Top 10 Web3 Education Startups from Around the World


    Web3 education startups are revolutionizing the way we think about learning. From online courses to interactive learning tools, these startups have changed and are changing the education landscape, offering students of all ages the opportunity to learn in new and innovative ways.

    Last year, the world saw an emergence in web3 education startups, so it is worth discussing them. This blog post will showcase the top 10 web3 education startups from around the world, highlighting the creative solutions they are bringing to the world of education.

    These 10 Web3 education platforms will change the way we learn.

    1. Web3 University
    2. Web3 University
    3. Metacademy 
    4. Crypto College
    5. Odyssey DAO
    6. BitDegree
    7. BuildSpace
    8. Proof Of Learn
    9. Web3School
    10. Continuum

    See the top 10 web3 education companies & around the world

    Web3 University

    Let’s kick start this guide with Web3 University, one of the top Web 3 education platforms for Web3 learners. It brings together organizations from across the world to create the largest community for blockchain education.

    Web3 University
    Web3 University

    Recently it has partnered with Alchemy to release Alchemy University! This partnership until now has distributed boot camps and other education courses for web3 learners. Just to mention, some of their courses include a 7-week Ethereum Developer Bootcamp, a JavaScript course, NFTs, and much more: all completely free.

    They offer other web3-based courses, including blockchain fundamentals, DAOs and cryptography. If you have recently found yourself interested in 

    Web3 or any of these branches, don’t forget to check out Web3 university for articles on trending topics like BSC, DAOs, Defi, Ethereum, and Flow.

    NFTs, Polygon, and so forth.

    The goal of Web3 University is to provide the most advanced web3 educational resources and services to the world’s leading educational institutions.

    Web 3 Edi 

    Web 3 Edi is one of the leading web3 education companies in the world. Their goal is to bring blockchain and web3 technologies into the mainstream and make them accessible to everyone. It was created at Web 3 Con 2022. The platform was developed with a view to turning education in favor of students and educators. So, following this goal, it allows students to learn what they want and how they want. 

    Web 3 Edi brings beautiful, functional NFTs, DeFi and DAOs into the education space so that students can learn in ways that have never been possible before. Also, following the decentralized rules, they enable user-centric user-powered learning where you own, control, and monetize your learning data. 

    The platform also offers the minting of the Candidates’ NFTs for the community to access all the excitement. After mining Candidate NFTs, you will have access to Web 3 Edi OG NFT Drop and complimentary events and courses on the platform.


    Founded by Shelly Palmer, Metacademy is one of the Web3 education startups in the world, providing educational content for every crypto newcomer. Not just for students, Metacademy provides free educational resources for businesses looking to educate their employees on Crypto, NFTs, Defi and other Web branches. Once users sign up for the beta and complete lessons on various web3 topics, they practice their complete study on the platforms’ Defi sandbox. 

    Also, users who complete the site’s 14 modules can mint their certification of the program as an NFT. With mining, the platform users have VIP access to Metacademy events and experiences, enjoying an uninterrupted learning experience!

    Crypto College

    Crypto College is a web3 education startup that offers business schools, companies, and individuals access to a platform that allows them to benefit from the latest technologies in web3. It is different from the other platforms as it is a member-only community of dedicated NFT collectors and Web3 builders. At Crypto College, students can learn to create successful NFT, DAO, and token social projects. It consists of an online lecture series and a closed community for web3 application developers and NFT collectors.

    In addition, the platform employs an NFT-gated strategy. Taking the course costs between.15ETH and.75 ETH, depending on the kind of perks you want. Educators can make more than $380,000 in sales if they allow students to list and sell NFTs on the secondary market. 

    Crypto College is the perfect choice whether you’re an individual or a company looking for a comprehensive web3 education program.

    Odyssey DAO

    There is no better place to learn about web3 than a DAO ad Odyssey is one of the most popular Web3 education platforms around the world. It is actually a tight-neck web3 community offering unlimited sources to learn about web3 for free. 

