Top 10 Web3 Marketing Companies in USA


    Discover the top 10 Web3 marketing companies in the USA that can help your business leverage the power of blockchain and decentralized technologies

    Technology has a beneficial impact on business practices. There have been three major technological shifts in marketing over the past decade: Web 2.0, Social Media, and Web 3.0.

    Web3 technologies are becoming increasingly popular due to the widespread adoption of trending technologies. During the current marketing revolution, Web2 and Web3.0 businesses compete for a place in the digital spotlight.

    Demand for Web3 marketing agencies with expertise in both the Web3 space and traditional marketing is rising as more Web3.0 companies emerge and more Web2 companies pivot into the decentralized web.

    Despite the constantly changing nature of the Internet, traditional digital marketing continues to serve as the backbone of the marketing industry.

    Are you searching for top Web3 marketing firms capable of propelling your cryptocurrency business?

    Here is our 2023 list of the best Web3 marketing firms in the United States. Let’s start by explaining what Web3 marketing is and why it’s so important for projects in the new decentralized web structure.

    My name is Almira Lopez; I act like a CMO and think like a boss. I’m a Metaverse marketing strategist, and this is the best place for you to learn about Metaverse and how to market it all. So if that sounds good to you, you’re excited?

    So, let’s get started!

    What Is Web 3.0 Marketing?

    Web3 marketing is a strategy that examines the web through the lens of emerging technologies and emerging trends.

    It’s not merely changing; it’s radically altering our conception of the Internet. Web 3.0 advertising extends beyond just having a website and optimizing it for search engines (SEO).

    Advertising in a Web 3.0 environment is more engaging and immersive for users. This is great news for businesses, as it allows them to target their customers with relevant advertisements better.

    Marketers can advertise their wares and provide a more effective strategy thanks to Web 3.

    Benefits of Hiring Web3 Marketing Agencies Include:

    1. Obtaining Advice from Pros: Joining forces with a professional Web3 marketing firm is recommended because Web 3.0 is a new technology that uses decentralization and other concepts from the crypto world to interact with the target audience. Working with them will help you better understand how to use Web 3.0 marketing trends.

    2. Developing a Marketing Strategy and Sticking to It: Web3 marketing agencies will tailor their approaches to the specific requirements of each client’s industry. When businesses and entrepreneurs hire Web3 marketing agencies, they are guaranteed to receive a plan for strategic promotion.

    3. Consistently Adopting New Web 3 Marketing Techniques: Web 3 marketing firms now handle multiple crypto markets simultaneously. As a result, they are up-to-date on the most cutting-edge crypto marketing techniques. When crypto companies hire them, they can better adapt and evolve in line with the latest developments in crypto marketing.

    4. Possession Of State-Of-The-Art Promotional Resources: Web 3.0 marketing tools are costly but essential for successful marketing campaigns. Therefore, leading Web3 marketing agencies can facilitate access to cutting-edge tools for crypto companies seeking assistance. In addition to getting their hands on the devices, businesses can learn advanced strategies for effectively employing them to assess the efficacy of their marketing efforts and expand their customer bases.

    Facts to Consider Before Hiring a Web3 Advertising Firm

    The best Web3 marketing agency for your crypto project, NFT collection, or GameFi platform will be tailored to your business objectives.

    You should consider who you would trust to act as a go-between for you and your ideal community beyond technical expertise, data transparency, and professionalism.

    Choose carefully; this is how your target market will identify you and your offerings.

    Let’s Take a Look at the Best Web 3 Marketing Firms in the USA

    1. Metaverse Of Things

    Metaverse of Things, founded in 2020, is a female-dominated company. Everyone in the company is a woman, from the CEO to the office boy. The women of the United States and the world can take heart from the example set by this company. Metaverse of Thing is an industry-leading Web3 and Metaverse Marketing Agency that designs comprehensive Web3 solutions. Their services cover the gamut from consulting to digital marketing to the metaverse. Thanks to their exclusive partnerships and dedicated team, they have the resources and in-house talent to pull off even the most complex projects.

