Top Virtual Reality Experiences in Las Vegas


    Immerse in incredible VR adventures & thrills! Explore Las Vegas' best virtual reality experiences for an unforgettable journey. Check now!

    Las Vegas, the nation’s premier entertainment destination, offers some of the most cutting-edge virtual reality offerings of any city in the world. A wide variety of venues in Las Vegas offer fantastic opportunities to experience virtual reality (VR).

    Wondering what they are? How do they entertain? Don’t worry; we have got you covered in this article. Let’s get started.

    Virtual Reality in Las Vegas

    The perfect place to learn about the incredible potential of virtual reality is at the epicenter of incredible experiences. Getting started is the only challenge. We put this primer on the virtual reality industry in Las Vegas, Nevada. Discover where you can start your virtual reality (VR) adventure in Las Vegas, including VR arcades, VR rentals, unique exhibits, and VR content based in Vegas.

    Top Virtual Reality Experiences in Las Vegas

    1. Level Up gaming lounge at MGM Grand

    The Level Up gaming lounge at MGM Grand features bowling alleys, pool tables, esports consoles, vintage arcade games, and slot machines dressed up as vintage arcade games. However, the main draw is Zero Latency Virtual Reality. The company offers a half-hour session in a warehouse-like arena where up to eight players can shoot virtual space aliens or zombies in the head for $50 each. A large plastic gun and a 3D headset are linked to a remote computer via a wireless network, and players use them.

    Zero Latency offers cutting-edge virtual reality technology and a game inspired by the FarCry series. The game’s Singularity and Outbreak Origins scenarios will entertain Call of Duty fans, while the Sol Raiders competition will appeal to players of paintball and laser tag. Avoid the gravity-defying Engineerium game if you experience inner ear disturbances or balance issues due to the M. C. Escher-esque directional distortions.

    Available Games in Zero Latency VR Arena

    Zombie Survival: The survivors must find a way to stay alive in the face of an undead onslaught as zombies infest this game. The survivors, equipped with an extensive arsenal, must eliminate wave after wave of zombies and erect protective barriers before they can be rescued by working together.

    Singularity: A top-secret military space station for research is experiencing an emergency. Teams must fight their way through tight corridors and the weightlessness of space while dodging rogue robots and killer drones to get to the bottom of the mystery.

    Engineerium: Engineerium features flying whales, giant parrots, and other fantastical creatures in this puzzle adventure. Players of all ages must work together to solve physics-based puzzles to progress along the floating platforms higher than the exotic planet below.

    Outbreak Origins: A virus has created zombies ravaging the human population and sweeping through the cities, causing the pandemic. Act quickly, team! The dead are walking among us, and a dark new order arises. Rescue and attack helicopters fire their weapons, filling the skies. This mayhem may have been caused by a mysterious group lurking in the shadows. Which question does it beg: who are they? Obtain assault rifles, shotguns, sniper rifles, and any other helpful weapons to aid you in your quest to find a cure. Prepare yourself for some epic fights.

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    2) Sandbox VR

    Sandbox VR is Zero Latency’s closest competitor on the Strip. Sandbox VR doesn’t have physical sets and tactile effects like The Void’s blowing fans, but it provides a haptic vest that vibrates when you get “hit,” so you can still feel the action. However, using Sandbox VR necessitates using an older Oculus Rift headset, over-the-ear, cumbersome headphones, and a computer mounted on a bulky backpack, unlike Zero Latency’s wireless system.

    The $65 per person price for up to six players includes a souvenir video showcasing highlights from your experience for a game that lasts about 30 minutes (plus 15 minutes for orientation). People commonly use alien invasions and zombie apocalypses as themes. 

    3. Virtualis VR

    Virtualis VR’s motto is “reality is not enough.” Cutting-edge VR technology helps users enter previously inaccessible worlds. Massive, free-roaming environments track your entire body, making you feel like you’ve entered another world. Cutting-edge haptics combines incredible 4D effects like wind, heat, and scent to create a unique immersion. The game offers various gameplay options, from enthusiastic team survival to exploration and player vs. player experiences.

    Virtualis VR covers your VR experience needs. Anyone in the Las Vegas area must visit this arcade, as it offers six games that utilize cutting-edge virtual reality technology.

    4. X World 360

    X World 360 offers virtual rides to incredible locations using futuristic pod-style VR chairs. This offers nearly 90 different rides, making it a fantastic choice for anyone curious about what makes virtual reality (VR) so remarkable.     

