How to Make A Shirt in Roblox?


    Keep in mind that creating and uploading clothing on Roblox might require a Premium membership. If you don't have a Premium membership, you can join the Roblox Builders Club (BC) to gain access to additional features and benefits.

    If you play Roblox frequently, you’ve definitely observed how distinctive and personalized clothing may enhance your avatar’s style and distinguish you from other players in the virtual world. 

    This blog will lead you through the process of making your very own bespoke shirts utilising the Roblox shirt template and a little inventiveness, whether you’re a seasoned developer or just getting started.

    We’ll go over everything you need to know in detail in this video, including how to access the Roblox shirt templates and create your shirt using various tools and methods. In order to proudly wear your creations in-game, we’ll also demonstrate how to publish them to Roblox. 

    To ensure that your experience manufacturing shirts is as easy as possible, we’ll also offer problem-solving advice and crucial insights. So prepare to let your imagination go wild and create a distinctive fashion statement with your Roblox avatar! Let’s explore the fascinating realm of designing unique shirts in Roblox.

    Uploading clothing on Roblox might require a Premium membership. If you don’t have a Premium membership, you can join the Roblox Builders Club (BC) to gain access to additional features and benefits.

    The Art of Expression: Crafting Custom Shirts in Roblox

    Players have a remarkable opportunity to express themselves through individual avatars in the imaginative and creative virtual world of Roblox. Designing personalized shirts is a significant outlet for individuality among the many methods to stand out and leave a lasting impression. This blog explores the craft of making shirts in Roblox, giving you the tools to unleash your imagination and flaunt your own sense of style.

    Beyond simply selecting items from an existing catalogue, designing personalized shirts involves translating your ideas into digital reality. You will be guided step-by-step through the entire procedure in this guide, from accessing the Roblox shirt templates to using the design tools efficiently. Find out how to make your ideas come to life, whether it’s a distinctive logo, a complex pattern, or a cutting-edge statement piece.

    This blog will also go into the technical details of uploading your designs to Roblox so you may wear them in different games and show them off to your friends and the rest of the Roblox community. Prepare to embark on a self-expression journey through the exciting world of Roblox custom shirt making! Let your creative side out and let’s explore the infinite world of creativity together.

    Accessing Roblox Shirt Templates

    The Roblox platform’s extensive collection of design options is accessible through “Accessing Roblox Shirt Templates.” You must first have access to the fundamental building blocks, or shirt templates, to construct a personalized shirt that genuinely reflects your individual style and ideas.

    The user-friendly interface that Roblox offers makes it simple to access these templates. The first step is to enter into your Roblox account and go to the “Create” tab, where a wealth of artistic tools are waiting. The ‘Shirts’ category may be found in this section and offers a variety of pre-made templates that can be used as your canvas.

    Choose from a range of templates, each catering to different tastes and design preferences. There is a template to help you get started, whether you want to make a stylish blouse, a whimsical patterned shirt, or a casual t-shirt. These templates act as a starting point that you may then customize and adorn as you see fit.

    It’s time to let your ideas soar once you’ve found a template that fits your concept. The possibilities are unlimited; you can alter the colours, add logos or patterns, or even add text. Once you’ve saved your design masterpiece, you’re one step closer to wearing your custom shirt with pride in the Roblox virtual world. Make use of the Roblox shirt templates and let your creativity soar as you embrace the creation process!

    8-bit alpha channels can be used for transparent regions.

    Designing Your Shirt: Step-by-Step Tutorial

    The following table includes sizes for each template part:

    ShapePixel Size (width x height)Clothing Parts
    Large square128 × 128FRONT and BACK
    Tall rectangle64 × 128Sides of torso (RL)
    Sides of arms and legs (LBRF)
    Wide rectangle128 × 64UP and DOWN
    Small square64 × 64Top and bottom of arms and legs (UD)

    “A blank Roblox shirt template may be customized into a one-of-a-kind work of art that showcases your individual style and ingenuity using the detailed instructions in “Designing Your Shirt: Step-by-Step Tutorial.”

    Choose a rig type from the popup menu. 

    • Step 1: Find Inspiration – Before beginning the design process, find inspiration from various sources, including Vogue, art, and even your beloved video games. This will aid in developing a design that speaks to you personally.
    • Step 2: Pick Your Colours – Choosing the right colours is essential to the design of a shirt. Select a colour scheme that enhances your vision and evokes appropriate feelings. Try out several combinations to find the ideal balance.
    • Step 3: Design Your Shirt – Use the design tools included in Roblox to sketch, paint, or import images onto the shirt template. You can customise your shirt by adding logos, patterns, or text.
    • Step 4: Refine and Edit – Focus on the smaller particulars and make any necessary alterations. To make sure it appears amazing from every aspect, test your design on several avatars.

