Web3 Part Time Job Openings: Navigating the Future of Decentralized Technology


    Looking for part time Web3 job openings? Explore Web3 part time jobs and openings for web3 product manager, web3 developer, and web3 freelance jobs.

    The emergence of Web3 technologies has ushered in novel possibilities in the world of work, providing individuals access to unique part-time job opportunities in a decentralized setting. Professionals with Web3 knowledge are increasingly needed in various fields, including product management, development, and freelancing. We will cover topics such as part-time work on Web3, the role of Web3 product managers, and job opportunities related to Web3. Whether you’re a seasoned developer or just curious about this cutting-edge field, this guide will help you find your place in the decentralized future of Web3.

    What Are Web3 Part Time Jobs?

    The part-time jobs in the Web3 ecosystem offer flexible work schedules and commitments. You can do some Web3 part-time jobs, such as:

    Web3 Product Manager: As a part-time Web3 product manager, you would oversee the creation and distribution of decentralized applications (dApps).

    Web3 Developer: Projects involving developing, maintaining, and improving smart contracts and distributed applications have a high demand for part-time Web3 developers. You would use blockchain technologies like Ethereum, Solidity, and other Web3 frameworks to create reliable and fast programs that leverage distributed servers.

    Web3 Community Manager: Interacting with users, generating the content, answering questions, and fostering the platform’s growth are essential tasks for part-time community managers of Web3 projects and decentralized platforms. You would have duties that include coordinating the community’s online presence, planning and executing events, and encouraging a sense of belonging among group members.

    Web3 Content Creator: A part-time Web3 content creator focuses on producing educational or informative content about blockchain, cryptocurrencies, NFTs, or decentralized technologies. To educate and engage the Web3 community, create blog posts, video tutorials, podcasts, or other forms of engaging social media content.

    Web3 Consultant: Use your knowledge of Web3 technologies to become a part-time consultant for people and businesses interested in implementing blockchain solutions. This could include guiding tokenomics, DeFi strategies, conducting security audits, or incorporating Web3 solutions into preexisting infrastructures.

    Web3 Freelancer: Clients receive expertise from part-time Web3 freelancers as needed. Possible services include creating smart contracts, designing dApps, consulting on the blockchain, and auditing protocols. As a freelancer, you can take on whichever projects you like, giving you the freedom to work.

    Here we have listed some part time Web3 jobs on top Web3 job boards.

    1. Audio/Podcast Show Producer

    Company Hiring: Apollo

    Salary: From $25 an hour

    Work Location: Remote

    What You’ll Be Doing:

    • Finding and booking guests
    • Coordinating talent (musicians, comedians, etc.)
    • Pulling together current events, web3 happenings

    2. Social Media Manager (Contract)

    Company Hiring: OP3N WORLD

    Salary: Estimated: $44.4K – $56.3K a year

    Work Location: Remote

    What You’ll Be Doing: 

    • Create and implement a plan to increase social media conversation, interaction, and followers.
    • Keep an eye on online forums to identify any questions that require answering or places where OP3N can make a statement in the web3 community.
    • Collaborate with the OP3N support team to escalate problems when necessary.
    • Schedule content
    • Foster community interaction by utilizing both online and in-person gatherings.

    3. Software Engineer – Backend

    Company Hiring: 0x

    Salary: Estimated: $95,000 – $230,000 a year

    Work Location: San Francisco, CA

    What You’ll Be Doing: 

    • Develop and enhance the suite of tools for interacting with the 0x protocol in the 0x ecosystem.
    • Contribute effectively to a team environment while carrying out tasks with considerable independence.
    • Introduce cutting-edge resources and services in response to the ever-evolving blockchain industry.
    • Collaborate cross-functionally with other teams, including engineers (both internal and external), researchers, data scientists, product managers, company executives, and recruiters.

    4. Sr. Software Engineer Typescript CN

    Company Hiring: Empirical

    Salary: Estimated: $139k – $175k

    Work Location: Remote

    What You’ll Be Doing:  

    • Possess strong individual initiative and the ability to work well with others in a team setting.
    • Comfortable working with minimal direction in a fast-paced environment
    • Possess a keen capacity for introspection and a practical outlook on problem-solving.
    • Accomplish tasks with little supervision.
    • Take charge of projects and complete them in a frantic setting.
    • Have extensive experience in writing and documenting results.
    • Focus on the smallest of details and be a true team player.

