Character AI 18+| How to Make Character AI 18 plus Without Restriction


    Build realistic and dynamic 18+ characters for immersive experiences. Use character ai with no restrictions to create male & female 18 plus version

    AI can use the fusion of technologies to do wonderful things, including creating a character that can talk to you and respond to your questions. Character.AI is a powerful example of this fusion. However, it has one restriction, so crafting a character for adult use can be an exhilarating task that demands careful attention to legal and ethical guidelines. 


    As responsible use of AI technology is paramount, all content must comply with the standards and regulations of your jurisdiction. So, how to make a character AI 18+ while adhering to legal and ethical rules? Well, this is what we will find out in this article, but before let’s know more about Chracter.AI and how to use it.

    There are a number of AI avatar apps available that allow you to create a digital representation of yourself or an 18+ fictional character. These apps typically use AI to generate realistic-looking avatars, and some even allow you to customize the avatar’s appearance, personality, and voice.

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    What Is Chracter.AI? 

    Character.AI is a wonderful platform, allowing you to create your own Character (chatbot) and engage in fascinating conversations in the way you want. Whether you want to create a fictional or real-life character, the site offers endless possibilities to create captivating characters.  

    Additionally, you can converse with one Character at a time or arrange group chats with multiple characters, making it even more exciting. While Character.AI is free to use, there is also a premium option called that offers great advantages, including faster response times and access to new features.

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    Limitations of Character AI 18 plus

    Character.AI has imposed strict filters to limit conversations, remaining appropriate for users 13 and older (or 16 and older for EU users). While some users may wish to engage in NSFW conversations or romantic relationships, Character.AI does not support these conversations. 

    However, character AI soon plans to expand the range of character types available, including villains and characters that use swear words, giving more variety to characters. In the future, we may also have a romantic character, but as of now, it seems mere. But you know that every technology has some loopholes, and so do the characters. AI, using which we bypass these filters to create a romantic character. 

    There Are Many Ways to Make Character AI With No Restrictions. Here are a few methods:

    • Use an AI avatar app. There are a number of AI avatar apps available that allow you to create a digital representation of yourself or a fictional character.
    • Use a text-based AI character generator. Many text-based AI character generators are available that allow you to create 18+ characters based on a prompt.

    Here are some specific tools and services that you can use to create AI characters:

    Some NSFW C.AI 18 Plus Apps:

    1. Crushon.AI
    2. Candy AI
    3. SoulGen
    4. Promptchan AI
    5. DreamGF

    Text-based AI character generators

    1. Character.AI
    3. NovelAI
    4. Dreamily
    5. Talk to Transformer

    Game engines with 18+ AI capabilities

    1. Unreal Engine
    2. Unity
    3. Godot
    4. Amazon Lumberyard

    How To Make A Character in Character. Ai?

    Creating a character on Character.AI is a fun and imaginative process akin to bringing a fictional friend to life. Whether for storytelling, gaming, or just for fun, here’s a straightforward guide to making your own AI character. Let’s break it down into simpler steps, and while I can’t provide direct links, I’ll guide you where to find more information.

    Step 1: Get Started

    First thing first, head over to the Character.AI website. You’ll need an account, so if you haven’t signed up yet, do that with your email and a password. If you already have an account, just log in and you’re good to go.

    Visual demo of how to create character with AI
    Visual demo of how to create character with AI

    Step 2: Create Your Character

    Look for a button or link that says something like “Create Character” or “New Character.” This is your gateway to start crafting your unique character.

    Step 3: Choose a Starting Point

    Sometimes, Character.AI offers templates to help you begin. These can be great for inspiration or as a foundation to build upon and customize.

    Step 4: Fill in the Basics

    Now, describe your character. Think of a catchy name, a short description to capture their essence, and choose an image that best represents them. This is like setting the stage for your character’s role in their virtual world.

    Step 5: Personality and Background

    This is the heart of the process. Decide on your character’s traits, their life story, and what makes them tick. Are they adventurous, shy, or perhaps mysteriously enigmatic? Fleshing out their backstory and interests makes them more relatable and engaging.

    Step 6: Set the Interaction Guidelines

    How should your character talk and behave? Choose their language style, tone, and set boundaries for what they can or can’t discuss. This ensures interactions stay enjoyable and appropriate.

    Step 7: Practice Makes Perfect

    If available, use the platform’s training feature. Engage in mock conversations to see how your character responds. This step is crucial for fine-tuning their personality to ensure they react just as you’d imagine.

    Step 8: Share Your Creation

    Once you’re happy with your character, it’s time to introduce them to the world. Publish your character and share them with friends or the Character.AI community. It’s exciting to see how others interact with your creation.

    Step 9: Keep Improving

    Pay attention to how people engage with your character. You might find opportunities to adjust or enhance their personality based on user feedback.

    Extra Tips:

    • Be Original: The more unique your character, the more memorable they’ll be.
    • User Interaction in Mind: Think ahead about how users might interact with your character and plan their responses accordingly.
    • Consistency is Key: Make sure your character stays true to their backstory and personality in every interaction.