    After you are happy with your design, save it to your computer and return to the Roblox website. When you upload your unique shirt, it will soon be prepared for wearing and sharing with the Roblox community.

    With the help of this lesson, you’ll master the art of shirt design and be able to create shirts that stand out in the online community. Take a design journey like no other by embracing your imagination!

    Uploading Your Custom Shirt to Roblox

    upload the clothing item to the Marketplace for a fee

    Upload the Shirt to Roblox:

    • Go to the Roblox website and log in to your account.
    • Click on “Create” in the top menu and select “Shirts” from the drop-down menu.
    • Click the “Choose File” button on the Shirts page, and select the shirt image file you created.
    • Add a descriptive name and description for your shirt.
    • Click the “Upload” button to upload your shirt to Roblox.

    The last step in bringing your original design to life and showcasing it to the Roblox community is to upload your own shirt on Roblox. It’s time to share your talent with the world after creating your custom shirt utilising the Roblox shirt template and design tools.

    Log into your Roblox account and select the “Create” option to get started. Click “Choose File” under the “Shirts” section to upload a picture of your personalised shirt from your computer. Ensure your design complies with all Roblox rules, including the required content and size specifications.

    Check your shirt when the upload is finished to ensure it looks how you planned. Give your work a catchy name and click “Upload” if everything looks fine. Congratulations! Your unique shirt has now been added to your inventory and is ready for your avatar to wear in various Roblox games.

    Your personalized shirt becomes a representation of artistic achievement and self-expression inside the Roblox universe when you share your one-of-a-kind creations with the Roblox community. This enables other players to enjoy and appreciate your creativity.

    1. Configure the Shirt: After uploading the image, you will be redirected to the configuration page for the shirt. Here you can set the shirt’s transparency, adjust its colours, and preview how it looks on different characters.
    2. Save and Publish: Once you’re satisfied with the configuration, click the “Save” or “Save As” button to keep your changes. If you want the shirt to be available to others, click the “Publish to Roblox” button.
    3. Wear the Shirt: Now, your shirt is available in your inventory. To wear it, go to your Avatar page, click on the “Shirts” tab, and select your newly created shirt. Click the “Wear” button to put it on your character.

    Troubleshooting and Tips for Shirt Creation

    To solve typical problems and improve your shirt-making abilities in Roblox, refer to “Troubleshooting and Tips for Shirt Creation”.

    1. Seamless Template Integration: To prevent distortion or misalignment while worn by avatars, make sure your design is completely aligned with the shirt template. Try the shirt on different body shapes in advance to ensure a perfect fit.

    2. Optimal Image Resolution: Use high-quality photographs to keep your designs clear and precise. When printed on shirts, low-resolution pictures could look pixelated or hazy.

    3. Consider colour compatibility: Some colour combinations may conflict or display differently on various devices. To make sure it looks consistent, test your design on numerous screens.

    4. Image Placement: Pay close attention to the locations of your design components on the shirt template. Seams and edges should be avoided because they might not display properly in-game.

    5. Test and Iterate: Test your design in Roblox Studio and on several avatars before finishing it. To make improvements, ask your friends or the Roblox community for advice.

    6. Honour Copyright: Steer clear of using images or designs protected by copyright because doing so could result in removing your material or limiting your account. Use resources in the public domain or produce creative artwork.

    With the help of these troubleshooting suggestions, you may hone your shirt-making skills and unleash your imagination to create mesmerizing shirts that impact the Roblox community.

    Sharing and Showcasing Your Roblox Shirt Creations

    You can be proud of your creative achievements and show them off to the Roblox community by “Sharing and Showcasing Your Roblox Shirt Creations”. Millions of players can access your personalized shirts once you’ve successfully added them to the Roblox store. 

    Others can wear your creations for free or buy them, adding to the diversity of the online fashion scene. Consider advertising your works using forums, Roblox groups, or social media to get the most exposure. Participate in user feedback from those who purchase your t-shirts and take delight in seeing avatars sporting your creations throughout the platform. 

    The Roblox experience is made even more enjoyable by sharing and presenting your works on Roblox shirts since it encourages a sense of creativity, acknowledgment, and social engagement.


    Explore the fascinating world of Roblox shirt customization by embracing your imagination. With access to templates, detailed design instructions, and troubleshooting advice, you can create one-of-a-kind shirts that reflect your sense of style. 

    Enjoy the pleasure of seeing your designs on avatars around the expansive Roblox community by sharing your creations with them. Become one of the aspiring designers and make your impact on the online fashion industry. 

    So, use your imagination to its fullest and display your Roblox t-shirt creations for everyone to enjoy and admire! Enjoy the design!

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