Top 10 Web3 Crowdfunding Platforms Worldwide in 2023


    Look at the 10 popular Web3 blockchain crowdfunding platforms. Some of best Web3 crypto crowdfunding platforms are Gitcoin, Rally & Alchemix.

    What do these have in common? Artificial intelligence and machine learning, cryptocurrency fintech, financial technology, DFI, decentralized finance crowdfunding, the blockchain, AI trading and smart contracts. 

    What do all these things have in common? Well, for one, they’re all exploding right now. And more and more or every day, they’re getting worldwide acceptance and gradually weaving themselves into the very fabric of finance. 

    What you’re about to learn incorporates every single one of those industries in one form or another. So it’s the ideal vehicle to take you to your financial goals. So let’s start by zooming in on one of those industries that’s quite pivotal and a key cornerstone to this technology, and that is crowdfunding. 

    In traditional crowdfunding, a large number of people are backing an idea in the mind of an entrepreneur. If they resonate with it, if they feel it’s going to make an impact, they back that idea. And at the end they might get a T shirt or an autographed mug or something like that. 

    Examples would be Kickstarter, GoFundMe, indiegogo, multibillion dollar crowdfunding platforms. Now, there’s two types of crowdfunding incorporated into this platform. So it’s somewhat of a hybrid. The first is equity crowdfunding. 

    Now, when equity raised crowdfunding, you’re making a donation to a project and in return, you’re essentially getting equity stock or part ownership in that company. An example of this will be start engines. 

    But let’s go one step further. Let’s decentralize it. Let’s build it on the blockchain for full transparency. Traceability of every single transaction that anybody can view anytime 24/7 around the world. 

    Web3 Crowdfunding platforms are getting more popular. Also, more options are available, making it harder to find the ideal platform for your campaign. We’ve compiled a list of the 10 best Web3 crowdfunding platforms worldwide to help you get started. The features, user feedback, and overall quality of these platforms led to their selection. If you use the right web3 crowdfunding platform, you can easily collect donations and make a change. So, let’s look at the 10 most popular Web3 blockchain crowdfunding platforms.

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    So, let’s get started!

    Best Crypto & Web3 Crowdfunding Platform Using Blockchain

    1. Gitcoin
    2. Binance Launchpool
    3. Rally
    4. Alchemix
    5. PancakeSwap

    1. ChainRaise

    Regarding crowdfunding web3 platforms, ChainRaise is among the best in the business. It’s a smart contract-based, decentralized crowdfunding platform where money can be safely moved from investors to creators. Funding can be obtained for projects, and investors are given a risk-free means of contributing to those with the most promise.

    ChainRaise is compatible with a wide variety of cryptocurrencies. You can go to their website to learn more about their services. Their website now boasts a user-friendly design, allowing visitors to create campaigns, see in-depth information about each project, and easily control their investments.

    Moreover, ChainRaise allows users to select from several different Bitcoin and Ether wallets. ChainRaise’s novel approach to decentralized crowdfunding has made it a go-to platform for many Web3 initiatives seeking to crowdfund.

    2. DAISY – Decentralized AI System

    So in that respect, this is somewhat of a hybrid and quite revolutionary. One of the world’s first decentralized crowdfunding platforms. Welcome to the world of Daisy decentralized artificial intelligence system. 
    So what is Daisy? As I mentioned, it’s a hybrid crowdfunding platform where everyone wins with profits, equity and income. Not the first people to get involved, not the last people to get involved, not the people who created it. 

    Every single person wins with profits, equity and income. There’s 100% transparency because all contributions to this crowdfund are done over smart contracts. Those digital immutable laws on the blockchain, these are immutable in that they cannot be altered, and they cannot tamper.

    So your money is not going to a person. There’s no human intervention here. And you get to share in the success of breakthrough projects. You get to be part owner, and you get to profit as these projects grow. 

    Now, Daisy has raised over 245,000,000 USDT. That’s equivalent to us. Dollars from 153,000 contributors in less than six months, making it the largest equity crowdfunding platform out there. Over 140,000,000 Usdtt have been paid out in rewards to the crowdfunding community. 

    3. Gitcoin

    In 2017, the United States was home to the launch of Gitcoin’s eponymous cryptocurrency. Hackathons, GitHub integration, developer recommendations, and searches for similar projects are just some of the services it offers. However, 1kx, Electric Capital, IDEO, etc., are among its investors.

    Furthermore, freelancers can use Gitcoin to study languages like Python, Rust, and Ruby. The company has millions of users and has raised about $51.8 million.

    Gitcoin is an interesting option because it enables you to profit, educate, network, and fundraise via the open web.

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    4. Coinstarter

    Crowdfunding is a growing industry, and Coinstarter is a major player. Joining the organization is the sole prerequisite for making financial commitments.

    They don’t charge a flat rate but a recurring subscription fee plus a per-transaction charge. Their site is currently down for users in China, the US, Canada, and Singapore.

    You can launch a campaign without being a tech or computer whiz. You can find up-to-date information on the latest happenings in the crypto world in the dedicated crypto section of this site’s many features.

