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    Text-to-speech (TTS) software verbalizes written text, serving as assistive technology. Users can create audio files of specific text using this method and then play it back on their computer or mobile device. Uberduck AI is one of the many modern apps with text-to-speech capabilities. AI enthusiasts and advocates can easily work with, create, and share voice data with Uberduck AI. It offers highlighting, speech synthesis, voice-over creation, high-quality natural voices, and other features.

    Uberduck’s functionalities can be limiting for some users because it requires them to sign up for an account. People who rely heavily on their phones will be disappointed to learn that the tool does not offer any mobile apps. The lack of a Chrome extension is also disappointing.

    Fortunately, there are plenty of alternatives to Uberduck, the text-to-speech app. This article will discuss some viable substitutes for Uberduck AI.

    So, let’s get started!

    List Of Uberduck AI Alternatives

    1. Woord

    Woord Ltd. created Woord to provide speech solutions for various platforms, including the web, desktop software, and mobile devices. Woord simplifies the process of converting written text into spoken word. Submit the text, select from a range of voices categorized by gender, accent, and language, and then download the converted speech.

    Woord offers 50 voices that represent 21 different languages. Regional variants of some languages are also available, such as Brazilian Portuguese and Canadian French.

    You can use the app for limitless audio conversion, making it ideal for articles, blog posts, research papers, and books. It has an embedded audio player and features for hosting audio and downloading MP3 files, allowing the files to be used in e-learning Modules, YouTube videos, and other commercial videos. Woord produces convincingly human-sounding synthesized voices because AI powers it.

    The free subscription includes two audios and allows for 20,000 monthly characters. Fifty professionally recorded voices are available for you to choose from in 28 languages. The Standard plan has a monthly cost of $14.99, while the Premium plan has a monthly cost of $99.99 for its additional features.

    If you’re looking for an alternative to the web-only Uberduck, you need Woord’s downloadable Chrome and Android apps.

    2. FakeYou

    Many people rely on FakeYou for creating authentic-sounding text-to-speech voiceovers in real-time. You can use the artificial intelligence voice generator without cost and operate it easily. You can use the website by simply picking a category, language, and typing in the desired text. Then, click “Speak” and listen to the polished output.

    FakeYou offers more than 2,500 different voices, including those of anime characters, actors, artists, and many made-up characters. This voice cloning program has yet another useful feature: importing one’s voice models.

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    3. Speechify

    Speechify uses state-of-the-art artificial intelligence to convert digital text into spoken language. Speechify provides many helpful text-to-speech features, making it revolutionary.

    Begin by choosing your preferred language, voice, playback speed, and accent. One of the thirty voices available on the platform is lent by the famous actress Gwyneth Paltrow. The platform supports more than twenty languages. Secondly, Speechify enables users to download WAV and MP3 files, allowing them to carry their audio even when they cannot connect to the internet.

    This natural text-to-speech software has a built-in optical character reader (OCR) technology that enables users to scan texts and convert them to audio with just a few clicks.

    4. Flixier

    Flixier can turn text into speech without signing up for an account. They do not require the use of any downloadable or installed software. If you want to avoid signing up for that service, Flixer is a good substitute for Uberduck.

    You can include voiceover in your videos with just a few clicks. They support more than 20 languages, allowing you to communicate with many potential customers. Creating details in the video is easy. Drag the audio file onto your video and drop it there. You can also use the app to adjust the voiceover, such as adjusting the volume, slowing it down, trimming it, or applying an equalizer to improve the audio quality.

    5. Listnr

    If you’re seeking a voice-customization option similar to Uberduck, look no further than Listnr. Users can create distinctive voices that they can utilize in a wide range of software. Listnr lets you personalize your voice by changing its pitch, volume, and timbre to make it unique.

    6. Supertone

    Supertone lends a hand and makes the creator’s vision a reality at each stage of making a video. You can make any voice, so there are fewer constraints on the scenarios you can choose. The voice separation technology can eliminate all background noise from an actor’s on-location recordings. Post-production editing enables the modification of a voice’s characteristics, including age, gender, diction, and delivery. The actors can now dub themselves into any number of languages with a natural-sounding result for international release. 

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    7. Voiceful

    Voiceful allows users to design and develop innovative voice-enabled digital experiences for apps and services. It offers some features, including speech and singing synthesis, transformation, pitch correction, time alignment, and audio-to-midi conversion. They originally designed their Deep Learning-based method to create convincing synthetic singing voices. Learning a model from existing recordings of any individual can create new speech or singing content. Movies can make an actor’s voice sound like a monster’s, and games, social apps, and music apps can instantly alter a man’s voice to make him sound like a child or an older adult. 

    8. is a voice generator and voice cloning tool that allows you to create natural-sounding voiceovers in a flash. Users can mix and match human and synthetic voices, modify a voice with unlimited emotions, and translate it into any number of languages using this app. Resemble APIs allow users to access preexisting content, generate new content, and construct voices in real-time. Resemble offers a free trial. After the trial period ends, you can choose between the free and paid tiers.

    9. NaturalReader

    Look no further than NaturalReader if you need a text-to-speech app for work or play. The app offers many useful functions, such as reading text from images, downloading MP3 files, and utilizing natural-sounding voices. One of the best features of NaturalReader is its ability to change how it pronounces individual words. Users will always obtain the desired outcomes. NaturalReader offers more than 170 voices in over 27 languages. Which voices and languages you have access to is determined by your subscription plan. NaturalReader works with cloud services such as Google Docs, Dropbox, and One Drive. You can access it as a web app, a browser add-on, or a mobile phone app.

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    10. Melobytes

    Melobytes, categorized under “audio and music,” proclaims itself as a tool to set music to any text. This text-to-speech voice engine allows users to generate an audio recording of any text in just a few clicks. The system can support multiple languages and includes 14 different voices. The user can customize both the voice’s pitch and the speech rate. Using this service does not require any registration or subscription fee. However, remember that the voice quality could be better. Users commonly report robotic voices.


    Users can duplicate voices with minimal input using the online service With this tool, you can clone voices to the point where a computer-generated voice and a real one will be indistinguishable. This tool employs DeepMoji, a model for sentiment analysis, to generate the expressions. The emotional context also affects the tempo and delivery of the spoken word.

    This app uses DeepMoji to put emotions in context, unlike Uberduck. Each time the generate button is hit, you will hear something completely new in tone, atmosphere, tempo, and ambiance. The function simulates a human performer’s varying vocal performances across takes.

    Type your text into the website’s text box to hear it read aloud. doesn’t cost anything, which is interesting to note.

    12. VoiceGenerator

    You can use VoiceGenerator, a free web-based tool with an intuitive interface, to create voice audio from text. The voices generated by this tool will vary depending on the browser you use because it uses your browser’s native speech synthesis.

    VoiceGenerator is available at no cost to users and does not require registration, unlike Uberduck.

    A third-party text-to-speech server generates the voices. You can use apps like Voice Changer to alter your voice and access various voices.

    For instance, you can give the voice a robotic effect and make it sound like an evil demon or giant ogre. Additionally, you can introduce a ‘anonymous hacker’ effect, change the speed of your voice, reverse the audio, or add a scary ghost effect.

    VoiceGenerator is a web-based service that enables you to convert written text into spoken word with a button. You can modify the pitch and rate of the voice output.

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