Top 10 Play to Earn Crypto Games List – Play & Earn Games in 2023


    The impact of play2earn games, part of the rapidly growing and trending GameFi industry, can be felt worldwide. Giving players more say over their virtual possessions can lead to a variety of new streams of income. The number of games in this genre is growing rapidly; the vast majority can be played on desktop computers and mobile devices. Some games have yet to be released to the public, while others are in the alpha or beta testing stages.

    The blockchain gaming industry is opening up to a new market with enormous potential as more developers make such games available for mobile gamers. Smartphones have surpassed desktop computers in both popularity and prevalence of ownership and use. People in some countries have access to multiple mobile devices, making them a prime market for play2earn blockchain games that can keep users entertained for longer periods.

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    List of Top 10 Play to Earn Crypto Games

    1. Battle of Guardians

    When considering the best NFT multiplayer games, Battle of Guardians is near the top of the list. This real-time game, powered by Unreal Engine, features epic battles between players and offers in-game rewards for completing quests and winning tournaments. Battle of Guardians’ action occurs in a virtual universe of several realms, each ablaze with danger. This game has three playable factions: the Guardians, the humans, and the demons. Regarding raw statistics, Guardians have the greatest damage, humans have the highest intelligence, and demons have the most increased health.

    Battle of Guardians’ Share (BGS) is the in-game currency and governance token that players fight for as one playable character. The amount of BGS, a player, receives is proportional to their play tier. The highest rewards are reserved for the third and highest tier, God of War. The other two tiers are Elite Fighter and Legendary Warrior. The Battle of Guardians can be used in numerous profitable ways. Fighting monsters and completing quests for BGS rewards is the game’s primary source of income.

    However, players can trade NFTs on the in-game market for real money. Most of these NFTs are extremely discounted in-game characters or other items. It is also possible to earn a share of other players’ money by renting out their characters. Making money on the side in Battle of Guardians is simple when you rent NFT characters. It’s a great way to have fun with the game, even if you only have a little money to spend on high-level characters.

    2. Thetan Arenas

    Playing Thetan Arena is fun and can lead to real cryptocurrency rewards. You’ll earn the in-game currency, Thetan Coin, and unlock three free playable characters (THC) as you play. These are necessary to access the more advanced characters, some of whom are also available for immediate market purchase. The game’s true meat is reserved for the more experienced characters. Those changes over time can be traded like NFTs and are eligible to participate in limited-access tournaments.

    Thetan Gems (THG) are the game’s utility and governance tokens. THG tokens can also be staked for staking rewards. More dynamic avenues of in-game currency acquisition are made available through the game’s encouragement of premium hero rentals and the distribution of shared rewards. THC can now be exchanged for fiat currency via cryptocurrency exchanges.

    3. Plant vs. Undead

    Using a play2earn structure, Plant vs. Undead aims to investigate the genre of tower defense games known for their high replay value. The game is very popular in Brazil and other countries, where P2E games can significantly impact. Seeds required for entry into the game can be purchased in the shop for PVU tokens. The freemium model is another possibility.

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    4. Dvision Networks

    The selection of blockchain games focusing on virtual and augmented reality is smaller than one might expect. For instance, the game’s main draw is the NFT marketplace in Dvision Network, a virtual reality blockchain game. In one mode, VR-Spaces, only the player and those who have paid for access can participate; in the other mode, VR-City, anyone is free to join. The team also has many things to do, such as acquiring pets, constructing new facilities, and developing a mobile application.

    5. Monsta Infinite

    The Philippines, and possibly other regions, could see Monsta Infinite, one of many monster-based play2earn games, become one of the most popular games of its kind. Players must first purchase three Montas from the market to participate in battles. Each Monsta has access to six card abilities in the game, including two attack cards and two defense cards.

    6. My Neighbor Alice

    Playing My Neighbor Alice and earning cryptocurrency is a lot of fun. The game takes a chill attitude, letting players have farms and land and letting them hang out with one another. Swedish developer Antler Interactive created the mobile game Farm Story.

    Having a farm or other agricultural holdings is a common requirement for the role of My Neighbor Alice. Players of My Neighbor Alice can tend to bees and fish and improve their plots of land to make them feel more like farms. Players can buy in-game items with ALICE tokens to replenish their stockpiles.

