Top 20 Metaverse Business Strategy Consultants in the USA –October, 2023


    What is a Metaverse? Metaverse is a 3D Virtual Word with no shortage of ideas, extensions, and definitions. Most portrayals are grand in scale, showing a vast online community where individuals and businesses can engage in ways impossible in the real world. One possible alternative is to examine the Metaverse regarding the technologies that power it.

    The Metaverse is still developing. However, Metaverse is now more developed and available than ever before. And smart businesses aren’t waiting for the Metaverse’s public debut; they’re already focusing on how its parts can improve internal operations, customer experiences, and revenue models.

    We have compiled a directory of the top metaverse consultants to assist businesses in developing a strategy and the actual products, applications, and experiences that will power the new digital frontier.

    My name is Almira Lopez; I act like a CMO and think like a boss. I’m a Metaverse marketing strategist, and this is the best place for you to learn about Metaverse and how to market it all. So if that sounds good to you, you’re excited?

    So, let’s get started!

    Top Metaverse Business Strategy Consultants in the USA

    1. Metaverse Of Things

    The Metaverse of Things is an industry-leading Metaverse Agency and consultant that designs comprehensive Web3-based infrastructures and applications. Their products and services cover a wide range, from digital marketing and advertising to metaverse-based enterprise advice. Thanks to their exclusive partnerships and dedicated team, they have the resources and in-house talent to pull off even the most complex projects. It’s straightforward: they’ll learn about you and your business, take on the necessary tasks, and boost your business efficiency so that you start seeing returns right away.

    2. RisingMax Inc.

    RisingMax Inc. is the next leading metaverse business strategy consultant company. It has been serving the IT industry since 2011, and is one of the initial companies to adopt decentralized technology and provide consultation for metaverse development. Apart from the consultation, the company also provides development services for metaverse app development, integration services, metaverse 3D modeling, metaverse NFT game, metaverse NFT marketplace, metaverse office, etc. RisingMax provides a free first consultation service for metaverse-based business solutions. With over 6 year of experience in the metaverse technology, the company has grown to have over 250 tech experts and worked for clients like Nestle, Domino’s and Chili’s.

    3. Metaversed 

    Regarding business strategy, Metaversed was the first to emerge from the Metaverse. They have extensive knowledge and are widely recognized as leaders in branded virtual goods, virtual reality, augmented reality, digital twins, and virtual reality. Their work with global brands, game developers and publishers, agencies, start-ups, governments, and investors dates back to 2006. Their de-facto analytics, strategic guidance, and high-impact, result-driven activation, consulting, and advisory services keep them busy. Business planning, strategic consulting, user benchmarking, and creative development are ways they help new and established developers bring their platforms to market.

    3. Boston Consulting Group 

    Boston Consulting Group is an international consulting firm that helps companies and governments seize opportunities and overcome challenges. Their success depends on a worldwide network of people from all walks of life committed to daily bettering themselves and the world. When founded in 1963, BCG was miles ahead of the competition regarding business strategy. Today, they partner with customers to adopt a transformational strategy that benefits everyone involved, allowing businesses to expand their operations, strengthen their competitive position, and positively impact the world.

    5. Mooning

    Regarding Web3 digital marketing, Mooning is at the top of its game. They have the know-how to help your metaverse project succeed in the digital sphere. Their most notable works include those for Accor, Doodles, Struct, Meta 11, Unizen, Animoca Brands, etc. Community marketing, influencer marketing, social media marketing, etc., are some of the most effective methods of promotion that they have developed.

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    6. Bain and Company

    The web3 and metaverse consultants at Bain & Company have worked on over a hundred cases for various clients, from established financial institutions and top private equity investors to consumer goods manufacturers, retailers, media and gaming companies, and even natives of the web. They’ll help you make the strategic steps you need to take to survive and prosper in the next digital era.

    7. Roover

    Regarding the Metaverse, Blockchain, and other immersive technologies, Roover is the go-to boutique strategy consultancy. One of their strategic projects involves applying their metaverse framework to an in-depth examination of your company. Roover explains your current business model’s dangers and possibilities for alternative business models. They collaborate with seasoned professionals in software engineering, metaverse design, and blockchain law to create a holistic strategy for your business. They will determine what’s best for your business: metaverse positioning or smart investments.

    8. Collective Campus

    Collective Campus is a community, learning institution, and advisory service that works with major corporations to implement the strategies, practices, and technology essential for their survival in the modern business environment. Customers in Melbourne, Sydney, Singapore, Auckland, Hong Kong, London, New York, Frankfurt, and Amsterdam include Clifford Chance, BNP Paribas, Microsoft, Village Digital, Asahi, MetLife, Telstra, King & Wood Mallesons, National Australia Bank, Singapore Pools, Ascendas Swingbridge, and a plethora of others.

    9. Rumfoords

    Consulting, strategy, and creativity are the three main pillars on which Rumfoords‘ business is built. Each service aids customers in building in-house capacities for sustaining communications and commerce in emerging technologies like NFTs, VR, and AI. ‘Into The Metaverse’ was the first and most successful Web3 brand campaign by Rumfoords and was created for Adidas. The campaign’s $43 million in revenue in just 72 hours established Adidas as the gold standard for cutting-edge advertising.

