Top VR Gun Controllers for Oculus


    Upgrade your Oculus experience with the top VR gun controllers for Oculus. Explore the ultimate guide to VR gun controllers for Oculus and enhance your virtual reality adventures.

    The point of virtual reality games is that they should drain your emotions but in a good way. Playing your favorite PC games in virtual reality, especially first-person shooters, can feel more real.

    Some of the most popular VR games are shooters, so fans of the genre who want to get the most out of their experience need a good VR gun controller. These cool extras can improve your VR gaming experience and help you use your controllers more precisely and with less fatigue.

    Because there are so many first-person shooter VR games now, it’s easy to feel overwhelmed by the number of new VR gun controllers and Oculus gun options. 

    We’ve made a list of the top 10 virtual reality gun controllers. 

    List of The Best VR Gun Controllers

    1) Virtuix Omni

    The Virtuix Omni is one of the most well-known virtual reality gun controllers. It’s a controller that lets you move around in virtual reality by moving your body. The controller comprises a treadmill that can go in any direction, shoes that can track movement, and a recording system. The Virtuix Omni can be used with virtual reality gaming headsets like the Oculus Rift and the HTC Vive.

    The Virtuix Omni can be used with various games, from first-person shooters to sports simulations. You can move around in the virtual world, which makes it more fun than just standing still and aiming with a controller. The controller has many extra parts that can be used to make it work, like a gun or a sword.

    The Virtuix Omni is best for gamers who want to dive into VR. It’s easy to use and works with many different gaming systems to play all your favorite games.

    2) Razer Hydra

    The Razer Hydra is a motion-sensing controller that gamers who like virtual reality games will like. There are two wireless controllers that each have full six-axis tracking. Because of the magnetic tracking system, the animations look and move like real life. The controllers can do many things, like move, aim, and shoot. It comes with two triggers and four thumb buttons. 

    You can also use the Hydra to play games with virtual reality headsets like the Oculus Rift and the HTC Vive. The Razer Hydra can be used with apps and games like Tilt Brush, Audioshield, and Fruit Ninja VR. 

    The Razer Hydra is a motion controller for virtual reality games. This controller is for you if you want to take your virtual reality gaming to the next level.

    3) Philips ShoWoo

    The Philips ShoWoo is an affordable, high-quality VR gun controller. It has a 3-axis gyroscope and a 6-axis motion sensor so that you can control games precisely. The innovative design of the Philips ShoWoo makes it easy to aim in any direction, giving you an edge in games. 

    Because of this, it is easier to use than gun controllers that stay in one place. The Philips ShoWoo can be used with many different systems, including the PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and Nintendo Switch. This gun controller for virtual reality is a great choice for gamers on a tight budget.

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    4) CTA Digital Wii Blaster

    The CTA Digital Wii Blaster is a great choice for people who want to take their virtual reality games to the next level. This gun controller can be used with the Wii video game system. 

    The CTA Digital Wii Blaster looks and works like a real gun. It has a pump-action lever, a trigger, and built-in sensors that can track movement and position in real-time. Two padded handles make it easy to hold on to while playing. On the Wii, you can use the gun with first-person shooter games and light gun games. 

    The weapon’s two shoulder buttons and ergonomic shape make it easy to use for long periods. The CTA Digital Wii Blaster is the way to take virtual reality gaming to the next level.

    5) Sanlaki Magnetic Rifle Gunstock

    If you care about how your VR gun controller looks, the Sanlaki Magnetic Rifle Gunstock is a great choice. The fact that it looks like a real gun greatly helps the simulation. The improved buttstock design makes it possible to pull hard against the shooter’s shoulder, making the gun much more accurate. 

    This gunstock has a dual magnet mount for Quest 2 devices. This makes it perfect for people who want to use an Oculus or Meta gun controller in games like Onward to use a wider range of weapons and guns.

    6) HelloReal SnowFox Pro / Meta Quest 2

    The HelloReal SnowFox Pro for Quest 2 is a virtual reality (VR) pistol gun controller with a weight system that lets each player get the most out of the experience.

    The SnowFox Pro looks very real, which will help you feel more like a real shooter and more like you are in the game. It has a special side lock that keeps it securely attached to your controllers. It’s perfect for playing first-person shooters like Contractors and Onward, among other games.

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    7) MagTube for Meta Oculus Quest 2

    Fans of VR gun controllers consider the MagTube the best Esport brand and a standard gunstock for many VR shooting games. It can be changed to fit your head and works with most first-person shooter virtual reality games.

    Even though it’s one of the more expensive stocks, it’s clear right away that the return on investment more than makes up for it. If you like virtual reality and first-person shooters, this one has the best range of motion and durability.

    8) Esimen VR Game Gun

    If you want a pistol-shaped controller for your Oculus Rift, try the Esimen VR Game Gun. According to the company, it’s meant to make shooting games feel more real. It will help you hit the target more accurately and won’t put too much strain on your arms because it has a better center of gravity and a good weight-to-length ratio.

    The white color and pistol feel go well with the Oculus controllers and add to the feeling of being in the game.

    9) ProVolver for Meta Oculus Quest 2

    ProVolver will give you a great time with a virtual gun. Its moveable breech-lock, high-quality vibration haptics simulation, and realistic weight will help you get lost in any first-person shooter.

    With the Provolver, you can feel realistic effects that change depending on which weapon you use and how you fire it. You can tell the difference when you fire a single shot, a burst, or a laser. They work very hard, and it pays off in a big way.

    10) ForceTube for Meta Oculus Quest 2

    First-person shooters can feel more real if the gunstock vibrates and the player gets feedback. The ForceTube is a fully functional gunstock that has a cutting-edge haptic module built into it. As each shot is fired, the game lets you feel how it moves and hits.

    This gun controller works with Oculus 2 and is at the cutting edge of virtual reality (VR) gaming. It is the future of VR shooting technology. The ForceTube is easy because it works with many platforms and games. 

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    Qualities Of A Good VR Gun Controller

    A good virtual reality gun controller will make you feel like you’re firing a real gun, improving your gaming experience and helping you get lost in your first-person shooter. Here are some things to think about before you buy your next virtual reality gunstock, as they all add to the experience as a whole.

    Proper Accuracy

    When firing weapons, it’s important to be accurate. When you are in the right place, the stock of your VR gun controller should be in line with your VR controllers. Even if it’s just a little bit wrong, it will feel wrong when you play, which can be annoying. It can take time to get used to the new firing position and make any needed alignment changes to the stock. After a few hours of playing, you’ll get used to the controls and better at aiming.

    Quick Response Time

    In a shooting game, your reflexes and reaction time will be tested when you shoot back at your enemies. A virtual reality gun controller that limits your movement and reaction time makes it impossible to have fun.

    Haptic Feedback

    When you play a video game, the things you feel are called “haptics.” These things can happen anytime, like when firing, loading, nearby explosions go off, or when damage is done. When playing your favorite first-person shooter VR games, small sensations, vibrations, and rumblings from your controller or gun stock can make you feel much more like you’re in the game. Because haptics is the pinnacle of VR realism, you can expect to pay more for gunstocks that give you this awesome gaming experience.


    When a controller is heavy, it can make it hard to move around. If your Oculus gun is too heavy, your arms will get tired. If the weight is too low, you don’t look real if you move too much or don’t figure out how much you move correctly. So the best gun stocks on the market are based on how realistic and easy they are to use.

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