    2. Blockwiz 

    Blockwiz is another leading Web3 marketing firm. Blockwiz is a leading provider of crypto marketing solutions based in Toronto. They have collaborated with over 120 industry giants. Examples are Huobi, OKEx, Delta, Coinsquare, and others.

    Blockwiz employs more than 70 people to facilitate service delivery and prioritizes data-driven solutions. This company does it all: influencer marketing, social media promotion, content creation, server expansion on Discord and Telegram, and more. Blockwiz’s over 200 channel partners help the company’s YouTube videos attract over 100 million views.

    Promotional Blockbuster

    Blockwiz recently completed a project with cryptocurrency bank Vauld, which increased organic website traffic by over 300 percent. Blockwiz also features a distinct blog section in which the company offers helpful, no-cost advice on Web3 marketing. Finally, interested parties can book a free consultation with Blockwiz by calling the company.

    3. Solid Metrics: Crypto Marketing Agency

    Solid Metrics is a crypto marketing agency focused on sustainable growth for blockchain projects. They prioritize long-term organic growth strategies through SEO campaigns and community building so that projects can thrive in both bear and bull markets—removing the need to rely on unpredictable market cycles.

    Their team & approaches are 100% tailored for the Web3 space. This includes how they produce results for any Web3 project. When it comes to Web3 SEO, they do not charge backlink acquisitions based on DR ratings; the rate is based on the best-negotiated price that guarantees the best placement strategy. Plus, their content creators are also Web3 creators.

    Specific services include:

    • Content Strategy & Mapping
    • High-quality blog content creation
    • Niche backlink building from reputable sites
    • Press outreach to top crypto publications
    • On-page SEO optimization
    • Paid Search Campaign
    • Twitter Influencer Marketing
    • Influencer marketing
    • Community Building & KOLs Amplification
    • Dedicated Marketing Support
    • (Optional) Dedicated Team of Community Management
    • (Optional) Social Media Management
    • (Optional) Non-Web3 Digital Marketing Campaigns

    Founded: 2023
    Company size: 2-10 employees
    Headquarters: Singapore

    4. INORU

    INORU, as one of the best web3 marketing firms in the world, has a penchant for experimenting with the latest and greatest crypto technologies. Blockchain, NFTs, crypto marketing, crypto exchange, crowdfunding platforms, E-commerce, education, healthcare, supply chain, etc., are just some of the crypto domains and fields that can take advantage of its web3 marketing services.

    They are a top-tier advertising firm with an unblemished track record of providing cutting-edge web 3.0 advertising solutions. These plans are flexible and designed to accommodate any facet of crypto, metaverse, or NFT enterprises.

    NFT marketing, NFT gaming, Crypto business solutions, Crypto exchange, etc., are just some of the web3 services they offer.

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    5. GrowthChain

    GrowthChain, founded in 2021, is a growth-focused, full-service web3 marketing agency that focuses on implementing marketing strategies for NFTs, DAOs, and other web3 projects and assisting established brands in moving into the web3 ecosystem. They work with innovative companies, teams of developers, and NFT studios worldwide who are harnessing blockchain’s potential to launch groundbreaking new products and services.

    6. Single Grain

    If you’re looking for a comprehensive digital marketing agency that uses data-driven strategies to achieve your goals, look no further than Single Grain. Single Grain’s experience working with major brands allows them to optimize their plan to increase conversions in the cutthroat world of Web 3 marketing. Eric Siu assembled a dedicated Web3 product marketing specialist to form Single Grain.

    7. Coinscribble

    Coinscribble ensures that Web 3 businesses are featured on the most popular cryptocurrency news outlets. If you hire CoinScribble, you can rest assured that major media outlets like CoinTelegraph,, NewBTC, CryptoDaily, Benzinga, Yahoo Finance, NFT Lately, and more will cover your business’s news and updates.

