Top 10 Virtual Exhibition Platforms


    The top 10 virtual exhibition platforms are listed below to help you embrace the future of event experiences. Traditional exhibitions are transforming into immersive virtual experiences in this fast-paced digital era, bringing visitors and exhibitors worldwide together. 

    These cutting-edge platforms provide interactive booths, live streaming, and networking possibilities that rival in-person events, whether you’re organizing a trade exhibition, conference, or job fair. Learn about the adaptable environment of fairs, the customizable halls of ExpoPlatform, and Hopin’s all-in-one solution.

    With the help of EventMobi, Intrado’s specialized features, and Brella’s seamless networking, explore a world of limitless possibilities. Keep up with the latest developments in virtual events and investigate your best possibilities to make your upcoming exhibition a resounding success.

    Top 10 3D Virtual Event Platforms

    10 Best Virtual Exhibition Platforms in 2023

    1. vFairs
    2. Hopin
    3. Hexafair
    4. Accelevents
    5. Dreamcast
    6. BigMarker
    7. Swapcard
    8. Airmeet
    9. EventX
    10. InEvent

    Top 10 Free Virtual Event and Meeting Platforms

    Detailed Description of Free & Paid Virtual Exhibition Platforms

    1. vFairs


    A premier platform for virtual events, vFairs transforms conventional trade shows. The user-friendly interface and cutting-edge technology of vFairs enable it to build realistic virtual spaces for conferences, job fairs, trade exhibits, and other events. 

    The platform allows users to engage with exhibitors worldwide by providing adaptable exhibition booths, interesting webinars, and interactive chat capabilities. Its extensive capabilities enable smooth networking and encourage fruitful conversations between participants. 

    To give opponents an energetic and special experience in in-person social occasions, fairs go to all areas of virtual occasions, from exhibitor marking to participant cooperation. For your next virtual display, utilize state-of-the-art advances from fairs to remain on the extreme front line of occasion development.

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    2. Hopin

    Hopin is a flexible and all-in-one virtual event platform that has swiftly grown in popularity due to its abundant features and simplicity. Hopin was created to host various events, including trade exhibits, conferences, virtual exhibitions, and meetups. 


    On its platform, exhibitors can display their goods and services in virtual booths, and there are also interactive workshops, live streaming options, and spaces for networking that encourage deep connections between visitors, sponsors, and exhibitors. Chopin’s user-friendly interface makes it easy for event planners to design compelling virtual worlds suited to their requirements. 

    Hopin keeps redefining the virtual event environment and raising the bar for online gatherings, focusing on a flawless user experience and strong event management capabilities.

    3. Hexafair

    Introducing Hexafair, a ground-breaking technology for virtual events that claim to replicate your exhibition’s floor plan into a virtual venue in just five minutes! Compared to rivals, which may take weeks to set up your virtual event, Hexafair stands out for its exceptionally speedy setup. 

    Host Most Engaging Virtual & Hybrid Events

    This quick, dependable, and immersive platform allows for sharing contact cards, ticketing, registration, and custom 3D avatars for a fun experience. Even though Hexafair excels in immersion and quickness, it should be noted that many engagement features still need to be added, inhibiting attendees and exhibitors from interacting with each other effortlessly. If you need a quick and interesting virtual exhibition area for your future event, Hex Fair may be your best choice.

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    4. Accelevents

    Hello from Accelevents, a cutting-edge virtual event platform to enhance online experiences! With the aid of Accelevents, holding online conferences, fundraisers, and exhibitions is simple. Numerous elements are available on the platform, such as ticketing and registration services, interactive virtual booths, live streaming of performances, and networking tools that instantaneously link attendees and exhibitors. 

    Manage events at any scale

    Take advantage of the freedom to design events showcasing your brand and vision. Your virtual event will be successful and data-driven thanks to Accelevents’ interactive tools and real-time statistics. Accelevents is a fantastic option for all your virtual event requirements, whether organizing a corporate conference or a philanthropic event. Because of its dynamic and user-friendly UI, it’s a terrific choice.

    5. Dreamcast

    The contemporary virtual event platform Dreamcast has transformed how people communicate online. Dreamcast offers smooth solutions for holding virtual exhibitions, conferences, trade events, and more with its user-friendly interface and cutting-edge technology. 

    The platform offers a variety of intriguing features, including live-streaming capabilities, adaptable virtual booths, and interactive networking tools that encourage deep interactions between visitors, exhibitors, and sponsors. Dreamcast further provides ticketing and registration services to ease event entry and management. 

