Top 10 Write For Us Business Sites


    Top 10 "write for us+business guest post sites. List of popular Write For Us - Contribute to our Business Blogs. Metaverse of Things is best write for us business website

    You should investigate the realm of guest blogging for several reasons. You can do it to increase the organic traffic to your blogs or merely use guest posts to promote your goods or services. No matter what kind of services you provide, including guest articles in your digital strategy framework is a must. In most cases, websites with solid average traffic will publish guest content. You compose guest posts with pertinent links for these website owners to publish on their websites after learning about their preferred format from them. The best technique to boost your search traffic is through link development. The BEST way to build links in 2023 will still be through guest posting. 

    You’re in the right place if you’re seeking for guest blogging platforms to increase your link profile and advertise your business. In this blog, we’ve compiled a list of the top 10 write-for-us business sites where you may publish articles about your company’s technology. We considered factors like average monthly traffic, Alexa Rank, relevant genres, etc., when we were shortlisting small businesses write for us websites.

    Top 10 “write for us+business guest post sites. List of popular Write For Us – Contribute to our Business Blogs. Metaverse of Things is best write for us business website.

    10 Best Write For Us Technology Business Websites

    1. Metaverse of Things
    2. The Huffington Post
    5. VentureBeat
    9. Bloomberg Business Week
    10. ITProPortal

    What is Guest Posting? Benefits of Write For Us Websites

    A guest post is an article or blog post that is written and published on another person’s website or blog as part of a content marketing and SEO plan. A link to the author’s own website or blog is frequently included in the text, which can boost traffic and search engine results. Building connections, expanding visibility, and acquiring backlinks—all of which are crucial for search engine optimization—are the objectives of guest writing. A great approach to market your business or website, build authority, and reach new audiences is through business blogs write for us guest posting.

    Writing and publishing an original article—or any other pertinent original content—onto another person’s site is known as guest posting. It is a fantastic tool for companies to broaden their reach among their target audience and drive targeted traffic to their websites. Writing a guest post can frequently result in you acquiring a high-quality backlink that points at your website, which helps with search engine optimization for your website. The Google website ranking algorithm is pleased by this. 

    Here are a few advantages of writing for us business sites, some of which are well-known:

    • For obtaining backlinks that are of high quality, are targeted, and are relevant
    • To increase the quality of the traffic to our website
    • For improving the domain authority (DA) and search engine positions of websites for particular pages and keyphrases
    • To engage with their blog readers and form relationships with other bloggers
    • To demonstrate your knowledge of a certain subject or to enhance your writing abilities in general.
    • There may be numerous other rational and compelling reasons why website owners and bloggers choose to use guest blogging.

    10 Best Write For Us Technology Business Websites

    1. Metaverse of Things

    Metaverse of Things is leading and fast-growing business website to share write on business topics. You can plan a demanding and trending topic for this website. Write a masterpiece, review and share to editor.

    One of the key trends within the Metaverse of Things is the integration of IoT devices into virtual environments, enabling real-time monitoring, control, and analysis of physical assets. Imagine a world where augmented reality (AR) and virtual reality (VR) technologies merge seamlessly with IoT sensors, allowing businesses to visualize and interact with their data in ways previously unimaginable. This convergence can potentially revolutionize sectors such as manufacturing, healthcare, logistics, and more.

    Furthermore, the Metaverse of Things is set to reshape marketing and customer engagement strategies. Brands are leveraging this immersive technology to create personalized, interactive, and engaging experiences for their audiences. Whether it’s virtual showrooms, immersive product demos, or interactive storytelling, the Metaverse of Things provides a novel playground for brands to captivate their customers in entirely new ways.

    2. The Huffington Post 

    This incredibly popular blog’s business and finance section offers business and financial information as well as a platform for guest writers to discuss topics including corporate America, housing, employment, and many other hot-button business concerns. Although it can be challenging to publish a guest post on this blog, the work is worthwhile because it receives a ton of traffic and your article may be viewed literally tens of thousands of times or more. Additionally, obtaining a backlink from this blog will significantly aid your SEO efforts and boost the position of your website in Google’s search results.

    Write an article that fits the Huffington Post‘s distinct writing style if you want to contribute to their site. 


    The “how to” methods and plans for expanding and enhancing a corporation are highly valued by Inc. Its articles provide details on how to get better at public speaking, how to handle and flow information between departments, and company profiles of various companies. You must send a simple email pitch to write for Send an email with your article proposal to


    This write-for-us business site offers business guidance to both large and small firms while examining the most recent developments in the entrepreneurial sector. It is renowned, however, for the way it supports small business owners by giving them advice on how to successfully run startups and grow them into rapidly expanding medium- to large-sized businesses.

    You must read their “Become an Entrepreneur Contributor” Page before filling out the entry form if you want to guest write here. Links to your Twitter and LinkedIn profiles, ideas for stories, and URLs of prior pieces you’ve published are all requested on the form. 

    5. VentureBeat

    A beautiful technology-based website, VentureBeat. For its audience, the website supports technology business blogs. 12 million page visits and 6 million unique visitors every month are recorded by Venturebeat. Additionally, it receives 3.3 million unique visitors each month from smartphones alone. 