    5. Securitize

    Launch your decentralized crowdfunding campaigns on Securitize, a Web3 blockchain crowdfunding platform. Security Tokens can be bought with USDC on this platform, and once purchased, the investor’s crypto wallet will be credited with the digital assets immediately. An investor can use this web3 pro opportunity to put money straight into a cryptocurrency wallet. Your token balance will immediately decrease once your wallet is supported. In addition, trades can be made around the clock, and secondary markets can be accessed without much hassle. Investors can reap the benefits of instant settlement with Secruitinze without worrying about counterparty risks.

    6. Bunch App

    The Web3 blockchain crowdfunding platform Bunch App allows users to create and fund decentralized projects. It’s a novel Web3 crowdfunding platform based on collaborative fundraising among individuals. It’s where you, as an investor, can profit from anything in your company. If that isn’t convincing enough, consider that this network uses the well-known Mobius loop and System G technology to facilitate cooperative funding amongst individuals.

    Bunch facilitates the swift development, distribution, and management of decentralized crowdfunding campaigns. The platform is meant to be user-friendly and uncomplicated so that creators can give their full attention to the projects themselves rather than the platform’s inner workings. The platform facilitates one-on-one interaction between the project’s creator and prospective investors.

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    7. Dragons’ Den

    For some time now, the Dragons’ Den has been one of the most prominent decentralized crowdfunding platforms, thanks to its use of the Web3 blockchain. Startups can find the support and guidance they need to see their projects through on this platform.

    There is a streamlined process for users to launch campaigns, solicit financial backing, and interact with the platform’s devoted following. The platform also features an intuitive interface and robust tools to assist users in keeping track of and advancing their projects.

    The crowdfunding service provided by the Dragons’ Den is accessible to the public, safe, and transparent. Users have complete access to and ownership of any funds transacted on the blockchain. Users can rest assured that their funds are being used properly when they can easily monitor their investments.

    8. Tallycoin

    It’s a Bitcoin-based crowdfunding platform where anyone can quickly get their ideas and raise money. Tallycoin makes it simple to raise funds online and gives backers a voice in how those funds are allocated. The Tallycoin app allows you to safely and directly access funds from the blockchain, bypassing any need for intermediaries.

    9. Tecra Space

    Tecra Space is another decentralized crowdfunding platform built on the blockchain. It uses a blockchain system similar to Bitcoin. Because this blockchain is available to all explorers, tracking the whereabouts of your funds is a breeze. It also guarantees open communication between the investors and the buyers. Tecra ensures the safety of its users’ funds by reviewing and green-lighting all crowdfunding initiatives before they go live. Backers and investors in the predetermined amount use tokens of TCR.

    10. WeiFund

    The WeiFund comes in at number three. Simply put, it’s a public website where people can donate to various causes. Crowdfunding campaigns may be initiated on this platform using smart contracts. Use their crowdfunding templates or add your smart contract. New users interested in the platform’s development can sign up for their mailing list to receive information about updates and news. Compared to its rival crowdfunding platforms, it offers superior service at reasonable prices.

    It’s user-friendly because it comes with pre-made, tried-and-true campaign templates that can be applied to any endeavor. The ConsenSys blog is another great resource for learning more about the safety of their smart contracts.

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    11. GoFundMe

    GoFundMe is the best option for individual campaigns because it is a flexible platform used to raise money for everything from medical bills to the survival of local businesses. More than $17 billion in donations from more than 200 million people attest to its success.

    Since its inception in 2010, GoFundMe has become one of the largest online fundraising platforms, having raised over $17 billion from over 200 million donors.

    Its popularity and ease of use make it the best choice for individuals.

    There are only three easy steps to setting up a GoFundMe campaign. Establish your goals for the campaign’s financial success before you launch it. This section lets you share your story, complete with accompanying visuals. The next step is to disseminate the word of your campaign to your network through channels like Facebook, Twitter, and email. At last, your campaign will be in your control, allowing you to properly keep tabs on donations and express your gratitude to those who have contributed.

    In contrast to platforms that tack on processing fees to platform fees, GoFundMe doesn’t charge either. The processing fee for this company is 2.9% plus $0.30 per transaction.

    What Is Crowdfunding?

    The term “crowdfunding” refers to collecting monetary contributions online, which can be used for anything from artistic endeavors and startup businesses to charitable causes. Individuals use crowdfunding platforms, small businesses, nonprofits, and even larger corporations to raise money for various purposes, such as the launch of a new product or the continuation of an existing one.

    When Should You Use Crowdfunding?

    Crowdfunding sites require users to sign up for an account before they can create a personal campaign or fundraising page on which they can explain why they need financial assistance and what it will be used for, establish a financial goal, and begin soliciting donations. If you use a crowdfunding platform, you can start receiving donations within a few days. Campaigns on some sites can last a month (or longer). When you raise money, the proceeds will be sent straight to the bank account you designate when you sign up.

    What Can Crowdfunding Be Used For?

    You can’t use the funds you raise through crowdfunding for anything other than what you say you’ll use on your crowdfunding site. Crowdfunding can serve various purposes, including helping people deal with unexpected medical bills, supporting the growth of small businesses in exchange for the goods and services they offer, and sustaining the operations of nonprofit organizations.
    Crowdfunding is a method by which the general public can invest in new businesses by purchasing fractional shares for a set price. You will get your money back if the company is sold or goes public, but if it fails to take off and shuts down, you will lose it.

    How Much Should You Plan to Spend on Crowdfunding?

    Most crowdfunding platforms also charge a payment processing fee of around 2.9% plus about $0.30 per transaction, for around 3%. 

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