    They offer email subscriptions for everyone, whether a student or educator, to follow their educational programs. As a user, you can freely join their Discord server. 

    They have over 1 million users to gain knowledge about web3 blockchain, cryptocurrency, smart contracts, NFTs, DAOs, and DeFi. Every newcomer and seasoned member is welcome in this group. They value 100% quality in education and give value more than taking, so when you are learning web3 with Odyssey, you are not learning alone!


    BitDegree is a web3 education startup that provides online courses and materials related to blockchain technology, cryptocurrency, and other web3 topics. The company offers video and text tutorials to help students learn the basics of these topics and more advanced concepts from crypto to exchanges. 

    They provide quality education and updates about the tokens, NFTs, Wallets, and Daps and make them accessible to everyone. BitDegree has partnered with multiple web3 business schools and education platforms to create high-quality content for their students. Their team of experts constantly updates their course material, providing the latest information on cryptocurrency. 

    Their content covers everything from beginner-level tutorials to in-depth reviews of different technologies. Students can also find helpful resources on their website about the world of Web 3. The platform is committed to providing a learning experience more about this rapidly-evolving space.


    Buildspace is not so new, but an interesting web3 education startup to provide an online platform related to blockchain technology, cryptocurrency, and other web3 topics. If you are new to web3, you can start with its web3 builds. Here you can learn from building your own custom AI writer to build a customer site with ChatGRP to stable diffusion whatever you like. 

    Not just web3, you can also create cutting-edge products in various other domains of web3 for education like web3, machine learning, AI and other fields like robotics and no code. It is also one of the best spaces to learn about blockchain technologies.

    Solidity, Ethereum NFT, Solana Web3 App, DAOs, Solana Pay, Solana NFT, NFT Game and Flow. With Buildspace, you can learn about web3 and be a master of it! 

    Proof Of Learn

    Proof of learn is one of the leading web3 education startups, providing innovative web3-based educational solutions to businesses, professionals, and students. It offers a comprehensive suite of web3-based educational services and products, including web3 business school, web3 for education courses, web3 education platforms, and web3 education companies. 

    This platform aims to offer students all over the world a cutting-edge, high-quality education through the use of blockchain technology. With it, students can gain NFT credentials, learn in the metaverse, and receive rewards in cryptocurrency thanks to this platform.

    Anyone with internet access can receive an online education under Proof of Learn’s education plan. Also, unlike the other platforms, Proof Of Learn offers education in the metaverse. No wonder why Proof of Learn considers itself a “metaversity,” which is different from web3 University and Buildspace.


    Web3School is the top web3 business school. It is a platform for learning about the Web3 economy, providing web3 education to entrepreneurs and business owners all around the world. 

    W3Schools offers a unique business school where entrepreneurs can learn from industry experts in web3 technologies and learn how to develop their own businesses in the web3 world. The platforms also provide various web3 education companies access to resources, such as educational resources and venture capital funding, to learn about the NFTs, blockchain, Defi and the other elements of the web3. 

    This helps them launch new web3 products and services to create a successful and sustainable business in this emerging field. With Web3 school, companies can get access to resources and support needed to succeed in the web3 economy.


    Continuum is a web3 education startup where you can earn while learning. It is dedicated to bringing innovative solutions to the world of decentralized education. 

    Here, you can watch short-form videos and carousel content that earns rewards and NFTs for the learners.In fact, it has target designs for creatives who want to earn cryptocurrency rewards while learning. You can learn on-demand digital skills for free from thousands of industry professionals. 

    Users can interact with the community and take quizzes in addition to watching short-form content to earn cryptocurrency rewards. 

    To achieve the rewards, you have to access the platform through the app, access the content that interests you the most and then simply makes the cryptos for it. It is one of the best platforms to learn about web3 if you are a beginner. 

    Thank you for reading this guide. This is all about the platforms working in web3 for education! Do consider exploring these platforms and pick the best one to learn about this popular technology!

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