contrast the features of various AI video tools.

    List Of The Best 5 Synthesia IO Alternative (Free & Paid)

    We have compiled a list of the best paid & free alternatives to Synthesia.

    1. DeepBrain AI

    DeepBrain AI, one of the top Synthesia AI alternatives, creates videos using AI technology designed with people in mind, making it a game-changing system. You can easily generate an AI-powered video with over a hundred animated characters doing voice-overs. In contrast to more traditional text-based interaction channels, this novel and engaging method of information dissemination is the result.

    DeepBrain is one of a kind because it can create videos with AI human avatars that sound and move just like real people. You can also modify the avatar’s clothing and hairstyle. DeepBrain AI can create a digital twin of a real person, including their voice, movements, and mannerisms.

    You can tailor the avatar’s appearance and voice to your specific needs with DeepBrain AI, which offers various options. Businesses and institutions that want to create engaging explainer or lesson videos but cannot afford to hire actors or videographers find it a great choice.

    DeepBrain AI Features

    100+ AI Avatars: You can choose from more than a hundred available artificial intelligence avatars. 

    Personalization: Customize your AI avatars to have humanlike mannerisms and movements.

    Languages: You can use over 80 languages in your video creations.

    PowerPoint: Simply upload a PPT file to save editing time, and the AI will automatically enter its contents.

    Professional Templates: Jumpstart your video production and impress your audience using professionally designed templates.

    Artificial Human Design: Researchers use “Artificial Human Design” to create a computer program that acts and sounds like a human being.

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    2. Heygen

    Heygen allows users to create professional-grade videos quickly and easily by inputting text or choosing from various premade templates. This platform uses advanced AI algorithms to turn text into moving videos, and a user-friendly interface is provided with a drag-and-drop feature for quick and easy editing. Heygen’s ability to create videos with digital avatars or presenters is one of its most impressive features, giving each piece of content a unique flavor.

    Heygen Features

    Text to Speech: HeyGen’s Text-to-Speech feature converts written text into spoken words using artificial intelligence. It offers more than 300 available voices in 40 different languages.

    AI Avatars: HeyGen offers more than a hundred different kinds of AI avatars, which span a wide range of ages, races, and expressions.

    Custom Avatars: HeyGen also enables you to create a personalized AI avatar of yourself. Additionally, this software equips each AI avatar with various outfits (business, casual, etc.) to choose from based on the tone of the video you are creating.

    Voice Cloning: Use the Voice Cloning function to make your AI character come to life after creating it. HeyGen allows you to record your voice in eight languages: English, German, Polish, Spanish, Italian, French, Portuguese, and Hindi.

    3. Colossyan

    Colossyan uses AI to turn written content into moving pictures. A variety of artificially intelligent avatars can present your video content. You can also convert uploaded PDFs or PowerPoint slides into videos with a single click. Colossyan can be used to create polished videos for educational, training, promotional, or informational purposes. Colossyan allows you to localize your videos into more than 70 languages and customize the speech patterns and wardrobe of computer-generated characters. Colossyan streamlines video production processes and cuts costs for many businesses and organizations.

    Colossyan Features

    Human Avatars: You can easily create AI videos with over 30 human-like avatar presenters of varying ages and ethnicities.

    Custom Avatar: Create a personal avatar to enhance your videos’ professional look and feel.

    Language Support: Colossyan includes support for more than 70 languages.

    Auto-translate: The built-in auto-translator feature enables easy multilingual video production.

    Auto-subtitles: The user can edit and upload subtitles in multiple languages.

    Screen Recording: Using screen recording software, users can capture their desktop activity and convert it into instructional or onboarding videos.

    4. Yepic AI

    Yepic AI enables users to create AI videos in minutes without expensive cameras, actors, or studios. VidVoice enables users to effortlessly localize their videos into 8 languages, offering live dubbing in real time for 5 languages. Yepic’s application programming interface (API) enables scalable, real-time video production, improving the effectiveness of automated video workflow. Yepic AI utilizes cutting-edge AI technology to provide users with a straightforward and efficient video production experience, enabling them to create professional-looking videos quickly. The live dubbing and automated lip-sync translation features enable users to produce high-quality videos in various languages without sacrificing authenticity. The API helps users automate their video workflows, allowing them to scale up their production.

