Top 10 Free Virtual Event and Meeting Platforms September, 2023


    Discover Top Free Virtual Event and Meeting Platforms. Explore the best free virtual event and meeting platforms for your needs.

    A virtual event platform lets users organize and participate in events without leaving their homes. Event planners have access to robust resources for designing interactive and immersive virtual gatherings that can reach an international audience.

    Virtual event platforms vary greatly. Some are all-rounders, and some are for specific activities like classroom training, marketing, or team building. Some offer exceptional branding and personalization, while others offer lucrative pricing. 

    But which platforms suit your company’s needs? Let us get going.

    What Should You Look for in a Virtual Event Platform?

    A limited set of features is necessary for a functional virtual events platform. You must have the following, while everything else is optional or considered “nice to have.”

    • Connecting and sharing with people in different parts of the world should be simple.
    • Minimal glitching or lagging.
    • Convenient buttons for pausing the audio, showing hands, and chit chatting.
    • There must be a “stage” or equivalent for prominent speakers.
    • Ability to upload and share videos and presentations.
    • The ability to broadcast multiple feeds in real-time.
    • The platform should offer prices that make sense and are easy to understand.

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    10 Best Free Virtual Event Platforms 2023

    1. Airmeet

    Airmeet designs the first-ever Event Experience Cloud (EXC) to facilitate global collaboration. Over 6,500 companies use Airmeet to increase their brand awareness, customer base, and revenue through interactive and personal meetings. Airmeet can host any event, including conferences, webinars, meetups, workshops, town halls, and expos. Organizations such as ComCast, Forbes, Volvo, SAP, HackerRank, and the University of Toronto hold thousands of monthly events on Airmeet worldwide. Chief Marketing Officer Darryl Praill reports that Agorapulse events have seen a 600% increase in sales conversions, with attendance nearly double the industry average. 

    • Users: Student, Founder
    • Industries: Education Management, Higher Education
    • Market Segment: 60% Small-Business, 31% Mid-Market

    2. Hubilo

    Hubilo is the webinar platform designed specifically for marketers to double their pipeline. Forrester included Hubilo as one of only 14 event technology platforms in their 2023 Wave report. Hubilo was founded in 2015 and has facilitated the creation of over 12K virtual events & webinars, generating hundreds of millions of minutes of high-engagement experiences. Hubilo operates offices in Bengaluru (the company’s primary location) and San Francisco, and its 200+ employees all focus on enhancing the effectiveness of webinars and other virtual events. 

    • Users: Event Manager, Project Manager
    • Industries: Events Services, Non-Profit Organization Management
    • Market Segment: 63% Small-Business, 26% Mid-Market

    3. Cvent

    Cvent offers a universal event management solution. Their platform helps you get the most out of your events by streamlining the management of the entire event lifecycle. You will have access to a centralized hub for all your event management needs, whether your event is physical, digital, or a combination. Cvent’s event marketing and management software is the industry standard, making it the ideal partner for events of any size or complexity.

    • Users, Event Manager, Event Coordinator
    • Industries: Non-Profit Organization Management, Events Services
    • Market Segment: 37% Mid-Market, 35% Small-Business

    4. PheedLoop

    PheedLoop has no equal when managing and engaging attendees at live, online, and mixed-mode events. PheedLoop offers support for native streaming, virtual exhibit halls, badge printing, registration, synced speaker/exhibitor portals, instant mobile apps, on-site check-in, floor plans, automated surveys, and exhibitor/sponsor monetization systems. Events of all shapes and sizes use PheedLoop, with some having tens of thousands of attendees. PheedLoop’s primary client types include customers like Shopify, IBM, and the Canadian government.

    • Users: Executive Director, Event Manager
    • Industries: Events Services, Non-Profit Organization Management
    • Market Segment: 80% Small-Business, 14% Mid-Market

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    5. Whova

    Whova makes events hip and current, attracts and engages attendees, and saves time for event planners. It is an all-in-one solution for event management. Whova’s platform includes an award-winning event app, streamlined online registration, effective event marketing, and time-saving event management tools. Whova has won the Event Technology Award five times. Whova’s customers include American Express, US Bank, PwC, Microsoft, Hilton, Lego, IKEA, L’Oreal, the American Marketing Association (AMA), Harvard University (Harvard), NASA (National Aeronautics and Space Administration), and countless other organizations from over a hundred countries. Whova has powered more than 30,000 live and online conferences, including conferences for associations, schools, governments, businesses, and communities, as well as conventions and fairs. 