    Because of its rigidity, event itineraries may design bespoke and immersive guests, and its analytics and reporting capabilities offer useful information on participant engagement. Any event you are hosting will be successful because of Dreamcast’s responsibility and complication, whether it’s a small-scale virtual gathering or a significant transnational conference. 

    6. BigMarker

    BigMarker, a complete webinar and online event platform, allows businesses and associations to organize interactive events. Because of its user-friendly design and expansive capabilities, BigMarker is applicable for various virtual events, including webcasts, online forums, conferences, and exhibitions. The platform offers live streaming, interactive cells, unique virtual event spaces, networking tools, and networking possibilities to enhance relations between callers and the fair. 

     Event itineraries can use BigMarker’s slice-edge analytics to pierce perceptive data that can be used to assess attendance and event performance. Also, its enrollment and marking features guarantee an effective and straightforward admissions process for events. BigMarker provides the tools and expertise to produce engaging and memorable online experiences, whether you want to host a small webinar or a sizable online exhibition. 

    7. Swapcard

    A wide range of virtual event services are offered through Swapcard, a cutting-edge platform for managing dynamic online events. Thanks to its user-friendly design and cutting-edge features, Swapcard, a company specializing in virtual exhibitions, conferences, and trade events, guarantees a flawless event experience. 

    The platform makes it easy for exhibitors and attendees to communicate and collaborate by providing live streaming options, engaging networking opportunities, and customizable virtual booths. Although Swap Cards matchmaking algorithms help develop long-lasting contacts, their robust statistics offer essential participant participation information. Swapcard also provides tickets and registration services to simplify event access and management.

    8. Airmeet

    A flexible and engaging virtual event platform, Airmeet excels at hosting meetings, workshops, mixers, and online marketplaces. Airmeet gives guests and organizers a smooth experience with its user-friendly UI and cutting-edge features. The platform encourages genuine connections and participation by supporting live sessions, virtual booths, and interactive networking possibilities. 

    The immersive experience is improved by attendees’ ability to personalize their profiles and avatars. Strong analytics from Airmeet offer insightful data on attendees’ behavior and event performance. Airmeet is a great option for both small-scale webinars and large-scale virtual exhibitions since it streamlines event administration through the seamless integration of ticketing and registration services.

    9. EventX

    EventX is a dynamic and all-encompassing virtual event platform that supports a variety of online events, including networking opportunities, trade displays, and virtual conferences and exhibitions. EventX ensures that organizers and attendees have a flawless and engaging experience thanks to its user-friendly interface and cutting-edge features. 

    The platform provides live streaming capabilities, networking features, and interactive virtual booths encouraging meaningful interactions. Any device can access events, and organizers can customize the virtual setting to reflect their brand. 

    The thorough investigation presented by EventX offers material information on participant conduct and occasion achievement. EventX is famous for delivering fruitful and sizable virtual occasions because its promoting and enlistment administrations simplify occasion tasks.

    10. InEvent 

    InEvent is a thorough and adaptable virtual occasion stage for organizations and gatherings that upgrades the experience of virtual occasions. InEvent offers a rich direct set toward satisfying an assortment of occasion conditions, emphasizing virtual gatherings, shows, and exchange occasions; from there, the sky’s the limit.

    The stage gives openings to live streaming, organizing, and connecting with virtual cells that advance face-to-face relations. To give visitors an interesting and vivid experience, occasion organizers can deliver customized virtual settings with InEvent, which unequivocally underscores customization.

    The stage’s nitty gritty investigation permits occasion schedules to assess how well their occasions are going and the way that significant party contact there is. Because of its enlistment and stamping apparatuses, InEvent is the ideal stage for productively overseeing virtual occasions. 


    Accordingly, virtual occasion stages like vFairs, Hopin, Hexafair, Dreamcast, BigMarker, Swapcard, Airmeet, EventX, and InEvent have surfaced as valuable devices in the consistently impacting universe of virtual showcases. These frameworks, which, because of their junkie accommodating points of interaction and state-of-the-art highlights, give smooth and draw-in visitors for the two hosts and participants.

    By outfitting configurable virtual cells and provocative systems administration openings, these stages have successfully overcome any barrier between the genuine world and virtual occasions, permitting organizations and associations to speak with following each over the world and grow their range.

     As the demand for virtual events grows, staying updated with these platforms’ most recent features and capabilities will become increasingly important to produce engaging and profitable virtual exhibitions. Make the ultimate of digital capabilities and open up new openings for event hosting with the help of these celebrated virtual exhibition platforms. 

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