Top 10 Games Where You Can Make Your Person or Character


    Discover the top 10 games that let you create and customize your own character. Unleash your creativity and embark on unique adventures!

    Many games allow the players to design and create their characters. Plenty of games give the player a pre-made character with static abilities in every playthrough, barring equipment. However, players have significant control over their protagonist’s abilities in many games. 

    Not all games are created the same in this regard. In some games, players have minimal control over their character’s skills and attributes. Some people find them too difficult or boring to bother with. But some games strike just the right chord. Some games can sell themselves based on their fun, rewarding, and distinctive character creation.

    Creating a well-made character in a well-made character creator is the pinnacle of 

    satisfaction. This list focuses on the best games that allow you to create a character memorably and enjoyably.

    So are you excited? Let’s get started!

    Top 10 Games with Character Creation 

    Don’t rush into creating a character. This character will take you through the game’s highs and lows. You’re about to embark on an adventure with them, where you may accomplish great things or commit terrible things.

    Put it another way, don’t take this lightly. In Minecraft, you can create a heroic human or elf, copy a favorite character’s face from another game or movie, or give yourself biceps you’ll never have.

    1. Monster Hunter: World

    Monster Hunter: World raises the bar for games that excel at character creation by introducing a well-organized and intuitive creator suite. It could look this realistic only because it’s an anime-inspired game. The sliders in Monster Hunter World won’t allow you to adjust finer details like a character’s brow bone or cheeks, but you can still recreate their likeness and achieve a good resemblance.

    The interface is friendly, and it offers a variety of in-game lighting effects to allow you to experiment with your character’s appearance in different settings.

    You can choose the fur color, pattern, and tail shape for your Palico companion and design your own Hunter in the game.

    Monster Hunter offers:

    • Wide range of skin tones
    • Age slider
    • Multiple nose, mouth, etc. presets

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    2. Sims 4

    This list is only complete with the Sims game. Creating a unique avatar, furnishing a home for that character, etc., are all key aspects of The Sims 4. This game is one of the best options available for customizing your character. You can fit their features and bodies as you see fit.

    The Sims only simulate real life and starting a family as a small part of the game. Plenty of people spend time on the character creation screen by making up names and backstories for their creations. The Sims 4 offers players multiple racial options, highlighting and morphing tools, and a variety of clothing options. You can keep tailoring your experience indefinitely by 

    buying added materials.

    Sims 4 offers:

    • Various skin tones
    • Facial structure sliders
    • Body modification sliders

    3. Cyberpunk 2077

    Making your cyberpunk adventurer is an intriguing prospect, and although Cyberpunk 2077 received mixed reviews upon launch, many consider the game’s character creator among its strongest points. Players could select one of three different settings that would influence the game’s introduction, dialogue options, and even optional activities in addition to the many visual options.

    The developers have made post-launch enhancements to the customization, including adding the ability to use transmog for creating outfits that don’t look completely ridiculous. However, the main feature is that players can create unique characters. You can create a character in Cyberpunk 2077 who excels in any area of your choice, whether technology, stealth, or firearms. Cyberpunk 2077 allows you to be whatever you want to be.

    Cyberpunk 2077 offers:

    • Genital options
    • Nail customization
    • Cybernetic cosmetics

    4. Dragon Age: Inquisition

    Dragon Age: Inquisition offers face-sculpting for four different races: Humans, Elves, Dwarves, and Qunari. You can select a handful of different classes and utilize many sliders and customization options to create a character that resembles you or anyone else you can imagine. Inquisition’s robust romance options allow your character to express their sexuality in a way that suits them, which is especially beneficial for those typically underrepresented.

    You can tweak a number of predefined looks to your taste with the help of a series of sliders and a few granular text boxes. If you put in the time and effort, you can create a character that looks completely different from the defaults.

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    5. Bloodborne

    The character creator in Bloodborne offers various interesting facial and body options. This game simplifies designing unique avatars that can inspire fear in keeping with Bloodborne’s grim fantasy atmosphere. The Similar Face function allows you to create new faces by combining the game’s defaults with your previous creations.

    6. XCOM 2

    The character customization options in XCOM 2 include a variety of hairstyles, skin tones, armor colors, and voice-acting options. The sequel to the XCOM game paid attention to detail and had more fun options for developing your characters than the first game. Give your avatars individual tattoos and gear to create truly one-of-a-kind characters. Try out various beard styles, hairstyles, and armor paints!

    7. Elden Ring

    Dark Souls have tried their best to make character creation feel realistic and cool. FromSoftware, the developer of the Soulsborne universe, is reaching for the stars with their newest game set in the universe, Elden Ring. You can customize your character’s appearance by adjusting their facial structure, skin tone, and hair color. Once you manipulate these controls, you can give your characters a convincing human appearance.

    They provide granular controls over a character’s appearance and go above and beyond. Their starting class choice affects only a player’s base attributes and equipment. After that point, players can shape their persona however they wish.

    Elden Ring offers:

    • 169 skin tones
    • Bone structure sliders

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    8. Soul Calibur VI

    Franchises like Soulcalibur have a leg up on the competition because they offer character creators in fighting games, which are exceedingly rare. Bandai Namco outdid themselves with the character creator in Soulcalibur VI, which allows players to pit their zany creation against other well-designed characters. Players can create incredible designs, whether they create an original design or recreate an existing one, making Soulcalibur VI one of the best character creation games of all time due to its incredible freedom of creativity.

    Soul Calibur VI features great characters, such as Thanos, a twisted Pikachu, Venom, Spider-Man, Waluigi, Shrek, Sonic, Freddy Kreuger, and others.

    Acquiring clothing and accessories for your characters can be done flexibly. You can mix and match various components and position individual parts precisely with complete freedom. After all, people play video games to have fun creating their characters.

    9. Saints Row

    Saints Row’s character creation has proven to be a winning formula for the past two decades, guided by the “anything is possible” mentality. Regardless of your thoughts on the gameplay, you couldn’t deny how fantastic the character customization was in Saints Row: The Third. The agency players created their version of The Boss, which can be taken quite literally in some cases.

    The character customization in Saints Row allowed users to create a wide variety of looks, ranging from a laid-back stoner dude with long hair and sunglasses to a dark elf vampire hybrid dressed in medieval-themed attire for added accuracy. In Saints Row, everyone will accept your avatar, whether a freak or a fashion statement, because you can be anything you want it to be. 

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    10. Jump Force

    Jump Force’s character creator and the rest of the game don’t break new ground, but it’s still worth mentioning. This character creator’s best feature allows players to transform into their favorite anime heroes and villains. Massively multiplayer online game (MMOG) players could only play the roles of anime characters and not their own heroes. Jump Force stuns with its character designs, perfectly illustrating the ideal appearance of an anime character.

    Jump Force offers:

    • 84 skin tones
    • Over 50 face cosmetics

    What Was The First Game With Character Creation?

    Multi User Dungeon, or MUD1, created character creation, making it the first game of its kind. Players could explore dungeons through the text-based, descriptive gameplay of this 1978 classic.

    The player chose the gender of their character and assigned them distinct names. The product does the job, although it’s more complex than the current offerings.

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