    • Users: Owner, Founder
    • Industries: Education Management, Non-Profit Organization Management
    • Market Segment: 46% Small-Business, 35% Mid-Market

    6. Livestorm

    Livestorm, the first video engagement platform, enables users to organize and run meetings, webinars, and other virtual events smoothly. Break down the barriers of conventional video conferencing with Livestorm, and use their end-to-end video engagement platform for your meetings and events. Take advantage of the available email templates and sequences, tailor registration pages to your needs, track email delivery, use website widgets, and utilize in-built social sharing features. Livestorm offers a variety of tools to keep your audience interested, including polls, questions, emojis, file sharing, and more. Livestorm’s centralized dashboard allows you to track registrations, attendance, and participant engagement and make decisions based on hard data. Livestorm’s integration with Salesforce or HubSpot CRM helps you use the information gathered at any event.

    • Users: Marketing Manager, Customer Success Manager
    • Industries: Computer Software, Information Technology and Services
    • Market Segment: 46% Mid-Market, 46% Small-Business

    7. Remo 

    Remo hosts various events for connecting and networking professionals, including live virtual conferences, job fairs, expos, and more. Remo has achieved SOC2 type 1 certification and is now a fully secure platform that complies with GDPR. You can perform the following actions with Remo: Easily create stunning virtual events. You can set up events that will leave your guests raving in no more than 15 minutes. 

    • Industries: Non-Profit Organization Management, Events Services
    • Market Segment: 60% Small-Business, 30% Mid-Market

    8. BigMarker

    BigMarker’s adaptability regarding webinars, online events, and hybrid conferences is unrivalled. They combine cutting-edge video technology with cutting-edge marketing and interactive experience capabilities to produce unique branded events. Businesses worldwide use BigMarker, an all-in-one platform, to produce engaging and interactive virtual, hybrid, and webinar events for their attendees. The company offers integrations, APIs, and white-label services to help businesses incorporate BigMarker’s interactive video experiences into their existing marketing, sales, and learning stacks. 

    • Users: CEO, Founder
    • Industries: Marketing and Advertising, E-Learning
    • Market Segment: 87% Small-Business, 10% Mid-Market

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    9. Zuddl

    Zuddl streamlines the event technology stack for B2B event marketers as a unified events and webinar platform. B2B marketers find the Zuddl unified event and webinar platform useful because it enables them to streamline operations by consolidating disparate point solutions. Their webinar and event host infrastructure allows you to create and edit videos on demand. They fully support popular customer relationship management platforms such as Salesforce, Hubspot, Marketo, and Eloqua. Zuddl’s ability to accommodate various event types—from online to in-person to hybrid to webinars—and purposes enables significant savings on technology costs. 

    • Users: Product Manager
    • Industries: Computer Software, Information Technology and Services
    • Market Segment: 39% Small-Business, 39% Mid-Market

    Top Free Virtual Meeting Platforms

    1. Zoom

    Zoom is a must-have if you work remotely or have team members who do. Virtual educators also favour Zoom. Setting up recurring or one-time meetings in a Zoom virtual conference room is a breeze due to its user-friendly interface. Quickly create a secure meeting link, send it to a specific person or group, and bring together a dispersed team using video conferencing.

    2. Google Hangouts

    Google Hangouts enables easy connection with Google contacts (or people from outside your network), making it useful for professional and personal communication. This app can be used for live and recorded presentations, group chats, and more.

    3. Dialpad Meetings

    The free version of Dialpad Meetings is ideal for teams of 10 or less. The free version limits your video call duration to 45 minutes, so it’s ideal for shorter meetings. Since it allows unlimited video conferences, you can use this video conferencing tool for recurring meetings, like 1-1s or monthly team debriefs.

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    4. TrueConf Online

    TrueConf allows up to three people to join a video call for free. Individuals or small groups who need a straightforward method of holding video conferences or working together on projects will find this service perfect. Support staff who must assist customers in fixing technical issues find remote desktop control and other forms of teamwork to be useful tools.

    5. Cisco Webex

    Cisco Webex offers a robust free plan and a dedicated webinar product, making it another long-standing video conferencing platform. You have to download their application to use it, which means you can’t hold meetings in your browser like with competing services.


    What is a virtual event platform?

    Online event management platforms offer various features to organize and publicize gatherings. These tools help companies create digital events with the same impact as their traditional counterparts.

    How do virtual event platforms work?

    Virtual event platforms make it easier to implement digital experiences with their webcasting and webinar integration features. Virtual event platforms offer traditional voting mechanisms, polls, surveys, chat rooms, exhibit booths, and emoji reactions.

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