    The company encourages its users to write meaningful and educational guest blogs. For novice bloggers, the website might be a fantastic way to advertise their websites. They continue to aim for guest blogs with a word count of 600–1200.


    Regarding American corporate affairs, this write for us small business website and news blog are quite important. It provides consistent market, financial, and business news updates. delivers stories about entrepreneurship, lifestyle, technology, industry, finance, marketing, and leadership convergence. It is also well-recognized for documenting the lifestyles and business practices of the extremely wealthy.

    You must read Forbes’ “Submitting an Article to Forbes Opinion” page before submitting an article. You can send your unique, high-caliber article once you have read and comprehended their submission rules. They respond to you in about 5 business days. It’s likely that your piece didn’t make the cut if they don’t contact you within a week.


    One of the most well-known websites is This UK-based website specializes in news and services related to technology. The company has a solid reputation in the field and has been operating for approximately 35 years. For its large audience, the website accepts high-quality blog contributions from tech writers. Along with 184,000+ daily readers, Computing’s weekly publication has more than 92,300 subscriptions. You may increase the amount of traffic to your websites by using for your guest posts.


    You can publish your guest blogs on the New York-based Wired website to increase traffic. The website contains a number of blog posts about science and technology. Additionally, it has claimed the 1,334th spot on Alexa.

    Monthly print and online magazine releases are made by In January 1993, the inaugural issue of wired was released. It has now established a solid reputation among print and internet publications.

    9. Bloomberg Business Week 

    This business blog write for us journal offers thorough coverage of the major international corporations and business events in addition to financial news, stock and bond advice, and the most recent information regarding the business world. It is renowned for its capacity to inspire top business executives to translate ideas into practical action. It serves as a de facto moderator for international business discussions.

    10. ITProPortal

    You have a venue for your IT company blogs on our B2B website. They require a minimum word count of 1000 to publish your blog. Interlinking is not permitted on ITProPortal. You may, however, include one link beneath the bio section at the conclusion. Additionally, requests that you submit articles that are 100 percent original and that you have not published elsewhere.

    11. Medium

    It’s possible for people from all walks of life to read, create, and share tales that are important to them on the hugely popular online publishing platform known as Medium. Unlike many of the blogs listed below, this blogging platform is accessible to everyone and does not require approval. All you have to do to publish an essay on Medium is sign up for a free Medium account.

    The top 10 websites to publish business content

    S. NoWebsiteDescription
    1LinkedInLeading professional network for business content and networking.
    2MediumUser-friendly platform for thought leadership articles and insights.
    3Fleximize.comA prestigious platform for research-based business content.
    4Harvard Business ReviewPrestigious platform for research-based business content.
    5ForbesA prestigious platform for research-based business content.
    6EntrepreneurFocuses on entrepreneurship, startups, and business growth topics.
    7Inc.comFeatures articles from guest contributors on various business subjects.
    8Business InsiderCovers finance, technology, leadership, and business trends.
    9Fast CompanyEmphasizes innovation, technology, leadership, and business trends.
    10Forrester BlogsA reputable source for business and tech insights, allowing expert contributions.
    11TechCrunchPopular platform for technology, startup, and venture capital-related content.
    12startup.infoOn our leading startup platform,, people from all walks of life are allowed to write for us.
    When considering these websites for publishing your business content, make sure to check their specific guidelines and submission processes to ensure your content meets their standards.

    It may take some work to have your article accepted, especially if you are new to writing blog posts or the firm you work for is small and unheard of, depending on the size and popularity of the business blog you are contacting to see if they would accept and publish your article. Here are some suggestions to improve your chances of having your guest post accepted and posted at a well-known business site.

    1. Conduct a thorough analysis of the blogs that discuss your sector. Additionally, learn about the editors that run those blogs and the subjects they like to cover. To have your guest post accepted and published, it helps first to establish a rapport with the blog’s editor. Your chances of getting your guest posts published and promoted increase in direct proportion to how well you get along with blog editors.
    2. Double-check that you adhere to the blog’s regulations for submitting guest posts. Your article will be rejected quickly if you don’t go by their standards.
    3. Ensure that you write for the target audience of the site. Your chances of getting your guest post published increase with how closely your piece matches the blog’s audience and the kind of content it usually publishes.
    4. Begin by submitting numerous suggestions for guest posts. It is frequently simpler to have a guest post published if you first contact the blog’s editor and express your ideas before producing an article on the subject they find most interesting.
    5. Establish a connection with the website’s editorial staff by sharing, enjoying, and commenting on their content on social media. Using LinkedIn, you can also contact their editors and writers.
    6. After you’ve made a guest blog pitch or submitted an article, never be hesitant to follow up. The squeaky wheel gets the grease, as is the case with most things in life. Be persistent, but avoid becoming obnoxious.
    7. Whether your content is accepted or rejected by the blog’s editors, always be polite and gracious to them. It does not necessarily follow that they will reject your future articles just because they rejected this one.
    8. You can increase your chances of getting a “yes” for the next piece you pitch by being nice and kind to the editors. If the editors reject your guest post, don’t be a jerk and burn your bridges.

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