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    8. Crowdcreate

    Crowdcreate is the go-to crypto and blockchain growth marketing agency, thanks to their extensive experience in the Web3 sector (they’ve been around for over five years). In addition, Forbes named them the best crypto marketing agency.

    More than 500 crypto projects have benefited from Crowdcreate, which has helped them collectively raise over $250 million. 

    9. GuerillaBuzz

    Since 2018, Guerrillabuzz has been working in blockchain advertising. They employ unconventional guerrilla marketing strategies to increase the visibility and financial success of various Web3 projects.

    Guerrillabuzz assists clients in redesigning their websites, developing audience-drawing content, and promoting their projects in the metaverse.

    Attack Wagon, Bancor, Cryptohopper, and are just a few of their satisfied customers.

    10. Ninjapromo

    Ninjapromo is a full-stack blockchain development PR agency that can help you in various ways. They have jobs in B2B marketing, finance, and cryptocurrency. Polkadot is a successful Web 3.0 company with which they have collaborated. Customers have been thrilled by businesses such as Trust Wallet, Dopamine, Decent, Probit, Bull Perks, and Fantom.

    Ninjapromo provides the best promotional strategies and well-organized content to ensure your site receives the exposure it needs. They offer various online marketing services, including website design, mobile app creation, email marketing, influencer promotion, blockchain innovation, video production, content curation, media buying, and more. Ninjapromo’s services are unparalleled in advertising via electronic media because of the expert application of visual media and branding techniques.

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    11. Lemonade

    This top advertising firm gives its customers comprehensive and detailed knowledge of blockchain. One notable aspect is how it incorporates the latest developments in meta and Web3. Lemonade is here for you, whether you need help with content development, video production, 2D or 3D animation, design, illustrations, marketing, or documentary narration.

    12. Lunar Strategy

    Marketing firm Lunar Strategy focuses on the Metaverse and Web3 technologies. GoodFirms named them the best blockchain development company and Software Word named them the best ICO marketing agency.

    They are a Google Partner Web3 marketing agency staffed by crypto experts who are abreast of all the latest developments in the blockchain and cryptocurrency industries.

    13. Solulab

    Logo for the company that calls itself a “solutions provider” for problems in the blockchain, metaverse, and IoT industries. An ex-Goldman Sachs vice president leads the team at Solulab, so they have a lot of experience. Solulab is the best Web3 marketing agency for major corporations because many of its services are tailored to the needs of Web3 businesses.

    These offerings include full blockchain development, dApp creation, and cryptocurrency wallet manufacture. Mobile app development is another area of expertise for Solulab, and they help clients make native apps that work with all kinds of devices. Various web development services, such as Node JS and Python programming, are available.

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    14. AppDupe

    With over 6 years under its belt, AppDupe has successfully managed various Web3 marketing projects in blockchain, cryptocurrency, and NFTs. Their Web3 marketing services are unparalleled, and they have clients worldwide.

    Their professional team has a fresh take on Web3 marketing thanks to their technical know-how and ability to extrapolate from emerging needs in the crypto industry to provide cutting-edge strategies. And they focus on delivering crypto startups and businesses with tailored Web3 marketing solutions.

    15. TokenMinds

    TokenMinds, a crypto marketing firm with headquarters in Amsterdam, helps Web3 projects reach more of their target audience and raise more money from the crypto community. In addition to free consultations and tailored marketing solutions, Tokenminds also provides fixed-price packages for community-building, IEO marketing, and NFT generative art, starting at $3,000.

    16. Web3 Consulting

    Great Web3 products can be designed, built, and promoted with the help of Web3 Consulting. They have been helping businesses with Web3 marketing strategies and consulting on developing blockchain products and communities for over four years. They aid in expanding the user base, stimulating the crypto community, and highlighting feedback from existing users. 

    Their efforts to boost the site’s SEO by tweaking its content and layout and securing links from other locations are paying off. In addition, by targeting advertisements to communities of crypto enthusiasts, they boost user engagement and on-chain activity.

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