    Creating a character on Character.AI is essentially like writing a character for a novel or a game, but with the added layer of interactivity. Dive into forums, blogs, or guides related to Character.AI for more detailed advice and inspiration. This is a space where your creativity can run wild, and the possibilities are endless. Have fun crafting your digital companion!

    How To Make Character Ai 18+?

    Once you have created the character, you can bypass the Chracter.AI features to enable 18+ chats. Again, remember, there is no character in Character AI with no restrictions. You can just manipulate the chats to make it adult. However, do they? Let’s know:- 

    Use The Words Difficult For NSFW Feature To Catch

    Character.AI has filters in place to ensure that no one uses explicit language. However, this does not mean that you cannot express yourself freely. One effective way to get around the filters, especially the NSFW, is to use safe versions of the words while conveying the same meaning. 

    For instance, you could use variations of the words by adding symbols, spaces, or numbers instead of letters. This trick works in an effective way to bypass the filters. After all, it’s AI, and you can manipulate it. 

    RolePlay Games 

    • The next thing you can do is to roleplay, and it will act similarly to what you tell it to enact. In this way, the only thing you have to do is not to use vulgar language. Otherwise, the filter will catch it. Then, they will set your plan off. This method can bypass the filters. 
    • Start with telling the bot the interaction you want to take place. Explain the role you want it to take. Make sure not to use the NSFW words here. 
    • Then, before you begin as the chatbot, tell it about the role it will play. If it tells you successfully, try to govern it in more detail. 
    • Being the role player frankly and casually before moving towards your desired situations. You can be suggestive, not explicit, in order to avoid getting caught. 
    • As the conversation goes further, you might see a more mature color to it. Make sure to remind your bot of the character it is playing repeatedly, as sometimes the conversation can go off track from your desired situations. 

    Use Romantic Words As Greetings 

    The next and the last thing you can do to make your Chraceter.AI chats turn 18+ is to use romantic words as greetings. But remember, this option can only be available with your own character and after setting it private. Instead of setting the normal greeting like Hi! Or hello! You can use a romantic phrase as your private character’s greeting. This method will allow you to use that NSFW word in your chats.

    Character AI 18+, Does This Allow You Direct 18+ Chats?

    In 2023, Character AI Plus started to offer premium subscriptions varying at $9.99 per month with a bundle of features. 

    It allows several features like-

    • With priority access to Character AI’s server, you can say goodbye to the waiting room! 
    • You will experience faster response times from characters and also get early access to new features that are not yet available to free users. 
    • Plus, you’ll have entire access to our Plus member community, where you can connect with other members and receive help from our expert team.

    While you can enjoy these features with the premium version, there is no such thing as the Character AI 18 plus version. In simpler words, it does not allow NSFW or 18+ chats directly.

    How You Can Find A Normal Character In The Chraacter.AI

    When you are looking for a thrilling and age-restricted way to chat with your favorite characters, then there is no better platform than Character.AI! 

    Visit the Character. AI. While you receive some free searches, it will ask you to log in once you run out of your free quota. To start with your character creation journey, you can simply search for the name of your favorite Character. 

    Alternatively, you can also search for the media they’re associated with, and you are ready to dive into a world of exciting conversation.

    If you are visiting for the first time and completely new to the AI-generated Character, no worries. As soon as you visit the site, you will find different characters listed on the website, created by the other users. You can choose any random character to chat with. Do not be afraid to try chatting with multiple characters before you find a suitable one. 

    Once you’ve found the character you want to chat with, just click their name, and either they will start chatting with you, or you have to text first. However, one thing is for sure, the conversation possibilities are endless there. 

    Another thing that you want to know before creating the character is that you hold the power to shape the conversation with your favorite characters. You can Rate their responses, and if you are not satisfied with a particular response, no worries, move on to another chat bot. 

    The chatting process gives you a seamless experience as every chatbot inbox has a microphone button that enables speech-to-text generation, so you can speak aloud and send your words over the chat. However, the feature is still in the beta version, so you might encounter some glitches once in a while. 

    Things To Keep In Mind, When Chatting 18+ With Character. AI Bots 

    It is important to approach Character.AI with caution, even when you are bypassing the guidelines to make it 18+. Along with other things, you also want to keep in mind that sometimes these characters can say hurtful, untrue, or offensive remarks in the middle of your romantic conversation. The clear reason behind this is the lack of the emotional intelligence and moral compass of a human being. 

    Additionally, suppose you don’t want to create your own 18+ characters. In that case, it is crucial to acknowledge that these characters do not have original authors or creators of the source material but rather random creators. Therefore, even the most beloved and well-known characters may not entirely adhere to the conversation you want with them too.

    Additionally, when it comes to personal information, remember that Character.AI does collect your personal information from log data, cookies, and your preferences, but don’t worry, they won’t sell to others. 

    Thanks for reading this guide. We hope you have liked it! 

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