    Yepic AI Features

    Human Avatars: Make videos with AI in minutes, using characters of different races with Human Avatars.

    Talking Photos: You can create natural-sounding talking pictures for your AI-made videos in no time. You can choose from 50 available faces, then you can narrow down the results by gender, race, and age, or you can upload your own.

    Multiple Languages and Voices: You can choose from more than a hundred different voices, dozens of accents, and dozens of languages to speak.

    Custom Avatar: Create a unique avatar based on your likeness or the likeness of a teammate.

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    5. FlexClip

    FlexClip, an AI-powered video editor, enables you to create eye-catching videos in minutes. Start with one of their tens of thousands of professionally designed templates, or start completely from scratch.

    FlexClip simplifies the process of making a quick video to show your family and friends, or making personalized videos to show your audience and customers whether you run a business or not.

    Thanks to their intuitive interface and plethora of extra features, you can make a professional-looking video without having to hire a crew or spend countless hours editing.

    FlexClip Features

    Music & Text: Add text and music to your video for a creative twist.

    Watermark: You can include your watermark for your brand or company.

    Transitions: Incorporate transitions and moving images strategically into your video.

    More Synthesia Alternatives Worth Considering

    Although we have already discussed the top 5 alternatives to Synthesia and their features in-depth, let’s consider a few more options.

    6. shines when it comes to AI-driven video production. Users have various options for AI-generated video content on the platform, including digital avatar presenters. The platform unleashes untapped creative potential by using cutting-edge AI algorithms, producing captivating videos that hook and retain an audience.

    7. Lumen5

    Lumen5, a web-based AI-driven video editor, admirably performs as an alternative to Synthesia. Its AI algorithms give it automatic video-making capabilities, offering you high-quality video-making templates. Additionally, it provides assets such as photos, videos, and music that users can use to create high-quality videos. Even novices can learn to use it quickly because of its straightforward design.

    8. Make-A-Video

    Make-A-Video generates high-quality videos using text instructions as an AI-powered service. Users can create their films with only a few words or lines of text using the most recent innovations in text-to-image creation and the ability to learn from unlabeled videos. Make-A-Video users can also insert transitions between still images to give the impression of motion. 

    9. Zeroscope

    Zeroscope is a text-to-video model based on ModelScope. Impressive levels of AI quality can be achieved with the ability to produce 1024×576 videos. This tool uses 9,923 clips and 29,769 tagged frames at 1024 x 576 resolution.

    10. VEED

    VEED, a web-based alternative to Synthesia, offers video editing tools such as trimming, cropping, adding subtitles, emojis, text, stickers, and more. In addition to the aforementioned basic editing features, VEED also offers more advanced tools like AI text-to-speech and AI image generators. You can also access a stock library at any time, including music, sound effects, video clips, and more.

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    Create Videos With An AI Video Maker

    It can be arduous and time-consuming to find suitable alternatives to Synthesia IO. You may have unique preferences for cartoon or celebrity avatars, auto-subtitles, etc.

    Do your research to determine which artificial intelligence video generators best suit your needs.

    Ensure you take advantage of any available free trials before settling on an alternative for Synthesia IO. Using it is a great way to get a feel for the product and discover all it offers.


    How To Use Synthesia?

    Synthesia makes it easy to use and doesn’t require any additional software, hardware, or knowledge of video editing. You can make a video by selecting an avatar and a voice actor, typing in a script, and then editing the video with graphics and sound before you generate it.

    Is Synthesia AI The Best?

    Synthesia eliminates the need for professional voice actors and expensive camera equipment. The interface is straightforward, and users can make videos rapidly. You can also easily modify the script.

    Can I Use Synthesia AI For Free?

    The Synthesia demo video generator can freely transform text into video. All you need to get started is to click the ‘Create a free AI video’ button at Plug in your text, pick a premade format, and the free artificial intelligence video pops out.

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