Top Web3 Startups in Real Estate & Gaming


    With the advancement of Web3, we see new startups emerging every day in different industries. However, three industries that got hold of the top web3 startups are real estate, gaming, and healthcare. 

    Here we have gathered the list of best web3 startups from these industries to explore. So, without further delay, let’s get you started!

    Web3 Real Estate Startups

    1. Torii
    2. RealT
    3. Propy
    4. Metamall
    5. CitaDAO

    Web3 Gaming Startups

    RankCompany Name
    1Horizon Blockchain Games
    5Dynasty Studios
    Web3 Gaming Startups

    Our Top 3 Picks For Web3 Startups in Real Estate, Gaming and Healthcare

    Crop Bytes, Torri, and Meridius, are our top picks in gaming, real estate, and healthcare, respectively, for you to check first. However, that doesn’t mean other startups are any less. We have carefully curated the rest of the list of the top web3 startups that have made a name for themselves in a very short time in real estate, gaming, and healthcare. So, keep on reading………

    Crop Bytes

    Our first pick belongs to the gaming industry. CropBytes is an Ethereum-based farm-simulation game launched in 2018 and has been growing ever since then. The reason why the game is so popular is its unique concept. The game is based on farming, where players can own virtual farms, farm animals, produce fungible and non-fungible tokens (NFTs), and participate in the game’s economy to earn tokens. Due to its original and unique concept, the game has brought over 400,000 downloads across Android and iOS.

    Another notable factor about the game is that it will take a one percent commission on transactions and sales you make in the game. 


    Our second startup pick belongs to the Real estate world. Torri is one of the most famous web3 real estate startups in the industry now. The startup is based on digitizing ownership of the physical properties. Operating on the Blockchain Home Registry, which is a decentralized finance (DeFi) platform, it is accessible to everyone in this world. 

    Using this platform, people can create an NFT of their property, whether a house or an apartment. Giving more power to property owners and control over their property’s sale eliminates the need for real estate agents, hence reducing the prices for property exchange.  


    Founded in 2015 by doctors Clyde T. Whitcomb, Jr. and Michelle Y. Lee, Meridius is a company focused on integrating web3 and metaverse technology into healthcare research. The company has created a unique drug delivery platform called MERID based on cannabinoids and provides evidence-based therapies.

    MERID’s platform uses blockchain technology to manage medication, offering several advantages, including tracking individual patient data and verifying medical claims. Along with other things, the platform also focuses on making it easy for researchers to share healthcare data and collaborate in finding new treatments.  


    Zilliqa is a blockchain platform that prioritizes high performance, security, and low fees in gaming consoles. They launched a hardware gaming console and a gaming hub with an embedded Web3 wallet specifically for blockchain games. As per the announcements related to the project, players will earn money by mining ZIL tokens while playing games. 

    Further, Zilliqa will also allow players to convert tokens into fiat money and directly transfer them to their bank account for real-world rewards. Zilliqa has also revealed its first Web3 first-person shooter game called WEB3WAR and has plans to expand into the blockchain gaming industry with eight more games already in development, making it one of the most anticipated projects in the web3 gaming industry. 


    Yet another project belonging to the healthcare industry, Solve.Care is set to create a beautiful blend of web3, metaverse, and popular healthcare technologies. Named after its developer company, project will solve numerous challenges facing healthcare systems around the world. 

    It provides a patient-focused system that enables effective communication and management of health insurance, care, and finances. project utilizes digital technologies like digital wallets to create a getaway for people to reach a diverse range of care networks, where everyone has the type of services they want. 


    Propy is a revolutionary startup in the real estate industry powered by Web3 technology. It tends to untangle the most complex problems in the real estate world. For example, transactions in the real estate world are complicated, time-consuming, and vulnerable to fraud. With the help of Web3 and blockchain, Propy utilizes smart contracts to automate tasks such as eSignature, property document verification, and payments. Using the Propy platform, users can buy and sell properties using fiat currency or cryptocurrency and even purchase homes as real property NFTs.


    Sorare is one of the most anticipated web3 gaming startups in the industry. Seeing its popularity, the day is not far before it gets its label of a successful billion-dollar business. Established by a French company, the platform brings fantasy sports to the blockchain by offering football, basketball, and baseball tournaments. Players can use blockchain technology based on Ethereum to collect and trade virtual NFT playing cards that represent their favorite players. These cards can then be used to participate in global tournaments against other players to make the gameplay more exciting. 


    In this web3 startups list, we can’t get enough of the real estate projects, so here is another one, FiEx. The one thing that sets real estate web3 projects apart is their uniqueness while operating on the same goal, solving real estate problems. FiEx is an online marketplace for NFTs. It allows users to own digital assets on a map and profit using augmented reality (AR). The company promotes the idea of the metaverse and offers metaverse properties for buying and selling. One of their virtual spaces, District Rubico, allows users to manage and develop real estate, including offices and stores. To make it even more exciting, users can also join the metaverse to access District Rubicon and participate in a range of activities.