    Trading NFTs are the best way to take advantage of the interesting economic system formed in this multiplayer builder game. In My Neighbor Alice, the land is the most valuable NFT because it can be traded or sold for a profit. Avatar non-fungible tokens (NFTs) and in-game assets can also be bought, sold, and traded for cash. The margins you can expect to make on selling various assets will vary. The rare and useful it is to other players are also factors.

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    7. Tamadoge

    One of the best new projects, Tamadoge, was released in 2022, the first game in its ecosystem, making it an attractive choice for investors.

    Super Doge sees players collect coins and defeat the evil SECKnights in a Mario-style platform game.

    It is the first of five arcade games that will be released as part of the project over the next few months, with the main Tamadoge game and an augmented reality app coming later in 2023.

    Play-for-money and free versions of Super Doge are both accessible, ensuring that the game can be enjoyed by anyone interested in doing so. Owning a Tamadoge NFT (which can be purchased on OpenSea) and spending 1 TAMA per play will earn the player rewards.

    Since its release, the game has been a huge success, with over 4,800 minutes (80 hours) of playtime on the first day. Rocket Doge, To the Moon, Tamadoge Run, and Tama Blast are the other upcoming arcade games.

    The core gameplay of Tamadoge, inspired by the 1990s fad Tamagotchi, involves the breeding, raising, and nurturing of NFT pets until they mature into adults, who are then pitted against one another in a competitive environment. The augmented reality app will let users go on adventures with their virtual pets in the real world in search of hidden treasure.

    The TAMA token’s price increased by nearly 2,000% from its resale value, making Tamadoge one of the year’s most successful new cryptocurrency launches.

    With a supply of only 2 billion tokens (compared to DOGE’s 132 billion), and a deflationary mechanism, the meme coin project has several advantages over competing meme coins.

    In addition, Tamadoge’s latest arcade game, “To The Moon,” has garnered much attention since its release. The previous games in the Tamadoge arcade series have been played for thousands of hours, so this is the third installment. Every time a player purchases in the pet store—where they can buy supplies for their pets and entertainment for them—5% of their TAMA holdings are burned.

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    8. Star Atlass

    You can buy land on an alien planet, pilot your spaceship through the cosmos, and experience the thrill of space travel all in one place in the Star Atlas Metaverse. Depending on the undertaking, conducting all of one’s financial transactions and participating in one’s daily life entirely online, using cryptocurrencies to buy and sell virtual assets is possible.

    The developers of Star Atlas are rolling out the game in waves due to the extensive content and technical challenges it presents. You can pick a faction, buy land and ships, engage in space combat and racing, visit showrooms, and so on as of this writing; more exciting features like space missions and crafting are planned for later releases, as shown on the Star Atlas roadmap.

    You’ll need a Solana wallet to make in-game purchases using the cryptocurrency that powers this game. In addition, you can pay with USDC or ATLAS tokens.

    Similarly to other decentralized organizations, the Star Atlas DAO makes governing decisions. Staking POLIS tokens gives the holder a voice in the future of Star Atlas.

    9. BudBlockz

    Bud-Blockz arcade games are influenced by the top titles of 1998, which were released for systems like the NES, SNES, and Sega Genesis. Upon game completion, players will receive an airdrop of $BLUNT tokens and the opportunity to join Luke, the main character, on his cannabis-themed adventures. Players of BudBlockz also have the chance to win NFTs and Ethereum.

    The original goal of the BudBlockz platform was to help the cannabis industry with its management and supply chain problems.

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    10. Alien Worlds

    Play, mine, and improve your way into an immersive gaming experience in Alien Worlds, a futuristic science fiction adventure game where you can earn real money by playing. It centers on non-humanoid alien races that the player can capture and use to their advantage in mining and discovery. It’s been shown that a player’s chances of success increase in proportion to the number of times they upgrade.

    The in-game currency in Alien Worlds goes by the ticker symbol TLM, called Alien Worlds. The TLM token is used in NFT trades between players and as a reward for completing missions and battles. Players will need access to mining equipment, suitable land, and TLM deposits.

    As of the 15th of December, one TLM coin was worth $0.0153, and only about a third of the total supply of TLM coins, or about 5.8 billion, were in circulation.

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