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    Discover the leading Web3 job boards & portals with our comprehensive list of the top 10 platforms. Find your dream career in the decentralized world!

    The rapid expansion of the Web3 sector has not been slowed down by recent market volatility in cryptocurrency. Vantage Market Research‘s recent study reveals that the Web3 and blockchain industry is growing at 41.6% annually, making it one of the fastest-growing industries in the world. Many people are considering switching to a Web3-related profession due to its promising future. 

    Web3 enables financial services, video games, supply chain management, and other sectors to explore previously unthinkable avenues. The demand for experts who can excel in this new decentralized environment has dramatically increased.

    Web3 experts can develop ground-breaking products that disrupt existing markets and transform entire industries using Web3 platforms. Therefore, large corporations and startups aggressively recruit top-tier Web3 talent to propel their projects forward.

    Web3 industry pays blockchain developers an average salary of over $150,000 annually. Recent years have seen the industry flooded with billions in venture capital and high worker demand, resulting in above-average salaries for non-technical positions such as those in marketing, communications, and legal. 

    However, employers and prospective employees need help to keep up with the rapid growth and constant change of the Web3 industry. Meeting the specific requirements of the Web3 industry can be difficult for traditional job portals and recruitment platforms. Web3 job boards are central hubs where the industry’s most creative and talented individuals can discover and apply for exciting new positions.

    Both employers and job seekers benefit from the many advantages of web3 job boards. These platforms can benefit firms by providing them access to a carefully selected group of Web3 experts. This enables them to recruit from a pool of individuals who have already demonstrated a thorough understanding of the nuances of decentralized technologies. Posting job listings on these web3 job portals specifically targeting individuals with the skill sets and knowledge required for Web3 projects can streamline recruitment and increase the likelihood of finding the right candidates.

    Web3 job boards offer numerous Web3 employment opportunities for Web3 talent to research in a single location. These sites make it easy for web3 professionals to find and apply for relevant job openings by compiling job postings from various employers into one central location. Using these niche job boards can help developers save time and energy in their job search by finding positions that are a good fit for their Web3 skills.

    This article will explore the recently emerged top Web3 job boards that assist employers in finding skilled Web3 workers. This guide will guide you through navigating the exciting world of Web3 job portals, whether you’re an employer seeking to hire Web3 talent or an individual looking for exciting career prospects in the Web3 space.

    Top Web3 Job Boards and Portals

    1. Cryptocurrency Jobs

    Cryptocurrency Jobs asserts that it is one of the most visited blockchain job boards currently available and claims to be the leading job board for blockchain and cryptocurrency jobs. They believe that the decentralized future is people. They have been in business since 2017 and have served over 225 countries and territories. More than 1000 companies and startups have posted more than 10K jobs at this leading web3 job board. They believe trustless, transparent, and decentralized systems would improve the world. 

    Cryptocurrency Jobs is currently being used by many of the largest companies in the cryptocurrency and blockchain industry, including AAVE, Algorand, Argent, Consensys, Gitcoin, and perhaps most notably, The Ethereum Foundation. The site offers positions in customer service, design, engineering, finance, marketing, non-tech, operations, product sales, and more. 

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    2. Jobs³

    Jobs3 tailors to the expanding Web 3.0 industry and provides a web3 jobs board with sections for programmers, artists, and other professionals. A group of designers, programmers, and heads of blockchain projects constructed them from the ground up. They understand the requirements of businesses and projects operating in the rapidly expanding Web 3.0 industry due to their first-hand experience with finding talented employees. They made Jobs3 essentially for this reason. They have expertise in overcoming major and minor obstacles to building successful blockchain brands.

    3. Web3 Jobs

    Web3 Jobs is one of the popular web3 job boards available in the industry today. If you’re looking for a job in the Web3 industry, Web3 Jobs may be the best choice. It offers over 22,000 job postings across 2,500 Web3 projects in various specializations. Polygon, Ripple, Stripe, UNICEF, and Techstars use Web3 Jobs to find new employees. 

    Web3 Jobs offers various listings for positions in the Web3 ecosystem, including paid DAO members, UX designers, more traditional smart contract developers, product managers, game developers, and interns. The website has specialized sections that list remote Web3 jobs, the highest-paying Web3 jobs, and non-technical Web3 jobs to make it easier for job-seekers to find what they’re looking for. 

    4. CB Recruitment

    CB Recruitment by The Coin Bureau is a reputable platform that helps individuals find new employment opportunities in the Crypto and Blockchain industries, including DeFi, Metaverse, VC & Mutual Funds, NFT, GameFi, and more.