    This project is here to remind people and web3 enthusiasts that their content is safe. Immutable is a phenomenon project that balances the industry-leading NFT minting-trading platform and its rock-solid blockchain gaming studio. The parent company of this project is already known for several other successful projects: Gods Unchained, and Guild of Guardians, a fantasy action role-playing game. Both games are rooted in Web3 ethos and NFL-power web3 gaming red gaming. Seeing the success of its previous project, there is no doubt why people have high hopes for this particular web3 startup.


    CitaDAO is yet another web3 real estate startup utilizing blockchain technology, Web3, and DeFi to create a tokenized real estate platform. It works on the Ethereum blockchain and operates to solve common issues faced by real estate investors, such as limited property access, lack of trust, complicated ownership transfer processes, and limited liquidity. With CitaDAO, investors can easily tokenize real-world properties and trade them swiftly in the form of tokens, while the platform ensures high liquidity by utilizing automated market makers and liquidity pools. Aiming to make real estate transactions more accessible and secure, CitaDAO has gained traction among investors.

    Planetarium Labs

    If you are not much into open-source projects, then you might like this web3 gaming startup. Planetarium, a game development company based in South Korea, loves to create each game on its own network. Unlike other blockchain-based games that use existing cryptocurrencies like Ethereum, Planetarium aims to have its Web3 games operate independently on their own blockchain. Each game forms its own ecosystem, allowing it to run indefinitely. 

    The company’s engine offers liberty for the developers and offers a free-to-play model to attract and retain users. Along with the other vast features the developers can enjoy, they can create games with permanent revenue-based models. To create these models developers can use Planetarium’s toolchain and smart contract support instead of relying on miscellaneous fees. Isn’t it interesting?

    Sapien Network 

    Founded in 2019 by Adam Cohn, Sapien Network is a cutting-edge healthcare technology company. Also, it is one of the most talked about Web3 healthcare startups. It employs the latest in blockchain technology to provide patients with a completely secure and efficient platform for managing their health data. 

    The startup lashed into prominence by creating a decentralized system of applications, allowing patients to access, store, and share their medical records with ease and confidence. The Sapien Network app empowers patients with complete control over their healthcare data. With Sapien, patients can allow them to modify and share them as needed. Moreover, the app grants access to all patient information in healthcare providers’ electronic health records (EHRs). Overall, all the benefits make it an all-in-one solution for managing healthcare data. 


    The platform specifically belongs to the US’s real investors. However, we can soon expect it to reach a worldwide audience.

    RealIT ensures that fractional ownership of properties remains compliant with various US property laws and makes the property trade easy. Additionally, it uses the popular Ethereum blockchain to facilitate fractional ownership. Ownership of a property is divided among multiple investors through crypto tokens. Depending on the number of crypto tokens an investor has, they can vote on property decisions and receive a portion of the rent.

    To begin buying fractional ownership of properties listed on RealT, users need an Ethereum wallet, such as MetaMask, Trustwallet, Coinbase, Ledger, or Wallet Connect. Every property listed on RealT has its own property management company taking care of tasks such as sourcing, rent collection, and property maintenance on behalf of owners.

    Dapper Labs

    Have you heard of Dapper Labs? If not, you need to know them. They, as a web3 startup, have created some of the coolest blockchain games out there! They’ve gained recognition as one of the world’s most innovative companies and the number one gaming company of 2022 by Fast Company. 

    Their games are designed with real people in mind, so you know they’re going to be fun. You’ve probably heard of NBA Top Shot and CryptoKitties, both of which were huge hits. Dapper Labs has also created licensed NFT marketplaces for NFL, UFC, and Laliga Golazos. Plus, they’ve their own metaverse builder platform called Dapper. It’s safe to say they’re killing it in the blockchain gaming world!


    MetaMall is a cool startup based in London that’s all about real estate on the web. They’ve created a virtual mall using the Solana blockchain and VR technology. People who own Metamall’s native tokens are called Metamallers. 

    What’s great about Metamall is that they’ve used Web3 and DeFi to let users do all sorts of cool things within the virtual mall. You can buy real estate and make money by leasing, staking, and selling your assets. Plus, there are games and events where you can earn rewards. 

    Metamall has also ensured the virtual mall is super interesting and fun. They’ve added various themes and architectures to keep things fresh and exciting so you never feel bored.

    Doctor on Demand

    When you’re looking for a way to easily monitor your health data from home, check out Doctor on Demand and Vitality Health. It is an amazing startup in the Web3 healthcare category. Doctor on Demand uses artificial intelligence to help you access your medical records and keep track of your health. 

    Plus, they charge a small fee for their remote monitoring services. And if you have worries about potential health issues, don’t worry – businesses like Patient Guardian, HealthTap, and Ping offer remote monitoring services that can alert you to potential problems. With remote patient monitoring and Doctor on Demand, staying on top of your health has never been easier!

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