Top 3 Web3 Search Engines – Decentralized Search Engine On Blockchain


    One of the most important aspects of blockchain is that it is decentralization . Today everyone’s always talking about decentralized finance, Metaverse and web3 and how it’s trying to reinvent traditional markets. That has been most of the focus.

    Decentralized Web3 search engine
    Decentralized Web3 search engine

    A decentralized Web3 search engine built on blockchain is a search engine that operates on the principles of decentralization and utilizes Web3 technologies. The decentralized web incorporates blockchain and other decentralized technologies to enable peer-to-peer interactions, data ownership, and censorship resistance.

    A decentralized Web3 search engine aims to provide search functionality while avoiding centralization and relying on a distributed network of nodes. It may leverage blockchain or other decentralized protocols to index and retrieve information from various sources without relying on a single central authority.

    So, today we desperately need to have a decentralized search network that performs search without intermediations, that doesn’t collect personal data, that doesn’t follow you even after you click on ads. And that really has a lot of interesting functions that today’s search engines don’t have. 

    These search engines prioritize user privacy and data ownership by minimizing the collection and storage of user data. They may also implement mechanisms to prevent censorship or manipulation of search results by distributing the indexing and ranking processes across multiple nodes in the network.

    A decentralized Web3 search engine aims to provide a more open, transparent, and resilient search experience compared to traditional centralized search engines.

    Why we need Web3 Search Engines

    The more you search for something, the more Google knows about you, and the more they will be able to filter certain results for you rather than giving you 100% accurate information. There’s been a number of articles written about this in the past where it’s like all of these companies collect so much data on you that you might see completely different search results than someone else, even if you’re searching the exact same thing. And this is a huge problem.

    Think about it. If you’re talking about candidates in an election, you might only see ads for one type of candidate, depending on your political party. Or if you are always doing research on one scientific perspective about a study, you might only get information about that one perspective. 
    And that’s a big problem in the web2 search engine. And so with this decentralized search engine, it will not dictate just based on your personal preferences; it will give you accurate data, which is really important. 

    There are three disadvantages of Web2 search engines

    1. They are managing the information environment through search results.
    2. The second is that users are restricted to choosing a different or completely opposite opinion. As I said, these search engines and all these different social platforms filter the information you want rather than accurate information.
    3. And the third thing is that results depend on a number of factors or even people. And it doesn’t get back to the same thing. It doesn’t always give you accurate information; it gives you information you want to see. Information you’re going to click on is not always accurate information. 

    Top 3 Upcoming Web3 Search Engines

    Let’s talk about a company today called Cyber AI. And it is trying to be a decentralized search engine. Think of it like Google, like the next generation of Google, a decentralized Google where all your data, all your information, isn’t stored by one company, isn’t stored in one place. 

    Blockchain-based decentralized web3 search engine can’t track your movements, what you want etc. Web3 search engine is a completely decentralized search engine. That’s even much more than that. It is like a supercomputer, much more than just a search engine.

    Humbl Launches Web3 Search Engine

    Humble is a blockchain packaging company. They’re making blockchain easier for the consumer, while Blocks is making blockchain easier for the government and corporations. 

    Humble is a penny stock that is building out web3. If you got into Humble because it was a simple payment app. The whole idea of Humble just went straight over your head. 

    Web three stack is multiple layers. At the very top of it is the consumer, people like you and me that are using the technology that runs on blockchain. And then in between the blockchain and the consumer layers are all these different APIs white labeled services that can come and go depending on your regulations in the country. And the Humble app will fit whatever you need in there for you.


    One more web three search engine powered by semantic AI. And I want to show you some of the core pieces of technology we have built today for this. And I want to paint a picture of where this can go in the near future. I searched “companies producing solar panels”. What I get back is companies with their logos and some information of what they’re producing. 


    Neeva.XYZ is a very good option to web3 search engines. This Browser, which has been around for less than 3 years, is all about search and finding. According to the people who made it, its goal is to help users instead of marketers by giving them the best answers.

    Making all the information in the world available to people is a hard and demanding job. But since there aren’t many fast and reliable blockchains, Neeva makes it easy to get the data, so the service is fast and works.

    Difference between web2 and web3 search engine

    #Web2 Search EngineWeb3 Search Engine
    CentralizationCentralized algorithmsDecentralized protocols and technologies
    FocusUser-generated contentUser empowerment and privacy
    Data ControlCentralizedUser-controlled and decentralized
    PrivacyVariedEnhanced privacy and transparency
    TechnologyTraditional infrastructureBlockchain and decentralized technologies

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