    The portal excellently connects businesses with professionals. Both hiring companies and job-seekers can choose from a wide variety of options with CB Recruitment, making it a fantastic resource.

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    5. Crypto Recruit

    Crypto Recruit focuses primarily on specialized crypto talent for roles requiring all types of Defi, GameFi, Non-Fungible Tokens, and other related areas. The design’s user-friendliness simplifies searching for and landing your ideal job.

    6. CryptoJobs

    CryptoJobs‘s mission is to connect the best blockchain projects with talented individuals to accelerate the advent of a more decentralized world. The company has partnered with over a thousand businesses, including industry heavyweights like Consensys, Huboi, BlockFi, Unstoppable Domains, OKEX,, IOTA, Bitfinex, Coinlist, and the Cardano Foundation. 

    7. CryptoJobsList

    CryptoJobsList, a large Web3 job board, showcases over 3,300 job openings, 2,000+ employer profiles, and over $6M in salary data. They claim on their website to have received over 110 thousand job applications from Web3 professionals. The job categories listed include Web3 developer, marketer, DeFi intern, compliance officer, and community manager. 

    CryptoJobsList offers a dedicated section for Web3-related job opportunities, similar to Cryptocurrency Jobs. Site users can submit their salary information anonymously in a section to provide reliable salary data for others. 

    CryptoJobsList is currently being used by major crypto and blockchain companies such as the Ethereum Foundation, Huboi, Circle, Etherscan, CoinMarketCap, and OKEX. CryptoJobsList provides job seekers with a weekly newsletter dedicated to Web3 jobs, making it unique among crypto job boards. 

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    8. Remote3

    Remote3 lists available remote positions in the blockchain and Web3 industries as an online resource. The site allows job seekers to discover remote Web3 Jobs worldwide at companies working on blockchain, smart contracts, DeFi, NFT, and crypto. By opening the door, businesses can find and hire remote workers in the Web3 era. 

    Remote3 is used by companies such as Maple Finance, Penguin Finance, Donut, Palmswap, Zebec, Status, and Syndica for hiring. 

    Remote3 aggregates job listings from major players in the cryptocurrency industry, including Coinbase, Binance, Solana Labs, and Brave. 

    9. Gaby’s Web3 Job Board

    Check out Gaby’s Web3 Job Board if you’re looking for a job because it has listings you won’t find anywhere else. Therefore, everyone can find something suitable for them on Gaby’s Web3 Job Board, whether they are just starting in the blockchain industry or have years of experience.

    From small startups to big crypto companies like AAVE, Polygon, and the Sia Foundation, you can find jobs in software engineering, marketing, sales, business operations, product development, creativity, and more! Gaby’s Web3 Job Board makes it easy to find good job postings because it has so many of them.

    10. Remotive

    People looking for remote work and businesses that hire them can find Remotive, a fantastic web3 job board. Remotive has over 3,000 job postings available, including over 500 in the blockchain, cryptocurrency, and Web3 industries. Remotive specializes in tech jobs.

    Remotive’s experts write articles and tutorials that users can access, providing a mobile app for job alerts. Remotive has an active blog and a Slack community, making it one of the best resources available today. Consider Remotive as a great option if you want to make a career change into crypto or land the ideal remote job.

    #Popular Web3 JobsSkills RequiredSalary
    1Web3 Founding EngineerUnderstanding of Solidity, Truffle, Javascript, and modern development tools (Git)US$300,000 – US$500,000 per annum
    2Web3 Product ManagerUnderstanding of blockchain technology, smart contracts, and/or crypto-economic protocolsUS$200,000 – US$300,000 per annum
    3Web3 DeveloperBlockchain basics & Ethereum, solidity, writing smart contracts, and front-end web developmentUS$100,000 – US$450,000 per annum
    4Web3 Blockchain EngineerNFT development, DeFi technology and its business implications, metaverse basics and tokenizationUS$200000 – US$220000 per annum
    5Web3 EngineerStrong with Solidity, experience or interest in Crypto/Blockchain. Significant experience in designing, building, and using APIs, CompSci DegreeUS$150,000 – US$200,000 per annum
    6Lead Full Stack Engineer – Web3Full-stack web development (React, Next. js, Tailwind CSS, Solidity – a requirement for a full stackUS$160,000 – US$200,000 per annum
    Popular Web3 Jobs Available

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    Finding a job that suits your skill set in cryptography, blockchain technology, and the third platform can pose a challenge. However, you can easily do so with the help of the websites listed here. 

    Starting a successful career in this cutting-edge industry requires minimal effort. Good luck!

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