    5. Virtual Room Las Vegas

    Virtual Room Las Vegas is a great choice if you and your group want to try virtual reality (VR). Their customers are delighted as they blend the traditional escape room format with VR. Players can solve puzzles in a shared virtual space with a team of two to four people.

    6. VR – Pole Position Raceway

    Even though the indoor Go Kart track is the most prominent feature, people are paying attention to Pole Position Raceway’s newest attraction. Pole Position has created a virtual reality (VR) experience of a lifetime for its visitors using Omniverse 2.0, one of the most cutting-edge pieces of VR technology. The Omniverse 2.0 simulates running in real-world environments through a full-body virtual reality treadmill. 

    7. Area 15

    When you step into Area 15, you’ll discover a massive “playground” filled with experiences that will amaze you. They offer Area 15 VR, a virtual reality (VR) game with a huge playing area and additional 4D features like touch and even smell.

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    Top Las Vegas Attractions to Visit in Virtual Reality

    1. The Strip

    Any trip to Las Vegas must include a visit to The Strip. Some of the world’s best resort hotels and casinos are located on The Strip, making it a great place to go for a fun time. You can see relics from Vegas’s golden age to cutting-edge projects propelling the city into the future along the stretch of old roads.

    2. Venetian Hotel

    The city’s original landmark is The Venetian. The hotel offers much more than just a place to sleep, although it is best known for the Gondola rides guests can take. The four theaters at The Venetian stay busy night after night with shows from Blue Man Group, Tim McGraw, and Faith Hill.

    3. Bellagio Fountains

    When you think of Las Vegas, you immediately associate it with the Bellagio Fountains. A full-time staff of 30 keeps the massive fountains at the Bellagio Hotel running nonstop, seven days a week. The fountains sit in an enormous 8.5-acre lake. The show’s musical accompaniment could feature anything from Frank Sinatra and Elvis Presley to The Beatles and Tiesto, depending on the day and time of your visit.

    4. High Roller Ferris Wheel

    Visit The Linq and experience a ride on the High Roller, the second-tallest Ferris wheel in the world. As you ascend to the observation deck, this super-sized Ferris wheel, standing at a height of 550 feet, will give you the willies and offer a breathtaking view of Las Vegas. Experience an unforgettable visit by day or night in one of the 28 spherical cabins.

    5. Luxor Hotel

    The Luxor Hotel is an iconic property at the eastern end of the Las Vegas strip. Its iconic pyramid shape and towering sphinx make it one of the most photographed places in Las Vegas. The inside has fun amenities and plush furnishings, making it not just impressive. Additionally, if you ever lose your way while trying to locate the Luxor, follow its enormous sky beam.

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    VR In Las Vegas FAQs

    What is virtual reality (VR)?

    A user can interact with a computer-generated simulation of a three-dimensional environment in a way that feels real and physical by using specialized electronic gear, such as a helmet with an internal screen or gloves fitted with sensors. We consider Charles Wheatstone, the French physicist, and inventor of the stereoscope, as the progenitor of virtual reality. Technological advancements and the increasing presence of virtual reality in video games and other forms of entertainment have made it more popular than ever. Professionals and academics increasingly use virtual reality (VR) as a serious tool for teaching and learning. We can travel to faraway lands and experience exotic cultures without leaving the comfort of our own homes through virtual reality.

    How do businesses use VR?

    Businesses have numerous opportunities in the rapidly developing virtual reality (VR) field. Many virtual reality (VR) applications exist, including visualizing data, entertaining, collaborating, and simulating. Companies can create photorealistic 3D models of their products and software using virtual reality. Companies can learn more about the practical implications of their work by doing so. People can use virtual reality for recreation and amusement. For instance, a company may provide employees with virtual reality games or experiences.

    At last, teamwork and simulations have found a use in virtual reality. Businesses can use virtual reality (VR) to create virtual prototypes of their products and software. Businesses can try out new concepts and receive employee feedback effectively through this approach


    How does the entertainment industry use VR?

    The entertainment industry has always been ahead of the curve when adopting new technologies, and virtual reality is no exception. Flourishing virtual reality, arcades make crowds eager to try the latest games and experiences. Meanwhile, advertisers use 360-degree videos to promote upcoming films and television shows, giving audiences a preview of what they can anticipate. Schools use virtual reality (VR) to provide students with a more enjoyable and interactive learning experience. The entertainment industry is quickly adopting VR as an indispensable tool for various purposes, including entertainment, education, and promotion.

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