    10. Zinnov

    Globalization, digital engineering, and digital transformation are three of Zinnov‘s primary areas of expertise as a management consulting and strategy advisory firm. They aid businesses in expanding internationally, overcoming internal challenges, and enhancing their institutional capacity. Together with their clients, Zinnov addresses organizational issues, boosts performance, and strengthens institutions’ ability to function. Zinnov offers its clients solutions that facilitate the integration of corporate vision, business definition, and processes through sophisticated reasoning and analytical techniques.

    11. TT Consultants

    IP Research Services, Prosecution & Litigation Support Services, Technology Analytics, and Competitive Market Research Solutions are just some of the areas of expertise that TT Consultants can offer their clients. They shift to a system where customers are earned rather than bought, which is more valuable to everyone involved. Helping their clients solve seemingly intractable problems is their top priority, and they do so by providing insightful strategy and ensuring meticulous execution.

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    12. BrightNode

    Brightnode is a business consulting firm specializing in New Financial Technologies (NFTs), Blockchains, Token Sales, and Tokenomics. They provide a wide range of services thanks to their extensive international network of specialists in NFTs and Blockchain, token sales, and Tokenomics. In addition, they have a profound understanding of the Crypto market thanks to their decade of experience in the financial sector. This allows them to advise their customers on industry standards and introduce them to cutting-edge innovations.

    13. Subnation Media

    Subnation Media has an impressive staff of experts in their respective fields, including marketers, content creators, and others who have a firm grasp of the Metaverse and can advise brands on communicating with their metaverse community most effectively.

    14. Metavision

    To establish itself as a leader in the emerging field of metaverse marketing, Metavision collaborates with major entertainment companies to develop groundbreaking new forms of interactive entertainment. If Metavision is correct, the virtual creator economy will flourish in the Metaverse. The company is committed to achieving this goal by developing a system of creators and studios that spans multiple digital distribution channels.

    15. Takeaway Reality

    Takeaway Reality is another pioneering metaverse marketing firm that provides consultancy services based on its extensive knowledge of the MU. The company also supplies the know-how and resources necessary to build a robust online identity for a brand. Plus, the company’s 3D modeling team would do a fine job bringing the product into the digital realm.

    16. RNO1

    As a digital agency focused on expansion, RNO1 knows that a growth mindset is essential for any successful modern brand’s tactics. They use this thinking to steer game-changing companies across channels and geographies. Using cutting-edge technology, they build online hubs that catalyze growth in your brand’s community and your customers’ lives. With this all-encompassing understanding of what motivates customers, they can design and hone the most effective strategies that yield rapid returns for your company. Their professional digital system uses metaverse technology to advance your brand.

    17. Coinbound

    Expertise in cryptography, the Metaverse, and Web 3.0 are within Coinbound‘s purview, allowing the company to develop thorough communication strategies aimed at massive audiences. Coinbound’s public relations department has established relationships with the industry’s top crypto publishers, influencers, and media, allowing them to aid clients in securing organic coverage from major players in the NFT, Metaverse, Web3, and blockchain spaces.

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    18. Ocean Outdoor

    Ocean Outdoor thinks that in the virtual world, brands can have the same success they’ve had in the real world. They have collaborated with the In-Play firm Admix to develop NFT advertising billboards that other businesses can rent to attract more customers.

    19. Virtual Brand Group

    Virtual Brand Group (VBG) is among the best marketing firms to turn to when it comes to getting a brand off the ground in the Metaverse. They conceptualize, create, run, market, and make money in virtual worlds like Roblox, Minecraft, and Fortnite.

    Forever 21, one of their biggest clients, hired them to open a virtual store on Roblox’s gaming platform. The virtual version of Forever 21 sells clothing and accessories that are virtually identical to those sold in the real world. Furthermore, they designed the brand’s virtual clothing line, which can be sold in the Metaverse for real money.

    Regarding promoting products in the future, VBG is confident that the Metaverse will be the most effective platform. Because of this, they assist brands in developing consumer experiences and potent virtual products by leveraging the capabilities of web 3.0 to bridge the gap between the digital and real worlds.

    20. Publicis.Poke

    Publicis Poke is the go-to metaverse marketing agency, thanks to its history of successful campaign development for a wide range of clientele and objectives. They are a team that is extremely interested in the Metaverse and are always looking into new ones to figure out where brand marketing fits.

    21. B-Verse Consulting

    B-Verse Consulting, founded in 2022, and known for its expertise in the Metaverse, began offering its services to companies. BVERSE facilitates company migration to Web 3.0 for environments like Decentraland. Users can take advantage of BVERSE’s user setup (Metamask, Avatars, ENS, name registration), virtual land building services (design and SDK), NFT wearable creation, community outreach, and marketing, conference and event hosting, guided tours of the Metaverse, and metaverse development/virtual worlds and learning. If you need any metaverse service, BVERSE will make it easy for you to contact qualified experts.

    Concluding Remarks

    Brands and customers alike will benefit from the Metaverse. Our current understanding only scratches the surface of the potential outcomes.

    Increased demand should lead to rapid innovation in this space as more people buy into the hype surrounding the new economy. If you are a Metaverse business strategy consultant, go to the website to get some essential information on how your site should look to attract potential clients and provide them with an unforgettable user experience that will associate them with Metaverse.

    Some examples of companies helping guide brands into the virtual world are listed here. 

    Check out these firms if you’re a brand considering entering the Metaverse, and see how they’ve helped other brands succeed.

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