Top 10 Web3 Blogging Platforms to Write and Earn in 2023


    Find the best Web3 blogging platform and guest posting sites to showcase your content on a decentralized and secure blogging website. Discover the power of Web3 today.

    As a blockchain writer, you likely know the struggles of getting content published online. Traditional blogging platforms are more susceptible to censorship, hacking, and data breaches because of their centralized nature. Writers on these platforms won’t own their work, which could severely restrict their ability to express themselves creatively and monetarily.

    But what if there is a more suitable approach? Can you imagine a decentralized, secure, transparent platform for writers using blockchain technology? 

    The third generation of the internet, or Web3, is based on distributed ledger technology (Blockchain) and peer-to-peer networking. Web3 blogging platforms are more decentralized than Web 2.0’s, which are dominated by a small number of large tech companies, and thus give users more control over their data and interactions in the digital sphere.

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    So, let’s get started!

    What Makes Web 3.0 So Crucial?

    Web3 technologies have several advantages over conventional, centralized infrastructures. The significance of Web3 is highlighted below.

    Safety and Confidentiality

    • Web3 technologies’ capacity to increase privacy and security is one of their primary advantages.
    • Thanks to their decentralized and distributed nature, they are more secure than centralized systems against attacks and malfunctions.
    • Because they rely on cryptographic methods for data security and protection, Web3 technologies are also less vulnerable to hacking and other forms of data breach.

    Openness and Responsibility

    • Web3 technologies, particularly blockchain, provide a degree of openness and accountability that is impossible with older, more centralized systems.
    • All dealings and information are recorded on a public ledger, making them transparent and immune to manipulation.
    • This level of openness can be invaluable in fields like finance and supply chain management, where trust and dependability are paramount.

    Autonomy and Independence

    Because there is no central controlling body over Web3 technologies, anyone can use them. Due to decentralization, users gain more independence and control because they no longer depend on a single server or governing body.

    This can be a game-changer for creators and content producers who have felt stifled by the policies and censorship of established platforms. They can have more say in how their work is presented and distributed thanks to Web3 technologies.

    In this article, let’s look at the top 10 Web3 blogging platforms for blockchain writers. Whether you’re looking for a new place to publish your work or just exploring what Web3 offers for the first time, we’ve got you covered. 

    Top Web3 Blogging Platform or Sites


    The most popular Web3 platform for authors seeking to get their work published and paid for is undoubtedly Although the platform shares some similarities with Medium regarding user-friendliness, it is fundamentally different. One key feature of is that it gives creators full legal title and control over their work., one of the first decentralized platforms of its kind, was released in 2020 and incorporated many of the core features of Web 3.0. This platform allows authors to get paid in cryptocurrency and runs on the Ethereum blockchain. Crowdfunded NFTs are also popular because writers can convert their blog posts, stories, poems, etc., into them and sell them multiple times.

    Users of are treated as co-owners, and they have complete control over how the site is managed and what kinds of content are made available to others. Bloggers interested in joining must enter a contest that current members evaluate. Bloggers will find many other features useful, and even more are in the works.

    2. Steemit 

    Steemit is a social media platform that runs on the Steem blockchain and is completely decentralized. In exchange for producing and curating quality content, users are rewarded in the platform’s native cryptocurrency, Steem.

    Steemit is a social media platform encouraging users to create and share high-quality content using a reward system. Steem is a cryptocurrency that bloggers can earn through content creation and curation (voting on other users’ posts).

    With such a large and engaged user base, Steemit is a fantastic platform for publishing and discussing original content.

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    3. Cent

    Cent is a social media platform where users can create and share content in exchange for cryptocurrency rewards without relying on a central authority. Writers on Cent can gain tokens by publishing content well received by the community, and these tokens can be used to reward or tip other creators on Cent. Cent also has a user-friendly interface and a sizable user base.

    4. emphasizes that its Web 3.0 platform is ideal for authors seeking financial success in the digital publishing industry. As such, the decentralized and open-source platform claims to offer authors the chance to be compensated in Bitcoin for their work., like, provides its users with a blockchain-enabled infrastructure to protect their anonymity and the integrity of their writing. On the website, it is stated that the platform utilizes a decentralized protocol built on Stacks that “gives you the possibility to store and lock your writings forever on the blockchain.”

    If you’re a writer, you can monetize your content on by accepting Bitcoin donations from your readers. In addition to publishing, users of the site can subscribe to newsletters, follow other users, and comment on blog entries.

    5. Ghost

    Ghost is a distributed CMS that lets users publish and earn money from their writing. Ghost allows authors to make and sell digital products like memberships, subscriptions, and more to monetize their content. Features like user management and content creation tools are also available in Ghost.

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    6. Orbis

    Orbis takes inspiration from Twitter’s design. Orbis is a social network built on the Web3 protocol and is promoted as a “decentralized version of Twitter and Discord.” Anyone can join the network by providing their Ethereum wallet details, as it is built on the Ceramic and Arweave technologies.

    Orbis prioritizes user privacy and provides tools for creating anonymous communities. In addition, the system protects users’ privacy by not keeping any of their data on file. Instead, Arweave and Ceramic are repositories for all community-related data, including posts, users, and other information.

    While the best way for Orbis to make money remains determined, the fact that bloggers won’t have to pay anything to promote their content or expand their readership is a major selling point. Furthermore, authors can take their work and fan base elsewhere if they so choose.

    7. Publish0x 

    Publish0x is a blockchain-based, decentralized platform for publishing blogs and other content. In this case, users can earn Ether (a cryptocurrency) for contributing original content and curating the work of others.

    Publish0x’s ability to accommodate numerous media formats is one of its most notable 


    The content creators and readers are all very nice and helpful to one another.

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    8. BitClout (DeSo)

    The DeSo blockchain was designed specifically for the development of decentralized social networks. BitClout is a prominent example of a blockchain application.

    BitClout is not a blogging platform in the traditional sense but rather a “crypto social network.” The BitClout platform’s design closely resembles that of the Bitcoin network. BitClout is a Web3 concept that allows bloggers and other content creators to monetize their work through various social features. The app will enable users to write and publish posts, gain followers, and create profiles.

    BitClout is unlike any other trading platform because it allows any user to purchase its native cryptocurrency, called BitClout, which can then be used to buy and sell “creator coins” and engage in other trading activities. Each user has a unique “creator coin” that represents them and their profile.

    9. Hashnode Web3

    The website pays for contributing your precious knowledge through your articles. As per the website’s reputation of being one of the best web3 blog websites, knowledge is valued on this platform. The platform honors the blog with hundreds of millions of views, 10+ fantastic contributing professional writers and a practical dictionary of web3 words. Hashnode web3 has a carefully selected team to assist the writers in learning about crypto, the network, altcoins, NFTs, and the decentralized future.

    Their mission is to provide useful material for everyone, and you have a great opportunity to be a part of their mission. 

    10. Hive

    Hive is a decentralized blockchain platform that was established in 2020 as a result of a contentious hard fork from the Steem blockchain. It has since become a popular alternative to Steemit, with many of the same features and a similar rewards system.

    Like Steemit, Hive rewards users for creating and curating content with its cryptocurrency, Hive. It also has a thriving community of content creators and readers.

    One key difference between Hive and Steemit is that Hive has a more decentralized governance model, with decision-making power distributed among token holders rather than a central authority.

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    Writers can choose from a wide variety of web3 blogging platforms.

    Understanding Web 3.0 could benefit the careers of bloggers and other content creators who want to make the most of the internet’s reach and accessibility. Joining one or more Web3 blogging platforms is a great way to dip your toe in the water and prepare for what’s to come.

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