Apple’s Foray into Mixed Reality Might Just Be What the Metaverse Needs


    Up until Apple decided to jump on the mixed reality (MR), and Virtual Reality (VR) space, things had not been going well for Meta. Facebook believed so much in the idea of an online virtual world that they spend billions of dollars on it, and there was little to show for it. Its parent company even branded it “Meta” to clearly indicate how they see the future. 

    Metaverse is subjective for the most part as different people have different preferences and it all boils down to personal choice. Meta’s headsets are readily available in the market and you can get one today and try it yourself. It’s an interesting experience, for sure. One thing you should keep in mind is that these devices require a strong and reliable internet connection to stream, communicate, play games, and browse the internet. The faster the internet, the more you can do in the Metaverse. 

    For that, we recommend using CenturyLink Internet because of its multiple speed plans going up to 940 Mbps and the prices are super affordable too. Try it out yourself and see how you like it. Reverting to the topic, here’s how Apple’s foray into the MR universe can be a good thing for Metaverse. Read on to know more.

    Can Apple save the Metaverse?

    The subsequent release of VR headsets received a lot of criticism because they didn’t quite hit the mark. As people were getting ready to write it off as a potentially viable tech for the future and get on with their lives, Apple decided to dive head-first into the arena with their recent announcement of the Vision Pro headset. It’s been the talk of the town for the past few weeks because of Apple’s backing and impressive tech.

    What makes new tech go mainstream?

    Before we begin to find an answer if Apple can save the Metaverse, we need to figure out what drives people to adopt some technology. The answer to this can be categorized into three segments. 

    Ease of usage

    Naturally, the first factor in accepting new tech is the ease of usage. Can this make my life better in a useful way? Can this do at least a few things that I regularly need to do, but do it better? People need to believe that the piece of tech they’re putting their money into will benefit them in a way and add value.

    Social acceptance

    The second factor is social acceptance. For example, Dyson released a pair of headphones with a built-in air purifier on the front. The need for fresh and pure air is understandable but why would you get these air-purifying headphones when you can just as easily get some regular headphones and an N95 mask? Oh, and the efficiency of an N95 mask is still better than these headphones at a tiny fraction of the price.

    Who would want to roam around looking like a menace to society after spending $1000 on these headphones? That’s negative social acceptance right there. People usually turn to their friends and family to seek advice on what to get next.

    Excitement and enjoyment

    The third factor is the level of enjoyment and excitement they get while using the product. The new tech has to be more engaging than the old tech; otherwise, it kills the point of upgrading. 

    Apple Vision Pro Headset

    Meta failed on some accounts when delivering their product. Their product is not usable on a large scale as the developer community is still lagging behind and there’s little app support. Then, there’s the issue of unrealistic digital personas while communicating. Additionally, the ecosystem itself isn’t large enough to warrant a purchase because you can’t integrate it into other products. 

    The Apple Vision Pro headset addresses most of these crucial concerns. The reason why they announced it so early when it’s supposed to launch sometime in the next year, is to give enough time to the developer community to catch up. Similarly, Apple has a very loyal fan base with millions of users worldwide that anxiously anticipate each new release. The ecosystem is near perfect and you can’t get any better integration than Apple devices.

    People’s belief in Apple’s way of doing things is not based on blind faith. The headset impressed most people with its advanced MR capabilities, such as hand and gesture tracking. You don’t need any controllers to point and click on buttons. It tracks your eye movement to gauge the icon you’re eyeing and you can join your index finger with the thumb and that amounts to a click. It’s really that easy.

    Apple’s impressive hardware prowess

    Apple’s hardware capabilities are second to none, and that shows in their headset. All this technical prowess means that Apple is better suited than Meta to materialize this dream of a virtual world with embedded internet. Moreover, as the idea gains traction and more people get to experience the enchanting world of Metaverse, social acceptance will likely increase. 


    Here is to hoping that Apple’s influence along with its cutting-edge technology will drive the adoption of the Metaverse. One important thing to keep in mind is that price is a huge determining factor when it comes to new tech. The Vision Pro headset is expected to launch at a steep price of $3500, which is a lot. If Apple could somehow make a budget version while retaining the important features, it’ll help make the Metaverse more accessible. 


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