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    Web3 Product Manager Jobs

    Developing products in Web3 is very different from developing products in Web2. Web3 product management is similar to how people have always done it. Other departments must collaborate with PMs to better serve customers and drive business results.

    As a Web3 PM, you will likely prioritize building and promoting products and responding to fluctuating market demands. Product managers cannot devote time to in-depth planning, research, or strategy development due to the fast-paced nature of the Web3 industry.

    As per our knowledge when writing this article, popular web3 job boards have listed the following jobs open for Web3 Product Managers.

    1. Senior Web3 Product Manager

    Company Hiring: OKX

    Salary: $107k – $220k

    What You’ll Be Doing: 

    • Lead the development of the platform’s product roadmap for campaign initiatives like promotional events and trading bonuses, taking into account business goals and stakeholder needs.
    • Collaborate with marketing, design, engineering, and data analysis teams, among others, to develop and implement innovative campaign features and resources.
    • Measure the efficacy of campaigns, test hypotheses, and use the data to draw conclusions that inform product development.
    • Promote a system architecture and engineering that is localization-aware, high-performance, and can scale to meet future demands.
    • Manage projects with an eye toward scope, timeline, and stakeholder efficiency, while focusing on quick iterations and significant outcomes.

    2. Associate Product Manager

    Company Hiring: Splore

    Salary: $120k – $247k

    What You’ll Be Doing:

    • Participate in the full scope of projects, from inception to design, development, testing, release, and evaluation.
    • Work closely with engineering teams to prioritize and plan product development activities.
    • Collaborate with designers to simplify and streamline user interfaces for products.
    • Iterate and improve product features by testing them with users and collecting feedback.
    • Support the product launch process and collaborate with the marketing team on go-to-market strategies.
    • Keep an eye on the metrics and KPIs for the product to determine its performance and identify areas for improvement.

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    3. Senior Product Manager Blockchain

    Company Hiring: Fireblocks

    Salary: $107k – $220k

    What You’ll Be Doing:

    • Identify and define the goals and initiatives for impacting the product’s growth, efficiency, and stability while ensuring an excellent user experience.
    • Gather feedback on existing and new solutions from customer experts at Fireblocks and an assembled customer advisory board. 
    • Define product success metrics and clarify the requirements with the execution team – R&D, Product Design & Data. 
    • Ensure successful features’ rollout by working with Customer Success, Customer Support, Sales, Marketing, Legal & Finance, running beta programs, and measuring the features’ success.

    There are many more Web3 Product Manager Jobs available on the Internet. We have listed these three to help you understand what a Web3 firm might want you to do as a web3 product manager.


    Are Web3 developers in demand?

    Hiring managers worldwide are actively seeking Web3 developers and offering high salaries due to the anticipated importance of these developers in ushering in the next generation of the Internet.
    In web3, programmers no longer create and release apps that require access to a single server or a centralized database. Typically, one cloud service provider handles hosting and management.
    Web3 developers create and release decentralized applications (dapps) on blockchain networks or a decentralized network with multiple peer-to-peer nodes.
    Even though web2 developers are switching to web3 roles, a critical talent shortage exists worldwide. For this reason, web 3 developers continue to earn much higher salaries than full-stack developers.

    How do I get a job in Web 3.0?

    Take a course
    Follow and engage with experts on LinkedIn
    Watch videos on YouTube
    Become a LinkedIn content creator
    Start sharing what you learn
    Start your project
    Start searching for your first jobs

    Do Web 3.0 and cryptocurrency jobs have a close relationship?

    Web 3.0 correlates with the cryptocurrency job market.
    Blockchain technology, a decentralized technology, powers cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin and Ethereum in Web 3.0. Many companies are seeking professionals with expertise in Web 3.0 and cryptocurrencies due to the reliance of numerous Web 3.0 initiatives on using cryptocurrencies and other digital assets.

    Is it hard to get a job at Web3?

    It isn’t easy to find work in web3 without prior experience. However, you can improve your employability in the web3 sector.
    Educate yourself on web3 and the blockchain sector. 
    Secondly, ask if anyone you know knows of any web3 job openings.
    Third, you should look beyond the obvious postings for web3 positions.
    In conclusion, do not give up and keep looking. Since the web3 sector is still in its infancy, there is a high demand for skilled workers. If you search diligently, you can discover a web3 job that perfectly aligns with your experience and interests.

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